Street wins a seat on City Council succeeding legendary civil rights activist Cecil B. Moore in the 5th District. His decision to challenge the Philadelphia icon attracts initial scorn. Despite failing health, Moore runs but dies before the May primary. Street later sponsors legislation to rename Columbia Avenue in the councilman’s honor.

Katz writes position papers for the William Green mayoral campaign.

Although approached by undercover FBI agents, Street avoids all impropriety in the Abscam bribery case that will eventually lead to the arrest of three City Council members and half a dozen congressmen. Street later says he was too naive to know that the agents were even trying to bribe him.

Street seizes on the Abscam controversy and leads the charge calling for those implicated to step down from office.

Council salaries are reduced when a legal challenge is raised concerning a pay increase passed by the previous Council.

DeSeve leaves PFM to become city finance director under Mayor-elect William Green.


Ignoring the advice of legal advisers, Council unanimously votes to freeze all property-tax assessments until every property in the city can be assessed uniformly.

Mayor William Green attempts to void the bill, contending the ordinance was illegal, but City Council unanimously overrides his veto. Street urges Council to endorse reforms in state law that require commercial and residential property to be taxed at the same rate.

Seeking to wrest the school board away from its Rizzo-backed appointees, Green announces that five of the nine board members have agreed to resign. The district says it needs more than $200 million for the following year, but Green argues the board is hampering his funding attempts. Within hours, two of the appointees change their minds, leaving Green with a three-vote minority.

Council overrides Green’s veto of a Street-sponsored bill that would have required the Board of Revision of Taxes to annually reassess each and every property in the city.

City Council President Joe Coleman retains an attorney to challenge the Green administration’s refusal to implement the freeze ordinance passed in January.

Street introduces legislation to bring the boot to Philadelphia. A month earlier he introduced legislation to create five parking districts and the current sticker system.

Channel 3’s investigative unit arrives uninvited to a press conference called to denounce a story the station ran about Milton. Street orders Channel 3’s reporter out of his office. The reporter steps outside before Street pushes him in the chest. The incident is caught on videotape.

To be continued next week.

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