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Chemdawg Weed Strain Information and HONEST Reviews (2023)

Chemdawg Strain FI

Many cannabis enthusiasts turn to the Chemdawg cannabis strain because of its earthy flavor and powerful relaxing and soothing effects. Medical marijuana patients are also familiar with the Chemdawg taste.

The hybrid marijuana strain Chemdawg, often known as “Chemdog” has also a connection to a Colorado Grateful Dead concert. According to rumors, seeds exchanged at a Grateful Dead concert led to the creation of the legendary strain.

Read on to find out why the Chemdawg cannabis strain is so popular in the cannabis community In addition, discover which reputable seed banks sell this hybrid strain, starting with our top pick Seed Supreme.

About Chemdawg Weed Strain

Chemdawg Strain features

The “Dog Bud” is well-liked due to its chocolate sour diesel taste, relaxing and euphoric effects, and medicinal properties. It is not a secret that the Chemdawg smell and taste may alleviate chronic pain, stress, muscle spasm, headaches, and nausea. Chemdawg is also one of the parents of the sour diesel sativa.

It is low in CBD and high in THC (between 18% and 25%). Due to its higher THC content, Chemdawg offers cerebral effects.


  • High yields
  • Potent flavors
  • Medicinal effects
  • Stress-reliever
  • Social boost


  • Not easy to grow
  • Weather-sensitive

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Chemdawg Weed Strain: The Origin Story

When it comes to the strain’s origin, most agree that “Chemdawg” also named Chemdog, is a combination of Chem 91 and San Fernando Valley OG, two balanced hybrid parent strains.

Some marijuana enthusiasts also believe that Chemdog is a mixture of Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces and genetics. The main parent strain is OG Kush which unlike Chemdawg is a sativa strain hybrid (45% indica, 55% sativa).

What adds to the popularity of Chemdawg among love growing marijuana pals is its interesting genetics backstory.

One of the most interesting stories about the origin of the strain goes back to the early 90s. According to history rumors, a group of cannabis-breeding friends based in Colorado took some of their “chem bud” while following the Grateful Dead on their tour.

According to the story, a man known as Chemdog attended a Grateful Dead concert back in 1991. Chemdog encountered Pbud while he was looking for a person selling weed. Chemdog was so taken aback by the flower that Pbud shared with him that he promised to get back in touch and get more flowers.

Pbud handed the Chemdog strain an ounce of marijuana along with a few handfuls of seeds. These seeds contributed to the development of the original Chemdawg phenotypes.

Cultivating Chemdawg: Growing Information

When it comes to growing this specific strain, Chemdog is considered a rapid grower, and seeds respond well to most indoor environments.

Most growers prefer the Scrogging method which works best in smaller areas. Like with other growing techniques of this kind, you start by removing the foliage from the base of the tall plants to allow air circulation.

Chemdawg’s buds are rather dense which makes them prone to mold. Hence, adequate air circulation is essential. To combat common infection problems, experienced growers always choose healthy and nutrient-rich soil.

An average Chemdawg plant usually reaches maturity in eight weeks and yields between 400 and 680 grams.

When cultivated outdoors, Chemdawg iconic strains are highly susceptible to mold due to their dense buds. Chemdawg is also prone to different infectious diseases, such as mildew.

To speed up the process, you can use organic fertilizers to avoid burning the pine with strong chemicals.

  • Flowering time: 8 weeks
  • Yield: 400 to 680 grams per plant
  • Preferred environment: 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in mild, dry conditions
  • Indoor cultivation to prevent mold and mildew
  • Cultivation difficulty: Hard

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What to know about cultivating Chemdawg-Strain

Chemdawg Main Features

Here’s everything you need to know and expect about Ice Chemdawg, from potency to expected effects to aroma and taste.

Potency – Rating 4.78/5

One of the more potent hybrids accessible, the enigmatic Chemdog has been around since the early 90s.

Chemdawg effects include a powerful high that can spark interesting conversation and induce relaxation by alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Note that Chemdog is not recommended to beginners due to its higher THC content. So, unless you have a high tolerance to THC, it may be a better option to turn to more beginner-friendly strains, such as Sour Tsunami, Hindu Kush, Blueberry, or Harlequin.

The entire Chemdog line is renowned for its strength and most strains feature between 15% and 25% THC. At the same time, Chemdawg has a very small percentage of CBD.

We always advise beginner users to be careful with high THC strains, such as Chemdog as different cerebral effects are expected. Many users experience feeling slightly heavily-bodied, while more experienced users are usually left with the feeling of complete relaxation.

Due to the higher THC content, users may experience minor side effects, such as dry mouth. Smoking can also lead to dehydration which then leads to dry-eye symptoms. On rare occasions, Chemdawg can cause dizziness.

Although this strain is intended to inspire the user, some people may find it to be a little too intense, especially beginners.

Given Chemdog’s tremendous potency and tendency to produce a powerful cerebral high, it is not uncommon for beginner users to start panicking or experience elevated anxiety. Hence, when lighting up this strain for the first time, make sure you remain cautious and understand the potential adverse effects.

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain: Smell & Flavor – Rating 4.9/5

With its pungent smell resembling diesel fuel and sour chocolate taste, Chemdawg is an uplifting indica-dominant hybrid with around 60% of indica and 40% of sativa.

Like no other type of marijuana seeds, it permeates the entire space with a strong diesel smell. Users also enjoy its earthy scent that reminds of burning pine. Both the earthy and diesel scents tend to linger in the space after the smoke has left the room.

This Chemdawg flavor is very similar to its earthy scent. Its strong flavor sticks to your tongue.

The bottom line, Chemdawg has the ability to offer an enjoyable smoking experience, especially to those who prefer citrus flavors. Chemdawg is also known for awakening creativity and this is why many artistic souls prefer this strain over others to help them create.

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Chemdawg Cannabis Strain: Expected Effects – Rating 4.8/5

This pleasant strain has a strong relaxing effect that quiets the mind and fills you with a lighthearted and joyful vibe followed by a highly elevated mood.

Chemdawg is uplifting, making it the perfect choice for people looking for a way to relax and get away from the usual stresses we deal with on a daily basis.

Even while the high cannot be characterized as strong, it is believed to be fairly intense. Those who enjoy consuming on a more regular basis Chemdawg also report strong euphoric effects.

Like most other popular strains of marijuana, Chemdawg come with amazing medicinal value. Many people use it to alleviate stress and deal with migraines, chronic aches, muscle spasms, and nausea.

Powerful strains like Chemdawg may cause you to feel a little dehydrated due to its high THC content.

When smoking Chemdawg, this may result in a dry mouth sensation. Some people also report feelings of dry eyes due to dehydration. Rarely, smoking Chemdawg may also result in a brief episode of paranoia.

Where To Get Strains Like Chemdawg?

If you are wondering where to get high-quality Chemdawg seeds online, make sure you check the following best seed banks:

1. Seed Supreme – Best Seed Bank Overall

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is one of the most reputable seed banks in the US, and our top pick for getting high-quality Chemdawg seeds. The company has been around since 2013 and it is based in California.

To get your Chemdawg seeds from Seed Supremer, choose from a variety of payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Mesh, Money Order, Check by Mail, Zelle, ACH, and CashApp.Shipping typically takes two to six working days. In addition, shipping is free if you spend $90 or more.

Seed Supreme sells high-quality seeds from over 1500 breeders and the selection of autoflower and feminized seed options is massive. Loyal Seed Supreme customers are often offered special discount codes, one of these being “loyal15”. Shipping usually takes between three and five business days.

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2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


ILGM is an equally reputable seeds bank with a huge variety of promo offers. The company is also based in California. There is a variety of other Chemdawg products at ILGM, including LSD feminized Chemdawg seeds, Soul Diesel feminized, Spicy Mix, OG Kush CBD feminized, and Autoflower 2.0 Mix.

When you order from ILGM, you benefit from a 100% germination guarantee and free shipping inside the United States on all orders. Shipping only takes two to four business days when you pay with Bitcoin, check, cash, or via bank transfer.

In addition, you can get $10 off your first order. ILGM also offers special discount deals on many different products, including many Chemdawg mix packs and autoflowering options. You can get Chemdawg mix products starting from $89.

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3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best For Chemdawg Seed Packages

Homegrow Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is known for being one of the best cultivators of the Chemdawg strain and has an awesome backend operation that provides top-notch service. 

For transactions over than $115, Homegrown Cannabis Co. reviews note that it offers free shipping throughout the United States. For transactions less than $115, the shipping cost is $10.99.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offers awesome buy-1-get-1-free deals.Homegrown Cannabis Co will gladly reship new seeds if you are ever stuck with seeds that have not borne fruit because they have a shipping guarantee.

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Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Reviews from Real Customers

Customer reviews can be a great source of information when you want to learn more about a specific strain that you have not tried before.

Here’s what some verified users of Chemdog marijuana strain had to say:

One reviewer claims that the strain did wonders for his depression and lack of sleep.

Another reviewer states the strain is great for relaxing. While it won’t make you sleepy right away, the reviewer notes that it will make you ready for bed.

One customer was all praise for Chemdawg, and claims that the strain worked well for his anxiety and insomnia.

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Chemdawg FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the indica-leaning Chemdawg.

What Is Chemdawg Strain Good For?

Chemdawg has very powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Users report that the strain has helped them with chronic pain and muscle spasms, as well as, for stress and anxiety reduction.

How Strong Is Chemdawg?

Chemdawg is very potent, with THC levels usually range between 15% and 25%, while the amount of CBD measures at 1% and lower.

How Does Chemdawg Make You Feel?

With a high THC level, smoking Chemdawg offers a cerebral high accompanied by feelings of euphoria. Users also report feeling tired while short bursts of paranoia may occur in novice users.

Is Chemdawg More Indica or Sativa?

Chemdawg is an indica-dominant hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa.

Is Chemdawg Good for Sleep?

Yes, Chemdawg is good for sleep. With mild sedative effects, Chemdawg can be used as a sleep aid.

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Conclusion: Is Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Right for Me?

While the genetics of Chemdawg is currently unknown, it is suspected that it descended from the two sativa-based strains Thai and Nepalese.

The strain has a variety of relaxing and soothing effects. It can also provide that much-needed social boost and make you more talkative in different situations.

Many people use Chemdawg for its medicinal properties. It can potentially help with chronic pain, muscle spasm, and alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You can cultivate this legendary strain as soon as you get high-quality Chemdawg seeds from Seed Supreme and other reputable seed banks we have discussed earlier.

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