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Guy with tattoos
If you love comedy and tattoos and being Jewish you’ve checked off all boxes to participate in this community-minded happy hour at Tattooed Moms this week. | Image provided


Corridor Contemporary Grand Opening

We’re lucky to live in a city immersed with art. Allow us to introduce you to something fresh. Come out to this gallery grand opening to see works from local and international artists alike. | 6 pm. Free. Corridor Contemporary, 1315 Frankford Ave.

All Systems Go

You have our permission to lose it at this show. You may have no choice after hearing how incredibly catchy this group’s music is. Guys from New Jersey really know quality pop punk. | 9 pm. $10. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave.

The Interrogation Room

Own up to something that you got away with once – if you’re ballsy enough. Tell your true story and comedians will twist it into a show. You may have been keeping this secret your whole life with no idea it would one day make a great comedy routine. Life imitates art. | 9 pm. $12. Philly Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom St.


This international icon is extremely well established in music and several other industries. The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist is now a part of rock group Sons of Apollo. He also happens to have created his own line of hot sauces, and is a music production professor. What can’t he do? | 8:30 pm. $15. MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St.


Allow us to make one thing clear – cover bands will never replace the real thing. However, these guys come pretty close. Take a trip to the West Coast with a band who has adopted the allure of the original Sublime. | 8 pm. $20. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St.

The Philly Pigeon Poetry Slam

Don’t get caught up in the competition. Share that piece of poetry you’ve been working on, mulling over, hesitating over – even if it’s not the best of the bunch, it’ll feel great to get it off your chest. | 8:30 pm. $15. The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.

Philly Drag Awards

Philly’s hardest-working queens have been performing around the city all year in preparation for this. The fourth annual installment of this award show will feature the hottest names in the Philly drag scene. | 8 pm. $15. Voyeur, 1221 Saint James St.

Frankie Vado

Vado is Philly through and through, and you can tell by his lyrics. He also goes against the grain. While most musicians drop out of school to chase their careers, he did the opposite, and it actually worked in his favor – while going to Penn State, he met Phoe Notes, his producer. | 9 pm. $10. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave.


Glitter and Garbage

Plenty of glitter will be in the air at this flashy, wild cabaret performance. If you party too hard in the crowd, you’ll feel like garbage afterward. The name is starting to make sense now, right? We’re not really sure that’s what it’s supposed to mean, but whatever – we’re artists, too. | 7 pm. $15. L’Etage, 624 S. 6th St.

Zoe Mulford

Mulford’s music reminds us of all the simple pleasures of life. Her raw contemporary music has been covered by Joan Baez, who covered “The President Sang Amazing Grace” on her most recent album. Be ready for an evocative and emotional sonic experience. | 8 pm. $12. Philadelphia Folksong Society, 6156 Ridge Ave.


Comedian extraordinaire Shane O’Connor is the star matchmaker of this dating game show. Single non-comedians will be blindly “set up” with comedians based on their jokes. He’s here to prove that the fastest way to get in somebody’s pants is by making them laugh. | 7 pm. $10. Good Good Comedy Theatre, 215 N. 11th St.

Colleen Green

We didn’t know that we needed someone like Green. This lo-fi musician covered Blink-182’s 1997 album “Dude Ranch” in its entirety this summer, and we can’t get enough of it. You can bet she’ll play at least some of it – we’d feel deprived if she didn’t. | 8 pm. $10. Boot and Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St.

Philly Remembers David Berman

Berman was a local indie musician who passed suddenly in August. This show held in his honor will be headlined by Speedy Ortiz, who will perform music from Berman’s bands Silver Jews and Purple Mountains. | 8 pm. $17. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

HERspace Women’s Art Festival

HERspace supports powerful female artists doing their thing. Come out to support a variety of works by artists of nearly every medium. There’s no better way to get involved with a community than by showing your love for the art they create. | 6 pm. Free. Philly Art Collective, 253 N. 3rd St.

Tim Burton Brunch

Everything you will see here is not as it seems. Step into a mystical world full of enticing dishes and mind-warping visuals. The food may or may not be laced with LSD. | 1 pm. $22. The Victoria Freehouse, 10 S. Front St.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

2000 was 20 years ago, and we still can’t really accept that. How about we just act like no time has passed at all? Let’s run out on the dance floor in our apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, and dance to all our favorite songs that we downloaded illegally from Limewire. | 10 pm. $5. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.


Burlesque and Brunch: Muggles and Mischief

A meal and a show – what a deal. Prepare your appetite for an early afternoon full of tantalizing performances that will put some magic into your day – even if you’re just a measly muggle. | 11:45 am. $20-$40. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.

Mister Mann’s Jam Session

We just can’t wait to have our spirits lifted up this Sunday. Mister Mann Frisby is the host of this soulful jam that will set everybody on the right track for a smooth new year. | 3 pm. $15-$26. City Winery, 990 Filbert St.

Family Festival: 2020 Vision

What do you envision for the year ahead? Put it all down on paper or canvas at this interactive, family-friendly creative event. Craft some art that illustrates what you picture the new decade being like for you. | 10 am. Prices vary. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Time Flies

We’ve found ourselves at the start of a new decade, and we’re wondering where all the time went. Luckily, this comedy show is the only one to feature an actual time machine, so we can just hop in it and go back to 2010 – or even further – if we wanted. Comics from all different time periods will be spit from the time machine and will tell jokes of their generations. | 7:30 pm. $18.50. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

Amateur Drag Night

A proper drag queen thrives when they’re performing on stage. Put yourself in the spotlight at this monthly showcase for local queens to do their thing, and possibly win $100 because of it. Come get your money, honey. | 8 pm. Free. L’Etage, 624 S. 6th St.

Christmas tree farm in Iowa.

South Philly Green Tree-Cycling

What’s going to happen to all those leftover Christmas trees? They should all be brought here, where they’ll be recycled and not become yet another piece of after-holiday waste. Give back to the Earth to assure we’ll have thousands more years of holidays to come. | Noon. Free. Guerin Rec Center, 2201 S. 16th St.

PECO Free First Sunday Family Day

Think there’s nothing going on in Philly on a Sunday for your kids? PECO is here to save the day from becoming lazy. Make some arts and crafts, gaze at some exciting works on display, sit in on storytime and listen to a performance by West Philly native Jahwula Seapoe. | 10 am. Free. The Barnes Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

January Tarot Salon

It’s all in the cards. Ponder the deeper meanings of your life by learning what the astrological significance of each card in the tarot deck is. It’s too simple to get swept away in everyday bullshit, so we appreciate the chance to learn about something that’s larger than life. | 4 pm. $10-$20. A Novel Idea, 1726 E. Passyunk Ave.


Franky’s Follies

You’re in for a special holiday treat every week at this burlesque and cabaret. Come by each week for a fresh performance by a cast of talented locals. We don’t really know what will be in store, but that’s the fun of it. | 9:30 pm. $10. Franky Bradley’s, 1320 Chancellor St.

HomeGrown Open Mic Mondays

This open mic will give all musicians the chance to grow. Come out and share your talents, and you could win some studio time, promotion and radio exposure. | 7 pm. Free. MilkBoy, 401 South St.

Sets in the City

Late local comedian Chris Cotton wouldn’t want us to always cry over his loss – he lived to make us laugh our asses off, and he’ll continue to do so. Gather with the Philly comedy community to properly honor his life. | 8 pm. $15. City Winery, 990 Filbert St.

Goth Dad

We wish our dad was goth – he would’ve been more forgiving while we were going through our heavy black eyeliner phases. These shoegaze stars from down South are so cool they’ll make you wish they were your parents. | 8 pm. $8. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

Kiley Reid

Congratulate Reid on the release of her first book, “Such A Fun Age.” It’s an introspective story of relationships and complicated life as a grown-up. It truly is something we could all relate to. | 7 pm. Free. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, 5445 Germantown Ave.

2010’s Themed Quizzo

It’s really damn strange to think that this decade is over. So much has changed since 2010, and now you’ll have a chance to look back on it all at this trivia night. Do you remember everything about the culture of this decade, or did you spend most of it in a nostalgia-induced haze? | 8 pm. Free. Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen, 2370 E. Norris St.


Beer and Bonsai

This isn’t your typical BYO art class. Hell, you don’t even have to bring any art supplies. A free pint is provided to get the creative juices flowing as you and your friends learn how to meticulously craft your own bonsai landscape. Wow, could you think of anything more relaxing? | 6 pm. $55. Evil Genius Beer Co., 1727 N. Front St.


What about the other 64 bandits? Hell, let them run loose – all we care about is the fact that these guys are in town. Pro guitarist and Philadelphian Kurt Rosenwinkel is at the center of this rock trio – he’s trained with members of The Roots, and has cemented himself in the local music scene for the past 25 years or so. | 8 pm. $20. Ruba Club, 416 Green St.


The Guilty Feminist

Comedian Deborah Francis-White hosts this podcast about what stands in our way of achieving complete equality of the sexes. We may all have goals to achieve this harmony, but Francis-White’s show dives deep into the societal obstacles that sustain that gender wage gap and more that drives women apart from men. No need to feel guilty about not being the perfect feminist – we all have something to learn. | 8 pm. $35. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

Philly Rising Open Mic

This is the spot to be if you’re an artist trying to put yourself out there. It’s a dog eat dog world. It’ll serve you well if you find a supportive community to share your art with. We promise everyone here will be eagerly waiting to see what you can do. | 8 pm. Free. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

The Unlikely Candidates

Never doubt the underdog. Hell, that’s kind of what we did when Trump was running for the presidency, and he won. Just goes to show that you also can’t underestimate how deeply these indie rockers will make you fall in love with their music. | 8:30 pm. $10. Boot and Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St.

Grlpwrphl Monthly Happy Hour

If you’re a woman in Philly, you should know that you always have a strong support system behind you. Meet up with other successful and creative ladies in the city each month at this networking event. Get inspired and share ideas with some people who understand you. | 6 pm. Free. R&D Cocktail Bar, 1206 Frankford Ave.

Wasted Talent

Maybe your parents told you that you’d never amount to anything in your life, and that you’ve wasted all your redeeming qualities. Well, prove them wrong by getting the crowd roaring at this open mic in a bar. Wasted or not, your talent has been requested. | 8 pm. Free. The Grape Room, 105 Grape St.

Beer Bingo

Finally – a bingo prize we actually need. Philly-based Workhouse Brewing will be in the house to facilitate a fun night of games, booze and generous prizes. | 7 pm. Free. Devil’s Den, 1148 S. 11th St.

January Synth Night

Join the Secret Synth Society for a serious jam session every month. The synth is an instrument that translates successfully in pretty much any genre. All appreciators and creators are welcome to gather around the synth for a warm night. | 8:30 pm. Free. Bridgeset Sound, 710 South St.

The Band’s Visit

A town isn’t really a town until it has a soundtrack. This 10-time Tony Award-winning musical is a shining example of the powerful impact music has on a community. If you want to laugh, cry and feel wholesome tonight, this is exactly where you need to be. | 7:30 pm. $20-$119. The Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad St.


Drinks and Dragons

Hop into the RPG world at this open game night. Whether you’re a newbie or a total D&D nerd, you’re welcome to come join the party. Throw back some drinks and get your head in the game. | 7 pm. Free. The Thirsty Soul, 1551 W. Passyunk Ave.


Mindfulness and Mosaics

Unwind and relax in some busy surroundings. It may seem kind of contradictory, but don’t worry, you’ll be guided through the whole process of meditation. Whether it’s your first time or your 500th, you need to take this chance to chill. | 6 pm. $10. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, 1020 South St.

Comedy Hustle Open Mic

Comedians hustle more than anybody we know. This open mic just proves that if there’s an opportunity for comics to share their chops, they’ll take it. Get put on the map with this event that highlights the brightest stars in the tri-state area. | 8:30 pm. Free. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

The Office Quizzo

Think you can beat us at this game of trivia? Think again – we’re quite the formidable opponent. We know you’ve also probably watched the entire series on Netflix at least 20 times, so show off everything you’ve learned about Dunder Mifflin and give us some quality competition. | 9 pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St.

Sketch Riot

It’s rookie vs. veteran at this weekly sketch comedy battle. Up-and-coming sketch groups will face seasoned members of the scene in a hilarious competition of endless creative performances. | 7:30 pm. $5. Philly Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom St.

The Invasive Species

Philly has been invaded! Check out these fascinating specimens of the local indie rock scene. Once they’ve sunk their teeth into you, you will become one of them. The takeover has begun. | 7:30 pm. $6. Century, 1350 S. 29th St.

Daralyse Lyons

This talented author, journalist and yoga instructor will be in town to discuss her new book, “Yoga Cocaine.” It’s about a woman who is literally torn between her habits of doing yoga and using cocaine – and her seemingly never-ending battle to live a clean life. | 7 pm. Free. Wooden Shoe Books and Records, 704 South St.

Homeschooler Days: The Evolution of Plants

This is a fascinating lesson you probably wouldn’t learn in school. This is a chance for kids ages 5-13 to get out in the real world and learn about the blooming life around them. Learn how this garden fosters its plants from the initial planting to harvest. | 10 am. $12. Bartram’s Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd.


West Philly Drink & Draw

Have a chance to get away from work, the kids or whatever else sucks up the bulk of your days on Planet Earth and get with some like-minded people who just want to enjoy a cup of coffee and…doodle. There’s a reason it’s been around for so long. That shit is therapeutic. | 5 pm. Free. The Satellite Cafe, 5000 Baltimore Ave.

Chris Lane

A new generation of musicians has infiltrated the country genre. Lane is one of the fresh faces shaking up everything we knew about what country sounds like. His music could unite the entire fanbase, from city to rural folk. | 8 pm. $60. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St.

January Philly Film Showcase

Local filmmakers share the projects they’ve been working on at this monthly screening. | 7:30 pm. Free. Philadelphia Film Society, 1412 Chestnut St.

Martha Graham Cracker: Philly Loves Bowie Week Edition

The fabulous cabaret performer will be performing some of her favorite Bowie songs for this benefit show for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Give all your dollar bills in support of pediatric cancer research. | 8 pm. $20. L’Etage, 624 S. 6th St.

Through Being Cool Emo Night

We still want to hide from the world behind our long bangs and black clothing. If you’re like us, join us.  | 10 pm. $3. The Barbary, 951 Frankford Ave.

Reggie and the Full Effect

We dare you to find another band that could do it all like they can. Emotional love songs, comedy, catchy beats. … It’s rare for musicians these days to be such a triple threat. | 7:30 pm. $15. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

First Thursday Happy Hour: Jews and Tattoos

Love comedy? Have tattoos, or at least wish you did? Jewish? You’ve checked off all boxes to qualify to participate in this community-minded happy hour. Have a drink or two and find where you fit in. | 6:30 pm. Free. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.

Star Wars Quizzo

Three words: Baby. Fucking. Yoda. We just can’t get enough of that little guy. We’re sure you feel the same – share your passionate love for him and the entire film series at this trivia night for the coolest nerds around. | 6 pm. Free. The Bourse, 111 S. Independence Mall East

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