Cardio with Obama

My morning routine usually starts off the same way every day. Wake up, go to the gym, grab a coffee and go to work.

But when you get patted down by the Secret Service at the gym first thing in the morning, you know something’s up. I hopped on my usual treadmill and put on CNN. The news ticker scrolled frantically across the screen, as footage of the President-elect was shown over today’s topic — “Is Obama Black or Biracial?”

It wouldn’t be long before I could ask the man myself, as he walked majestically across the gym floor in his track pants and sweat shirt. I did a double take, and soon after that, looked around the gym to see if anyone else knew he was here. Nobody seemed to notice.

But he hopped on the machine next to me and broke a mean sweat while reading a copy of USA Today and listening to his Zune.

What the hell do you do in a situation like that? Well, here’s a list of things I did while simultaneously running next to Mr. President-Elect:

  • Cranked up the speed to show my feats of strength.
  • Stared at him for a good 4 minutes.
  • Watched him watch himself on CNN.
  • Smelled my pits. Just to be sure.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE A PICTURE?!?!” was the main reaction I got from friends. My beloved mother asked me to ask him for health insurance coverage. But as he walked away, wiping the sweat off his brow,  I couldn’t ask for anything from the guy and was satisfied with him just being my president.

And OK, fine — I’ll admit that I creepily savored his treadmill after he left.

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