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Best Polyamorous Dating Sites: 11 Poly Websites that Will Help You to Connect

polyamorous dating sites

According to a recent study, 20% of singles in the U.S. have tried some type of consensual non-monogamy at some point in their life.

The more common term for this lifestyle is poly or polyamorous relationships. Dating can be difficult for people who do not consider themselves monogamously married or committed to just one person.

It may be awkward to say you’re married while also looking for a serious relationship with benefits and love if most other people don’t understand the lifestyle.

That’s why we decided to review the best polyamorous dating sites – that is, all of the best dating sites that either have a good size poly community or have been exclusively designed for poly, swinging, and nonmonogamous lifestyles. 

The (Adult) Friend Finder Network came in at #1 for its thriving community of sex-positive neighbors who are more than happy to make new connections.

First Look at Polyamorous Dating Sites

These are the poly dating apps and sites we’ve reviewed for you polys out there:

  1. FriendFinder Network – Best overall dating
  2. Zoosk – Poly people of all ages
  3. eHarmony – Best poly app for finding new love
  4. Elite Singles – Date successful poly people
  5. Seeking – Polygamous & polyamorous dating – luxury style!
  6. Feeld – Great for swingers
  7. Hinge – Great for LGBTQ dating
  8. Bumble – Good choice for poly men
  9. Plenty of Fish – Good choice for people in open marriages
  10. Reddit R4R – Free poly personal ads

Best Polyamorous Dating Sites

1. Friend Finder – Champion of the Top Polyamorous Dating Sites

friendfinder logoPros

  • Many poly & swinging users
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Chat rooms & forums
  • Live streaming shows
  • Network has 90 million users


  • Limited free preview
  • Some “amateurs” are just cam models


  • $19.95/mo for 12 months
  • $26.95/mo for 3 month
  • $39.95 for 1 month

Friend Finder is the original godfather of dating sites, having started in 1996 and now counts 90 million users across multiple websites.

The whole Friend Finder network also encompasses Alt.com and Adult Friend Finder, which cater to more dating niches, as well as NSFW content.

However, there’s no question the whole Friend Finder network was made for polyamory families. Here, you can freely choose your gender, your marital status (even married or attached), and even join as a couple.

The poly dating site has been LGBTQ-friendly for decades, well before many other mainstream dating sites became as progressive.

Best of all, as a default, the users here are open-minded and will quickly understand what you mean by polyamorous dating. Friend Finder is known for being a non-judgmental environment and for connecting people locally or by shared interests.

You can date the old-fashioned way by matchmaking or browsing, or you can join the Friend Finder community. Users can join groups for discussion or make friends via the many live chatrooms.

You can even tip and cheer on other users as they broadcast amateur video content.

Granted, Friend Finder doesn’t offer much of a free preview, and some amateur streamers are pro models.

Still, it’s hard to deny that with 90 million users and a judgment-free safe place for polyamorous and polygamous households, Friend Finder understands your complex needs.

>>See why the Friend Finder Network is the world’s most popular poly dating site

2. Zoosk – Best Poly Dating Site for Diverse Age Groups

zoosk single parentsPros

  • Diverse age groups
  • Open-minded users
  • Video dating community
  • Advanced matchmaking algorithm
  • 40 million members


  • Not everyone is poly here
  • Limited free preview


  • $10.83/mo for 6 months
  • $11.66/mo for 12 months
  • 13.32/mo for 3 months

Zoosk finished first place because of its very diverse group of users, as well as having some of the most open-minded people in the dating community.

Zoosk not only has its share of young users but also many users over the age of 30 and over the age of 50. In fact, the majority of Zoosk’s users are between 30-50 years old.

The age of polyamorous households varies, but many poly people over the age of 35 are just now finding out about it and just now in a position to experiment with the lifestyle.

You can customize your sexual orientation, and choose your relationship status, letting people know on your profile what you’re looking for.

Zoosk is the best site to start with polyamory if you’re new to the lifestyle. That’s regardless of your age, too, because people from so many different demographic segments are using the site.

Besides the usual filtered search, random carousel mode, and browsing multiple profiles at once, there’s also a thriving video dating community.

Zoosk Live! lets you meet people face to face, either with a popular live broadcast (where many can join) or a more private room for just a few. It’s like having a drink at the Cheers bar in virtual space. And if that’s too dated a reference, then think of it as a Virtual “Paddy’s Pub.”

Zoosk has virtually no free preview and has many users who are not into polyamorous living at all.

But it’s still one of the best apps for connecting with polyamorous friends and getting a face-to-rapport rapport going. It’s also one of the most fun dating sites to try if you love video chat and want to “test the waters” to see what’s out there.

>>Discover one of the best polyamorous dating sites for diversity and sweet features

3. eHarmony – Poly Dating Site for Real Love

eharmony datingPros

  • Best choice for love & serious relationships
  • Poly & open marriage friendly
  • Excellent matchmaking with 12 million testimonials
  • Private video chat
  • 50 million members


  • Limited free version
  • Long-term contracts


  • $7.96 for 24 months
  • $11.96/mo for 12 months
  • $18.36/mo for 6 months

eHarmony may seem out of place since it’s not known as one of those “naughty hookup dating sites.” However, it’s important to understand that polyamorous dating is usually not about random hookups.

Poly dating is about finding love, even though it’s not always monogamous. Many polyamorous couples and threeples (or larger groups) are in love with each other but still looking for someone else to fulfill their needs.

These needs are not always sexual, either. eHarmony is one of the few dating sites that remain open-minded while also being serious relationship-centered. 

The matchmaking algorithm is based on matching people with shared core values, which science suggests is the best predictor for a successful relationship.

The relationship-focused site has also earned a 50/50 ratio of men/women, which is rare in online dating. It’s a great place to meet someone who truly matches you and who you can love.

The site does have long signing contracts, and the free version is far from helpful, even though it gives you some texting. Still, it’s hard to deny eHarmony is the most committed dating site, regardless of whether you want one husband or one more husband!

If you’re mature enough in your polyamorous lifestyle, then falling in love with more than one partner can be the start of something beautiful.

Visit eHarmony, one of the best polyamorous dating sites for finding real love again

4. Elite Singles – The Most Successful of Polyamorous Dating Apps

elite singles logoPros

  • 90% of members have a degree
  • Most members are career professionals
  • Matchmaking & random wild cards
  • Many diverse age groups
  • 12 million members


  • No photos with the free version
  • Not exclusively poly


  • $44.95/mo for 6 months
  • $57.95/mo for 3 months
  • $59.95 for 1 month

Welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and unconventional!

If you’re going to be dating successful career professionals, just know that they’re not always the conventional, monogamous type.

In fact, many working professionals consider themselves in open marriages, poly, or something just outside the box of monogamous.

It goes with the territory of world travel, workaholic hours, and being separated from the family for days on end. But why sleep alone when you can find a polyamorous partner or two?

Elite Singles doesn’t pry about your marital status – only your preferences in a partner. The dating site has one of the longest and most efficient matchmaking questionnaires in online dating.

You can find a common match based on your answers or opt for a wild card opportunity if you wish.

The diversity of age is also a selling point since there is a good mix of millennials in open marriages, Gen Xers and boomers who are nonmonogamous, and some poly households as well.

The site blurs photos on the free version. Besides that, some people here clearly are monogamous, so it won’t always be an instant match.

But if you’re serious about dating someone successful with a career and higher-than-average intelligence in a partner, look no further.

>>Visit EliteSingles and date a doctor, lawyer, or another working pro that’s NOT looking to get married

5. Seeking – Sexiest of the Polyamorous & Polygamous Dating Sites

seeking logoPros

  • Customize your poly relationship
  • Polygamy is OK too!
  • Verified members
  • Women join for free
  • 40 million members


  • Expensive tastes for sure
  • Possibly too male-centric for some


  • $15 for 3 months trial period
  • $274.99 VIP Diamond Package

Seeking has been pioneering nonmonogamous lifestyles for decades, being one of the few sites that cater to wealthy and beautiful people who are NOT in a rush to get married.

It’s also one of the sexiest poly dating sites in the world for its combination of big money, luxury travel, and “let’s not put a label on this” relationship.

In fact, many people who join Seeking are polyamorous and very interested in expanding their family of lovers or making new long-distance friends with benefits. 

Seeking does have a large population of older rich men who admire the beauty of young women. In that respect, it’s similar to polygamous dating since a lot of rich guys don’t see the need to settle down with just one partner.

But it’s also progressive in that it includes gay men and wealthy women who are also looking for the benefits of a poly lifestyle.

With such outrageous promises of allowances, world travel, and fancy restaurants, it’s no wonder that verification is one of the poly site’s most important features.

You can get verified by photo, document ID, background check, or even income.

While the site is pricey (in lifestyle, not just VIP price) and caters to men more than women, at least the poly site lets women get a premium membership for free! No wonder the site has a 4-1 female-to-male ratio. 

Seeking is one of those sexy luxury dating sites that lets you find love on your own terms, whether it’s having multiple men or women at your beck and call.

>>Customize your poly relationship and make your own rules at the luxury dating site Seeking

6. Feeld – Best Polygamous and Swinger Dating Site


  • Ideal for swinger matches
  • Join as a couple
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Find threesome partners
  • Over 2 million members


  • Fairly new
  • More swinger friendly than poly


  • $10.33/mo for 3 months
  • $9.16/mo for 12 months
  • $19.99 for 1 month

Feeld is one of the most well-known of polyamorous dating sites. Probably because it openly encourages people to use the dating app to find threesomes, swingers for swingers, and other polyamorous unions.

The poly dating apps is inclusive to all genders and preferences and encourage openness and ethical non-monogamy. Feeld also allows married partners to link their single accounts together as one.

This makes Feeld a fine polygamous dating site and polyamorous dating app. Couples often use the site to find a third. Swingers may also log in to find local couples also looking for a soft or hard swap.

Feeld offers free texting for mutual matches, as well as the ability to tag your sexual interests. Majestic Membership gives you more options like unlimited swipes, who liked you, private photos, and knowing when your potential date was last online.

While the site is a lot of fun to use, it’s more useful to swingers and threesome-hunting couples than committed poly families. It actually has a reputation for threesome hookups, and that’s not always what poly households want.

Still, Feeld is a fun and partly free polyamorous dating site that can make your wildest fantasies come true. 

>>Find out why Feeld is one of the best polyamory sites for threesomes and swinger swaps

7. Hinge – Most LGBTQ Friendly Polyamorous Dating App

hinge datingPros

  • The most LGBTQ-friendly app
  • Younger demographics for Y & Z
  • Award-winning matchmaking algorithm
  • Virtual date video chat
  • 23 million members


  • Free version is a waste of time
  • Not as many older users


  • Plus – $14.99/mo for 6 months
  • Plus – $19.99/mo for 3 months
  • X – $24.99/mo for 6 months

Hinge is earning a reputation as the youngest and coolest dating app for millennials, and zillennials headed for college. But what we love about it is just how LGBTQ-friendly the app is.

The dating app is the most inclusive we’ve come across thus far and lets users choose between one of multiple genders and sexual orientations. You can choose answers like non-binary, gender fluid, trans-FtM or MtF, and many more.

Of course, many college-age users are in no rush to settle down. They consider themselves poly or nonmonogamous by default. You can even identify your preference of lifestyle if you’d rather not be known as just “single.”

The dating app not only has a free version but also has a Plus version with additional perks and a Hinge X ultimate version. 

The Plus version lets users see who liked them, send direct messages, or check a user’s last online activity. But the real discovery is Hinge X, which offers a constant profile boost so everyone using the app will see you at some point.

On the other hand, it’s not entirely cool that free Hinge holds back the best matches from you while sending you the most dank profiles it can find. To get the best matches and your next poly lover, you will have to subscribe to Hinge X.

Still, the site gets kudos for being the most inclusive towards LGBTQ dating and the most open-minded as far as poly lifestyles go. You can find a polyamorous new connection in a few hours, especially since Hinge is now the third most downloaded dating app in the world.

>>Find out why Hinge is great for the best polyamorous dating sites and for LGBTQ partners

8. Bumble – Best Poly Dating Site for Men

bumble datingPros

  • Active poly community
  • Women make the first move
  • Great for brainy and non-clingy guys
  • Find shared interests with tags
  • Make friends and business associates too


  • Some people just want hookups
  • Premium members can still DM women


  • $19.99 for 1 week
  • $39.99 for 1 month
  • $25.66/mo for 3 months

Bumble is the second most downloaded dating app in the world and is known as great for women and men alike. For women, the dating app doesn’t let users direct message without a mutual match. Women make the first move and start a conversation.

For men, the dating app works better for brainy guys who are not clingy, pushy, or too weird in general. It’s a popular dating app to find a girlfriend, whether you want a hookup or want to be part of a polyamorous household.

Bumble is all about the polyamorous lifestyle, particularly for secure men who can handle loving a free-spirited woman who also loves others.

It’s LGBTQ-friendly, nonmonogamous, and even has a mode for making friends and work acquaintances… who could become next year’s lovers? Who knows?

Bumble is a good mix of poly, single, and people who just want hookups.

Therefore, it might not find your dream poly match. But with premium features like Travel Mode, Incognito Mode, Unlimited Swipes, and Extend Your Matches by 24 More Hours, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular app with lovers who want more freedom.

>>See why Bumble is quickly becoming one of the best polyamorous dating sites

9. Plenty of Fish – Best Open Marriage Poly Dating

PoF dating appPros

  • Many open marriage poly’s here
  • Fun interactive dating games
  • Surf, swipe, or search for partners
  • Streaming video
  • 150 million members


  • Some fake profiles
  • Locked profiles on free version


  • $7.13/mo for 12 months
  • $14.26/mo for 3 months
  • $21.39 for 1 month

Plenty of Fish jumped the shark when it comes to sign-ups. At 150 million members, it has set a new record. Of course, not all of these users are polyamorous. But the bigger the “sea”, the more likely you’re going to find a perfect polyamorous match!

Plenty of Fish doesn’t have many rules. It lets you choose your gender and sexuality. It lets you choose married or single. It lets you say whatever you want on your profile, along with some photos.

From there, you can use the free version of POF to look for a polygamous or polyamorous partner. You get special features like interactive dating games, a video streaming community, and four different matching methods: browse, swipe, matches, and filtered search.

The free version of POF gets you in the door, but the premium version unlocks features like super-like, direct messaging, and viewing who liked you.

True, POF is not known as one of the most famous polyamorous dating sites. Some profiles are also fake. However, it’s one of the best polyamorous dating apps for people in ethically nonmonogamous “open marriages” who need to find a partner who understands.

The large membership and community-oriented features also make it a great place to find friends with benefits, who may be interested in a polyamorous relationship with two or more people.

It’s the most experimental of all polyamorous dating apps and

>>Find out why Plenty of Fish is a great choice for poly dating site and open marriages

10. Reddit – Best Free Dating Site for Poly Personal Ads

r4r redditPros

  • 100% free forum
  • Many subreddits devoted to polyamorous living
  • Great place for casual sex
  • And swingers too
  • Free photo sharing and DMs


  • Not a dating site
  • You have to search for subreddits


  • Free

Reddit is one of the underdogs of the dating world – a completely free forum where people just happen to meet each other and hook up in real life. The large number of subcommunities has also helped Reddit become more of a virtual lifestyle searcher and a casual sex finder.

While most people know about R4R and Dirty R4R, there are also entire communities devoted to poly living, including /r/Polyamory, /r/PolyR4R, /r/BDSMPersonals, and many more.

Reddit is not a dating app but a public forum where people can post free personal ads. Users can also meet new people, reply to threads, exchange private photos and messages, and live chat with anonymous people all over the internet.

Reddit is one of the more basic polyamorous dating sites since it has no special matching features. However, you can build a profile and even an avatar to endear yourself to the community.

Reddit Polyamorous is not only useful for making new friends, but it can enlighten you about the lifestyle and common issues newbies experience for the first time.

>>Find out why Reddit is one of the most visited social media apps for the polyamorous community

11.Fetlife – Best Polyamorous Dating Site for Women

Fetlife logoPros

  • BDSM-themed dating site
  • Popular spot for poly females
  • Many polyamorous lovers & households
  • Kink search
  • 6 million members


  • Extreme niches
  • Not the friendliest community


  • $5 a month for videos & archives

FetLife is a BDSM-themed polyamorous dating site. The site has some vanilla dating and nice poly lifestyle threads…

But also some pretty extreme NSFW content if you hit the wrong room!

Best of all, FetLife is a great option for women. There are nice community features like group discussions and public photos. You can also write on people’s walls, follow people, or add them to your friends list.

You can also get instant fame and attention from some of the “outgoing” men who are going to make you feel beautiful and welcome. Sure, FetLife is a great ego boost if you have sexy photos to share.

Overall, however, some people believe FetLife is a somewhat closed community that’s not very endearing to new members.

Particularly men!

Some couples and poly households won’t even talk to men who send them messages unless they’re part of a couple or have thousands of friends.

Still, it’s a decent place to meet swingers and poly families. The best feature is the kink search, as there are thousands of kinks to search through until you find your tag!

>>See why FetLife is a great option for women in a variety of poly relationships

12. Tinder – Best of the Free Poly Dating Apps

tinder online dating appPros

  • Large poly & swinging community
  • The most downloaded dating app worldwide
  • 75 million users
  • Add social links for more success
  • Tag your mutual interests


  • Spammers
  • Fake profiles


  • Tinder Plus – $4/mo for 6 months
  • Tinder Gold – $12.50/mo for 6 months
  • Tinder Platinum – $8.33/mo for 6 months

Tinder is well-known as a hookup app, but it actually has a growing community of polyamorous users. There are swingers here, poly households, nonmonogamous lovers, and people in open marriages. There are also singles here who are looking to date freely without commitment.

All in all, it’s a free and fun place to make new connections in the polygamy/polyamory community.

Premium Tinder also gives you some of the better surfing experiences than the free version, including Rewind Swipes, Travel Mode, direct messaging, unlimited swipes, and boosted profiles.

Tinder is problematic, sure. It’s not only a place of ghosting and fake profiles…

It’s also full of nonrobotic spammers! Like everyday spammers who just want people to follow their Instagram page.

Still, Tinder is one of the easiest ways to connect with the poly love community. You can even add your social links so people can contact you offsite and see you’re “real” and not a fake.

This improves your chances of finding a poly-sex partner!

>>Yes, Tinder is one of the best polyamorous dating sites for free users… find out why

FAQs About Polygamy & Polyamory Dating

We’ll answer some of the most asked questions on poly dating below the image.

poly dating

What are the best polyamorous dating sites?

The best polyamorous dating sites include Friend Finder (or Adult Friend Finder), Zoosk, Fetlife, and Feeld.

These are the most well-known polyamorous dating sites. However, there are also more mainstream sites that the poly community uses. These include dating sites like eHarmony, Hinge, and Seeking.

Is there a free polyamorous dating app?

Besides the Reddit r/Poly community, most polyamorous dating apps are not 100% free.

However, Tinder, Hinge, Feeld, and Bumble provide free versions of their app that polyamorous users can use.

These free versions are limited in swipes and features but still let you text for free if there’s a mutual match.

What is the best dating site for polygamous people?

While there are dating sites made for polygamous people, like Polygamy.com and ModernPolygamy.com, these are fairly new sites with smaller memberships. 

The best way to start having a multi-partner household is to join a more popular site with at least 40 million members to have a wider selection of partners. Larger sites are also more secure, generally speaking.

Friend Finder and Adult Friend Finder are popular for their thriving polyamorous communities. They encourage users to make friends via group discussions, live chatrooms, video streaming shows, and filtered dating searches.

What’s the difference between polygamy and polyamory?

Polyamory means having more than one partner at a time in a nonmonogamous relationship. It is sometimes used as a catch-all term for many different lifestyles.

Polygamy is a somewhat outdated word associated with patriarchs having multiple wives. However, some people still use the expression as a general term that refers to someone who is married to multiple partners. 

That said, polygamy is illegal in all 50 U.S. states. Therefore, most poly households would simply have more boyfriends or girlfriends and not multiple husbands or wives in the legal sense.

Does Tinder work for poly?

Tinder may work for poly, but usually by accident. The casual dating app is not intended for poly matchmaking and has a much broader membership interested in hookups or serious relationships.

However, poly singles, couples, and threeples may occasionally use Tinder to see what’s out there. Tinder has 75 million members and is the most downloaded dating app.

There are definitely poly people surfing the Tinder dating app, but they don’t always indicate they’re poly.

Does Feeld work for poly people?

Feeld may work for poly people because of its sex-positive and progressive community.

This inclusive and open-minded app is often used by swingers, people in open marriages, polyamorous households, and others who fall under a nonmonogamous label.

However, keep in mind some people use Feeld just for threesome hookups and may not want a fully committed poly relationship.

Is poly the same as BDSM?

Poly is not the same as BDSM, although the two distinct lifestyles may overlap.

Poly refers to a nonmonogamous lifestyle. This could include swinging but usually involves some level of love or commitment to more than just one person.

While some in the poly lifestyle enjoy BDSM play, not everyone does. Some poly people are turned off by BDSM’s extreme practices and may actually be quite vanilla in that king-sized bed.

Are Only Younger People Polyamorous?

No, it’s not just younger people who are interested in or practicing polyamory.

According to some demographic research, a number of people ages 33-55, 26-32, and 19-25 consider themselves polyamorous. The average was around 8% of respondents. 

However, up to 27% of respondents claimed to be interested but inexperienced in polyamory.

About 9% of respondents claimed they used to be poly in the past but have become monogamous.

As you can see, though poly is still a minority lifestyle, more and more people are learning, practicing, or at least curious to learn more.

What makes people polyamorous?

There’s no conclusive proof of what makes people polyamorous.

Some believe that all human beings have the capacity to be polyamorous but are largely influenced by environment and upbringing. 

Others believe that some are simply born with the desire to have multiple partners, while others are born monogamous.

Remember cheating and sneaking around are hurtful. But openly admitting what you want, and playing by each other’s rules, is a productive way to give everyone more of what they want without the guilt and resentment.

Conclusion – The Best Polyamorous Dating Sites Can Get You Connected

polyamorous dating apps

Polyamorous dating is not easy – even if you are using the best polyamorous dating sites.

If you’re looking for more than just a hookup or one-night stand, you really need to become part of the poly community. 

That means interacting with other users (as friends), posting attractive and cute photos (not just nudity), and sharing some of your sexiest secrets.

After a review, we determined that Friend Finder (including Adult Friend Finder and Alt.com, which are part of the same network) offered the best social media avenue for the new poly user. 

If you are naturally flirty and love testing chemistry with new people, you may be polyamorous by nature. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just takes good communication with your partners as well as consistently ethical and honest behavior.

Why not join some polyamorous dating apps today and try to make new friends?

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