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Rocket Seeds Review (2023): Is It Legit? Pros, Cons & Honest Customer Feedback

Rocket Seeds Reviews

When it comes to marijuana, different word cannabis, the days of remaining in the shadows are over. There is an established movement in favor of medicinal cannabis, and the gradual legalization of recreational marijuana has spread across Canada, most of the United States, and other nations throughout the globe.

It used to be illegal to sell cannabis, but today several countries have legalized the industry, and consumers no longer have to rely on shady online marketplaces, cannabis seed banks, or strangers on the street for their weed.

However, questionable cannabis seed banks and websites are still out there, so how can you know which cannabis seed banks are reliable when buying cannabis seeds online or medical seeds?

That’s exactly what we’ll see in this Rocket Seeds review. We’ll see why Rocket Seeds is a legit seed bank worth buying from and what strains or regular seeds to pick for optimal results.

Let’s get started.

Rocket Seeds: First Look


  • Reputable Canadian seed bank
  • 600+ cannabis seeds for sale
  • Famous seed breeders
  • Free shipping over $200
  • Great revamped website
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accepts BTC and Paypal


  • Not many discounts
  • Free cannabis seeds only on large orders
  • Newish seed bank

Discounts and Deals

  • Free cannabis seeds over $420
  • 10-25% OFF Seasonal sales

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Should You Buy From Rocket Seeds?

Rocket Seeds is a reputable seed bank with authentic website that has become well-known for its extensive variety of over 600 different types of auto-flowering seeds, medical cannabis seeds, and feminized seeds.

True, they don’t sell many of their own cannabis seeds. But what they do is stock popular strains like maple syrup, from other best seed banks, including Crop King, Beaver Seeds, Sunwest Genetics, and more.

Can you pay safely? Of course. Rocket Seeds accepts credit cards (256-bit SSL encryption), bank transfers, paper checks, EMT Interac (for Canadian customers), Bitcoin…

And even PayPal. This is very rare in the cannabis industry. Like many other reputable seed banks, they also offer free shipping on any purchases over $200, plus free cannabis seeds on large orders.

Now, let’s be honest: Rocket Seeds’ website used to be… not great, to put it mildly. But fortunately, they revamped it a few weeks ago – and it’s much better! Offering a better experience to customers buying cannabis seeds online. They’ve added great search filters, you can now see user reviews, and freebies and discounts are much easier to access.

They’ve also upped their game when it comes to customer service – with a new Live Chat option and 24/7 support by phone.

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Rocket Seeds Review: History and Reputation

Founded in 2018, Rocket Seeds is a relatively new seed bank – which might explain why their prices are lower than average.

Of course, this means they’re not as reputable as top seed banks like Seed Supreme. Still, you’ll see them recommended by cannabis connoisseurs on dedicated forums. You can also find many positive reviews of this cannabis seed bank online.

But where is Rocket Seeds based? The cannabis seed bank is located in Vancouver, Canada. This allows it to provide very fast (and legal) shipping in Canada. For US orders, marijuana seeds will be shipped in discreet packaging to avoid potential issues (more on that later).

Do you live in the United States? If so, buying marijuana seeds from the Canadian cannabis industry is a better idea than buying them from Europe — simply because delivery times will be measured in days rather than weeks.

Rocket Seeds Review: Seed Quality

As we said, Rocket Seeds specializes in selling popular cannabis strains, including auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds from other companies, and acts as a seed distributor for those brands.

Since the organization asserts that they use stringent criteria when choosing the breeders to include on their website, let’s take a closer look at the specific brands that they retail.

Crop King Seeds


Like Rocket Seeds, Crop King Seeds is based in Vancouver, BC.

In the early 2000s, as one of the early online seed banks in the cannabis seed industry, Crop King started offering seed purchases on its website. They had some early setbacks due to the slow implementation of cannabis regulation, but by 2003 they had established their first physical location in Alberta, Canada.

In terms of North American seed manufacturers, their experience in the market over such a lengthy period of time makes them something of a veteran seed producers. In the cannabis cultivation world, they are widely regarded as trustworthy seed suppliers of both high-quality strains and trustworthy cannabis seeds, including autoflowering seeds and female plants.

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Blimburn Seeds

Blimburn Seeds

Spanish seed producers and farmers came together in 2002 to form Blimburn, a breeder and distributor. They’re situated in Barcelona, which is widely recognized as one of Europe’s most important cannabis cultural hubs and has a long history of counterculture activities and cannabis culture.

Like Crop King, Blimburn is a classic seed breeder. Most seed banks they have contain only original strains, including feminized seeds, sativa strains, auto seeds, hardy strains, autoflowering seeds, and indica strains developed in-house by their expert breeders.

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Beaver Seeds

beaver seeds

Another seed bank based in Canada. In 2009, Beaver Seeds entered the market. It’s true that there isn’t as much information about them as there is for Crop King seed producers, but that’s because they are a very young and smaller business. But they have been steadily gaining recognition and trust as a provider of high-quality seeds, including female seeds.

When it comes to the cannabis seeds and strains they sell, Beaver Seeds is different from other seed banks in that they don’t even grow them. They’ve chosen a different tack, instead acquiring cannabis seeds from well-known breeders before branding, packaging, and delivering them to clients.

Beaver Seeds has a little price advantage over its rivals since it purchases cannabis seeds in bulk from breeders and then sells them to consumers at reduced prices.

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Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics is a breeder with more than 10 years of expertise, during which time it has created many original breeds and variants on tried-and-true favorites, including regular seeds. To produce their powerful and long-lasting strains of marijuana seeds, Sunwest takes pride in their extensive genetic pool of male and female seeds.

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Sonoma Seeds

sonoma seeds

Western Canada is home to another major seed company, Sonoma Seeds. There is little information available about this firm, which may indicate that they are new to the market.

Another company on the market that does more than simply repackage other people’s seeds by also breeding their own strains is this seed producer, Sonoma. Their main selling point is that they only use organic methods of production for their own seeds and varieties.

Sonoma is a good seed bank that takes great pride in the fact that, unlike many other breeders, they never use any chemical additions. The impact of organic seed production on the resulting cannabis plants is debatable, but it can’t hurt.

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Rocket Seeds Review: Is Rocket Seeds Legit?

Yes, Rocket Seeds is definitely a legit online-based cannabis-seeds vendor. All around, the comments left by consumers on various review sites about their customer support, germination guarantee, and services are rather good.

Rocket Seeds puts its customers first. Therefore if they have any issues (such as poor seed germination or a missing package), they will promptly send out new batches of weed seeds at no additional cost.

The vast majority of the reviews you’ll read online will rave about the results you can expect from Rocket Seeds, their customer support, and the free seeds germination guarantee.

Rocket Seeds Review: Shipping and Packaging

There are two delivery methods available from Rocket Seeds.

According to their website and customer support, when you buy seeds for more than $200, shipping is on the house. Furthermore, there is the guaranteed delivery option of Express Registered Shipping.

The ‘Express Registered Shipping’ guarantee means that if your product is intercepted and cannot be delivered to you, they will reship your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Customer support reviews show, shipping times to North America typically take between 5 and 7 business days. It usually takes 7–14 business days for packages to be delivered internationally. Signing for a package is optional. Seed orders placed by Canadian consumers typically arrive within 5 business days.

Weed seeds ordered from Canada will arrive in their original package.

Weed seeds will be sent to other nations in a wide variety of undetectable objects. Things like birthday quizzes, pencils, and flash drives are all examples.

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Rocket Seeds Review: Website

What you have there is a really nice-looking website. The cool blue hues are relaxing to the eyes. In the cannabis community, things are also a little bit different, with green being the de facto standard.

We really like the straightforward menu, the way the name, the blue, and the space backgrounds in another banner farther down all ties together, and the way the text blocks are all evenly spaced out.

At this point, we’ve probably lost everyone who isn’t a design geek, so let’s go back to the primary issue, which isn’t web design.

Before doing business with any online seed bank, customers want to know whether the seed bank company is legitimate and their germination guarantee. Whether we can count on the seed banks to deliver once we hand them our wish list and our hard-earned cash.

It would seem that there is a higher concentration of dishonest people in the online cannabis seed shop scene than there is, say, in the online clothing store scene or the online seed store scene for vegetables and flowers.

No matter how uninteresting you found my earlier passion for logos, general aesthetics, color schemes, and user-friendly layout, making their website and online presence seem nice is not completely unimportant!

A business that invests in a good website shows that it is serious about its business. That kind of attention should be indicative of the good business ethic of many seed banks.

To sum up, Rocket Seeds is a fantastic lookout. Ordering from Rocket Seeds is easy because their site is simple to use, well laid up, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Rocket Seeds Review: Payment Methods

When ordering Cannabis seeds online from Rocket Seeds, you can use these forms of payment:

  • Cash in the mail
  • Bitcoin
  • Money transfers
  • EMT Interac (Canadian)
  • PayPal
  • E-check (US-based customers)

The use of PayPal is a wonderful touch since not many online seed banks provide it.

Alternatively, you can use any of the “traditional” methods to make a secure payment.

Rocket Seeds Review: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about Rocket Seeds.

Is Rocket Seeds Legit?

Yes, Rocket Seeds is a legit and one of the most reputable seed banks offering a germination guarantee of up to 80% that has been in business since 2018. They are partnered with Crop King Seeds, one of the top Canadian seed banks.

Rocket Seeds as the best cannabis seed bank has a high rating on Trustpilot, with over 90% of customers giving them a positive review. They also have a loyal customer base on Reddit, where many growers share their experiences of purchases and free seeds, and photos of their plants grown from Rocket Seeds.

Where Is Rocket Seeds Located?

Rocket Seeds is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This Cannabis seed bank also operates out of California and supplies stores all over Canada and the US.

How Many Strains Does Rocket Seeds Have?

Rocket Seeds, the best cannabis seed bank, has over 600 cannabis strains to choose from including, autoflowering cannabis seeds, CBD, regular, and fast version, and feminized weed seeds.

They have partnered with some of the best seed breeders in the world to offer quality seeds at affordable prices. Some of their exclusive strains and best seeds are InterGalactic Budder Feminized and First Lady Feminized seeds.

What Is the Guarantee on Rocket Seeds?

Rocket Seeds, the best cannabis seed bank, offers an 80% germination guarantee on their weed seeds, which means that if less than 80% of your cannabis seeds sprout or have dud seeds, they will provide replacement seeds or extra seeds for free.

They also offer a guaranteed delivery service, which means that if your order gets lost or seized by customs, they will reship free seeds or give you a full refund.

Does Rocket Seeds Ship to the United States?

Yes, Rocket Seeds ships to the United States and several other countries worldwide. They use discreet and stealth packaging to ensure that your order arrives safely and securely.

Rocket Seeds also offer free shipping on orders over $200 and accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

What Is Rocket Seed’s Shipping Time to the USA?

Priority Shipping of Cannabis seeds for US and CAD customers takes 1-3 business days. For North America, the orders take 5-7 business days to arrive. Tracking numbers are typically issued via email for each order

Rocket Seeds Review: Conclusion

As we’ve seen in this Rocket Seeds review, this is a legit seed bank with high-quality cannabis seeds.

You may choose from 600+ strains sourced from reputable breeders such as Crop King Seeds and Blimburn Seeds with a germination guarantee of 80%.

Additionally, you get free shipping on orders above $200 — plus fast shipping (in 5 to 7 days) in North America.

Before we leave you, the last thing we’ll recommend is to carefully read the seed description before buying.

Why? Simply because weed seeds have different effects and need various maintenance levels — so you want to make sure to pick one that’s suited to your expectations.

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