Doing Good: Philly Goat Project

Two goats touch noses in an outdoor setting
Photo courtesy of Philly Goat Project

Doing Good is a new nonprofit spotlight where we’re featuring an organization that’s helping our community. Every nonprofit gets the same five questions, and every week you get introduced to the people who are making our city better. The nonprofit spotlight is here to lift your spirit, shine a light on the helpers, and, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to get involved, volunteer, or donate to an organization you meet here. Or maybe you’ll just leave feeling a bit better about the world.

Today we’re featuring Philly Goat Project which was created in 2018 to provide opportunities for urban residents to ​connect to ​nature through goats. You may know them from their incredible Christmas tree donation event, pairing hungry goats with used trees. But Philly Goat Project is more than an evergreen donation center. Have you ever had a private goat walk? Maybe it’s time to schedule one.

What is your mission?

Goats for the Greater Good!

How have you made a difference?

A woman wearing a green vest sits on a table next to a goat
Photo courtesy of Philly Goat Project

Our goats bring people together in ways that have never been done before in our G.O.A.T. city!

We celebrate the dynamic & delightful capacities of goats by building community while creating sustainable, engaging, and education opportunities throughout Philadelphia.

Our organization was started by Karen Krivit, a social worker who was inspired to create a community-based program that addressed health and wealth disparities. Our primary mission-focused objectives are wellness, youth literacy, sustainability & environmental education, youth job training, and animal assisted therapy.

Can you tell us a story about the work you do? 

One of our many community programs we’re proud of is our free animal assisted therapy monthly event called the All Abilities RAMble. These events offer a free space for folks with disabilities and their friends & families to gather together in a non-judgemental and safe outdoor setting. Our RAMble has grown from 15 to 90+ families — and we’re always looking for more folks to attend! We love seeing the same loyal faces again and again just as much as we love making new friends.

What do you wish people knew about you?

Our goats don’t bite! They are trained to love people and give kisses. Oh, and did we mention they’re potty trained? (Well, most of the time at least!)

How can people get involved?

Please come visit us at the Farm at Awbury, follow us on social media, join our newsletter, schedule a private goat walk, and attend our events!

Philly Goat Project

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