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Social | Doggo-ween Costume Contest

The beer-tastic brew crew at Evil Genius really is a pack of evil geniuses. Well, maybe just geniuses. They come up with some of the coolest promotions this side of the Schuylkill—and there are a lot of businesses on this side of the Schuylkill. This time, those funny bone ticklers brought dogs into the equation and, well, we’re suckers for a pooch, puffy or otherwise. We don’t know if all dogs actually go to heaven (of course they do, you monster), but we do know that every dog in this costume contest is a winner. No bones about it. | 6pm. $11. 1727 N. Front St.Evil Genius.

Learn | Planted Bodies

Who doesn’t want to learn about science and marketing in Philadelphia’s rural cemeteries? Seriously though, this free talk by historian Aaron Wunsch will shed light on the rapid changes in pre-Civil War America – industrialization and urbanization – which led people to seek refuge in a host of artificial new environments away from city centers. By the way, did you know that Philadelphia was dubbed “the Athens of America” in the early years of the republic? It’s because the city’s residents were renowned for furnishing the kinds of scientific knowledge – botanical, anatomical and geological – on which cemetery founders’ promotional claims rested. | 6pm. Free. 1700 W Montgomery Ave.Wagner Free Institute of Science.

Comedy | Affion Crockett

Affion Crockett might not yet be a household name, but if you’ve seen a comedic movie or watched a sitcom in the last few years, there’s a pretty high percentage chance you’ve seen something he’s been involved in. From black-ish to The League to Robot Chicken and movies like A Haunted House, A Haunted House 2 and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, Crockett’s been keeping himself about as busy as humanly possible. Which means he’s talented. So go see him do stand up. | 8pm. Prices vary. 33 E. Laurel St.Punch Line Philly.

Social | World Vegan Day Party

We’re not here to tell anyone how to live their life. We certainly don’t live in any kind of special way, so no matter what it is you’re into, and so long as you’re not infringing on anyone else’s ability to live life their way, we say go on and do your thing. That includes you, vegans. You might judge us. The more vocal amongst you might even yell at us from time to time. But just like we support your decision to forego eating animal products (we love animals too, FYI), we hope you’ll support our decision to eat whatever the hell we want. Let’s party! | 7pm. Free. 530 South St.Tattooed Mom.

Movie | ‘Cafe’ with Director Marc Erlbaum

From the mind of Marc Erlbaum, the director who brought you Everything Must Go, the depressingly dark divorce comedy starring Will Ferrell and based on a short story by renowned author Raymond Carver, comes Cafe, a movie about a good-hearted musician who struggles to find a way to tell his beautiful barista coworker that he loves her, despite the fact that she’s, ya know, in a relationship. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy, Erlbaum will stick around after the screening to answer questions and get totally pranked because his whole life has really just been an episode of The Jamie Kennedy Experience. | 615pm. $20. 2002 Ludlow St.Chevra Cinema.


Music | Lettuce

Joined by the wild minds that make up Turkuaz and The Soul Rebels, jazz-funk-everything-fusion crew Lettuce will be burning it down at The Fillmore all Friday night. Doors open early and this jazzy, jammy show is sure to end late. Just don’t let the acid-washed promo poster fool you—there’s more to Lettuce than just the green. | 8pm. $31. 29 E. Allen St.The Fillmore.

Comedy | An Evening with Jon Dorenbos

Former Philadelphia Eagles long snapper and Philly fan favorite Jon Dorenbos is back home and set to light up the stage at SugarHouse with his unique blend of magic and mirth. Jon, who discovered he had a potentially fatal heart condition after being traded by the Eagles, actually sold out two prior shows in August, so if you’re into magic tricks and football bits, the time to strike is now. | 8pm. $45. 1001 N. Delaware Ave.SugarHouse.

Movie | Midnight Madness: ‘Scott Pilgrim’

Imagine you have seven evil exes. What’s that? Oh. Ok. Pretend you have an ex, just a single one, just one person willing to put up with you … just kidding. But seriously, did you know that Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, Chris Evans, Brie Larson and Bill Hader are all in this movie? People think Henry Cavill, aka Superman, is too. But he’s not. You should try dating more. You know, really put yourself out there. | 1159pm. $10.25. 400 Ranstead St.Ritz at the Bourse.

Social | Battleship Afterparty

We’ve gotta be honest — we’re not sure exactly what this event is. Of course we know that it’s an after-party and there will be sick beats and booty poppin’ thanks to King Britt and Willyum. But we don’t know where it is and what, exactly, it otherwise entails. To tell you the truth, we kind of don’t want to know more. So go. Go, young children. Fly free into the night and see where the Battleship After-Party takes you. | 1159pm. $20. TBA.

Social | Lifting the Veil: Dark Arts Festival

We weren’t sure whether to put this one under Learn, but it’s probably better to treat this as solely a social engagement, and not let any of the information sink too deep. Still, this might be your one chance to dapple in the dark arts without arousing auror suspicions. This “Esoteric and Occult Arts Festival” is really just a weekend of “Ritual, Art, Performance, and the Occult.” Again, we don’t know what it means, but we’re intrigued as … hell? | 6pm. Prices vary. 1627 N. 2nd St. Thelesis Oasis, Ordo Templi Orientis.


Social | Makeup-Palooza

This is the first annual Makeup-Palooza in Philadelphia (and maybe ever?), so maybe don’t go into it with any particular preconceived notions. Sure, you can assume there’ll be makeup to try and even more makeup to buy, but beyond that it’s really anyone’s guess what this whole thing entails. They say it’s free and that you’ll head home with a bag of free cosmetics, so there’s that. | 8am. Free. 1101 Arch St.Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Social | Philadelphia Oddities Expo

This event’s all about the creepy and the crawly, the odd and the out-of-bounds. It’s also about butterflies. And charity. Peruse the entirety of the Oddities Museum as you make your way up, up, up to the third floor, where you’ll find the most uncomfortable, awe-inducing terror known to humankind … board games. There will also be food trucks and an Ink Parlour showcasing some of the craziest body art you’ve never seen. | 10am. Prices vary. 8046 Frankford Ave.Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

Social | Indoor Antique & Vintage Flea Market

First off, if you haven’t seen our expose on all the awesome stuff there is to do at the brand-spankin’-new Cherry Street Pier, then go do that. Right now. We’ll wait … ok. Now that you’re back, let us tell you about this indoor antique and vintage flea market at … the Cherry Street Pier! Seriously though, there’s a storm brewin’ this weekend so if you’re looking for something fun to do on Saturday that won’t get you soaked, this just might be it. Plus … who knows what you’ll find? | 8am. Free. 121 N. Columbus Blvd.Cherry Street Pier.

Drink | The Great Harvest Cider & Beer Festival

It might be small, but the Great Harvest Cider & Beer Festival at Hawthorne’s Beer Cafe sure is mighty. Seriously, this little fest packs a serious punch in the form of more beer and/or cider options than any one person could possibly imbibe. Plus, all the other block party fixin’s every Philadelphian has become used to. We’re talkin’ live music, food trucks, vendors and “fun zones” for both kids and adults. We’ll catch you in the adult fun zone…whatever that is. | 11am. Free. 738 S. 11th St.Hawthorne’s. 

Learn | Winter Cat Shelter Workshop

Did you know that cats in Philadelphia have a unique amount of freedom? Specifically, they have the right to live as they choose on the street because, as far as domesticated animals go, they’re extremely self-sufficient. Controlling the population is important, of course, and requires trapping and neutering. But for the ones already living their lives, it’s important to provide them seasonal shelter. So learn how to do that. | 10am. Free. 17756 Ditman St. Holmesburg Boys Club.


Social | Xfinity Live! Fall Cornhole Tournament

Do you love to get up late on a Sunday, slip on some sweatpants, and then go drinking with your friends? Are you also surprisingly good at games of skill, despite not being good at anything else in your life? If you answered yes to either of these questions, and even if you didn’t, you should probably head to the cornhole tournament at Xfinity Live! this Sunday. Our guess is it’s gonna get rowdy. Real rowdy. | 12pm. $50/team. 1100 Pattison Ave.Xfinity Live!

Social | Funk N’ Bowl

Our guess? This event won’t be any less rowdy than a cornhole tournament at an oversized sports bar. But at least here you won’t have to shell out 50 bucks. Instead, you’ll pay $2 for everything—bowling, beers, shoes and even tots. And nothing goes better with beer and bowling than tots. And funk music. Honestly, tots go with just about everything. So golden and crunchy and delicious. See how many orders you can eat before 2am? | 9pm. Free. 909 N. 2nd St.North Bowl.

Movie | ‘The Price of Everything’

Ever wondered how it is that a piece of art created by some random dude huffing paint in his garage suddenly sells for six figures? Well wonder no more. The Price of Everything is a film exploring the intricacies of the contemporary art world, as told through the experiences of artists, auctioneers, collectors and dealers and aimed at answering the question; how do you price the priceless? | 330pm. Free. 1412 Chestnut St. Prince Theater.

Social | Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show

It’s the 42nd annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show and everyone in the city’s invited. Seriously. This is an all ages, all interest levels event. The Craft Show is a show and sale of contemporary craft and design including 195 of the “finest and most dynamic” craft artists in the United States, selected from more than 875 applicants. What, exactly, makes a craft artist dynamic? | 10am. Prices vary. 1101 Arch St.Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Social | PlayFest 2018

Bring the kids and let them burn off some of the excess energy from all that Halloween candy at PlayFest 2018, presented by PopUpPlay and the Delaware River Waterfront. The little monsters can build forts, carve pumpkins, create a freakin’ catapult and design their own cardboard mini golf games. Other event partners include The Franklin Institute, The Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, Smith Memorial Playground, The Free Library, Sticklets, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, iFacepaint and Kith+Kin. | 12pm. Free. 121 N. Columbus Blvd. Cherry Street Pier.


Drink | Charity Cocktail Competition

We don’t like to overcomplicate things. Homeless people being displaced? Don’t do that. Government officials avoiding accountability? Let’s fix it. Trump being president? Well, we’re trying. But sometimes, keeping it simple isn’t so easy. And if you’ve ever been to an overpriced cocktail bar with a try-hard bartender, you know exactly what we mean. So go keep some bartenders in check. Plus, 100 percent of proceeds from door tickets and raffle items go to City Year Philadelphia, which helps support Philly public schools. | 6pm. $38.50. 25 E. Allen St.Philadelphia Distilling.

Music | Queen Naija

Queen Naija is a 23-year-old YouTube sensation-turned-rock star. Well, pop star. R&B star? Let’s go with all three. With hits like “Medicine” and “Karma,” Queen Naija has quickly established herself as something of a breakup beast. And we’re not talking whiny Taylor Swift nonsense. More like, “you messed with the wrong woman, dick,” but laid over hooky, lofi beats. | 8pm. Prices vary. 334 South St.TLA.

Learn | Rolling Out the Dough

Join local chef Joan Jablonski for a pasta making and tasting class at the Culinary Literacy Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia. You’ll get your hands nice and sticky  making fresh pasta dough and shapes. All together, the class will include three pastas (pappardelle, ravioli and farfalle) with three sauce demonstrations. And there’s no limit on how much of the food you can eat, so don’t stop cooking until they pry the spatula for your hot, sticky hands. | 6pm. $25. 1901 Vine St.Free Library of Philadelphia.

Eat | Chefs’ Night for PAWS

A culinary event unlike any other. Which is to say, it’s a culinary event aimed at raising funds for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Participating chefs are grouped by neighborhood, allowing guests to sample unique flavors from every neighborhood, as they meet the culinary stars behind the dish. Plus, all proceeds go to PAWS’s efforts to make Philly a no-kill shelter city. | 6pm. Prices vary. 128 N Broad St.Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Social | 2018 Barrymore Awards

Come celebrate all things Philadelphia theater at … Theatre Philadelphia. Going back to 95’, the Barrymores have honored excellence in the region’s professional theatre scene through awards in performance, design and direction for plays and musicals. This year, the Barrymore’s will be held at the Bok building and feature over $75,000 in prizes. The post-show celebration will include music, dancing, performances, refreshments and an open bar. | 5pm. Prices vary. 1901 S. 9th St.Bok.


Learn | Succulent Workshop & Drag Show

Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. The Donald and a hair piece. Some things were just meant to go together. Kind of like a workshop on how to raise and care for succulents, and a drag show. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’re go home with a brand new plant that you’ll forever associate with that one time you potted plants while a drag queen hovered close by. Oh, also, The Donald and lies. Any lies at all. | 7pm. $23. 624 S. 6th St.L’Etage.

Learn | Sweet Peek Inside Shane Confectionery

Shane Confectionery is the oldest continually running candy shop in the country. Joining forces with Shane and Chase Sapphire (Editor’s note: blech), Atlas Obscura Philadelphia has put together a tour offering customers the chance to traverse Shane’s shop, candy kitchen, and Chocolate Works production spaces, where you’ll taste your way through their history. | 630pm. $25. 110 Market St. Shane Confectionery.

Music | Yelle

You know a band is gonna be weird as all get-out when each of the members goes by a single name. GrandMarnier. Tepr. The titular lead singer and songwriter, Yelle. When a band as strangely european as this comes together, there’s nothing to do but buy your first pack of cigarettes since 16, put on your best beret and get ready to rock your many-colored socks off to some of the most eclectic electropop this side of the Louvre. | 8pm. Prices vary. 29 E. Allen St.The Fillmore.

Learn | Dungeon Master School

We’ve never quite understood it. People who love movies and television shows and even books, people who will endlessly argue about the intricacies of the plot of Game of Thrones, still look at players of Dungeons & Dragons and think, “nerd.” Honestly, we here at Philly Weekly are certain that if a few of those close-minded folks tried their hand at D&D, they’d discover just how much fun this tabletop roleplaying game can be. | 7pm. Free. 1642 Fairmount Ave.Thirst Dice Board Game Cafe.

Comedy | Sketch Riot

It’s sketch comedy to start, to finish, and to fill up everything in between. Sketch Riot is Philly Improv Theatre’s weekly sketch group showcase, with two teams of sketchers (can we say that?) squaring off. Not really though. No one wins. It’s not like more laughs means one groups gets to go home with some kind of swag. It just means you, the customer, get to watch two crews of sketchers (we’re starting to like it) and cheer the loudest for your favorite. | 730pm. $5. 2030 Sansom St.Philly Improv Theatre.


Social | Diwali at Veda

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. More specifically, it celebrates the harvest, and the victory of good over evil, light over dark. Hence the name. So this season, celebrate Diwali at Veda on Chestnut Street. There’ll be cocktails, appetizers, music and dancing from 9pm until midnight. There’s even going to be live entertainment. And, of course, lights. Lots of them. | 9pm. $20. 1920 Chestnut St. Veda.

Drink | Drink & Draw

Sip while you sketch. That’s the tagline or motto or just general talking point of Drink & Draw, Philadelphia Museum of Arts’ every-so-often event where you sit … and you sketch. Led by local artist Lauren Cat West, you’ll draw and chat and drink until you’re no longer self-conscious about your “art.” Materials are provided and drinks will be available at the bar. Lord knows you’ll need it. | 6pm. Free. 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Social | First Wednesday on the Hill

Chestnut Hill, to be exact. The first Wednesday of every month, the entirety of Chestnut Hill gets together for extended store hours and some outdoor entertainment. Explore unique boutique shops along Germantown Avenue until 8pm, enjoy specials at popular bars and restaurants, and keep an eye out for special giveaways and beverage samples along the Avenue. As our momma used to say, “no place does hump day like the Hill!”. Right, mom? | 5pm. Free. 8514 Germantown Ave. Chestnut Hill.

Learn | A Conversation with Astronaut Scott Kelly

Ever wondered what the cold vastness of space is really like? Oh wait. Why are we even asking. You live in America right now (most likely). Of course you’ve considered blasting off into space, never to return. But if you’re more of the cautious type, maybe dip a toe in the rocketman waters by dropping by The Franklin Institute for a lecture by famed astronaut Scott Kelly. And hey, even if you don’t end up in space, at least you’ll be an hour or two closer to 2020. Or death. | 6pm. $50. 222 N. 20th St. Franklin Institute.

Comedy | Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is, in turn, both hilarious and terrifying. Not terrifying like he’s going to hurt you or like he’s got another face hidden away on the back of his head. No, Mr. Carr is terrifying because he’s got the kind of quick wit and deadpan delivery that makes it all but certain that, should he so choose, he could eviscerate you without so much as crumpling his cumberbun. But he’s also hilarious. So just stay out of his way and whatever you do, don’t heckle. | 730pm. $37.50. 29 E. Allen St. The Fillmore.


Food | DiBruno Bros. Holiday Showcase

It’s DiBruno Bros.’ Holiday Showcase, and all of Philadelphia’s foodies are invited. Sick of only being able to leave snarky Yelp reviews? Want to share your food knowledge with the world in a more – direct – manner? DiBruno Bros. Holiday Showcase comes with plenty of food, drinks and a competition where cheesemongers pair limited edition wines with different cheeses … that you get to be the judge of! It’s almost being a real chef! Sorta! | 6pm. $75. 1730 Chestnut St. DiBruno Bros.

Music | Tenacious D

Jack Black and Kyle Gass comprise what many fans believe to be the single greatest rock group of all time. With hits like “Wonderboy” and “Tribute”, these two rockin’ sockin’ pals broke onto the early 2000s scene and just refused to leave. They literally wrote the best song in the world, people. And that’s not even the song they wound up riding to stardom! That was a completely different song than the one they used to vanquish that evil demon! | 8pm. Prices vary. 29 E. Allen St. The Fillmore.

Give Back | Benefit for the Philadelphia Insectarium

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion suffered a tremendous loss. The citadel of creepy crawlies was robbed of over $40,000 worth of, well, creepy crawlies. The dead ones. Not living. But still! That’s a lot of preserved insects to replace, and without them the Philadelphia Insectarium isn’t really much of an insectarium. So come out to this talk by Dr. John Cambridge and give back to this local Philly landmark. | 7pm. Donation. 530 South St. Tattooed Mom.

Social | UniverSoul Circus

High flyin’ (and hopefully not hard fallin’) interactive circus UniverSoul is coming to Philly for a full week of extreme acts performed by a multicultural cast from across the globe. All housed within UniverSoul’s single ring bigtop tent in Fairmount Park, UniverSoul is set to amaze and induce wonder through live music, comedy routines, and all the exhilarating action anyone could handle.  | 8pm. Prices vary. 4800 Parkside Ave. UniverSoul Circus.

Learn | On the Table Philly

This forum, designed specifically for the elevation of civic conversation, the fostering of new relationships and the creation a unifying experience, will decide the future of Reading Terminal Market. All consumers, vendors and residents are welcome to come to the Rick Nichols Room in order to make their voices heard when it comes to what the community at large would like to see happen to, and within, Reading Terminal Market. | 8:30am. Free. 12th & Arch. Reading Terminal Market.

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