More bang for your buck: Restaurant Week’s eateries that are serving an added course

It’s the week of decadence.

Even on a tight budget, Center City Restaurant Week is a chance for your palate to venture off and try reduced fare in the heart of the city.

Dozens of restaurants are serving up pre-fixed meals: three-course lunches at $20 and three-course dinners at $35. But for those wise with their wallets and their stomachs, a number of spots on the ample list of participating restaurants include a fourth course.

Among the top restaurants Thrillist praised for Restaurant Week, eateries that emphasize both quality and quantity include Abe Fisher, Zama and Harp & Crown. Plenty of other restaurants, cooking up diverse cuisines, are also providing scrumptious, extended menus.

Making sure you have the most satisfying of Restaurant Weeks, Philadelphia Weekly has compiled a sampling of hidden gems that are ready to have you leave the table full.

Restaurants offering 4 courses

Restaurants offering multiple small plates

CCD Restaurant Week | Jan. 13-25.  Lunch, $20. Dinner, $35.


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