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Calendar: Feb. 28-March 7



Party | The Women’s Film Festival 2019 Preview Party

The actual 2019 Women’s Film Festival doesn’t kick off until mid-March, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start the festivities. Start your pre-festival evening with a half an hour of complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Follow that nosh with a cash bar with drink specials, moving right into a plethora of networking opportunities. And last, but definitely not least, enjoy a glimpse of the films ready to grace the festival screens in 2019. | 6pm. Free. Positano Coast, 212 Walnut St. eventbrite.com

Trivia | The Office Quizzo

We’ll own up to it; this is the second “Office”-themed quizzo event we’re including in this week’s Calendar. If you read that entry before this one, we’ll apologize, but only briefly. Because, just as we said there, we dare you and all your friends to bring it. Seriously. Bring it. We’ve legit watched “The Office” in its entirety so many times that we simply can’t be beaten when it comes to trivia. Bring. Dare. We wait. Kevin know. | 9pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St. citytap.com

Dance | Rave Etiquette

Ever wondered what the standard operating procedure for a rave is? Never been before and hoping to brush up on classic rave etiquette before attending? Well get ready to be disappointed because this event does not pertain to that in the slightest. Ok, maybe a little. Really though, Rave Etiquette is a show for the DIY dancers amongst us, with acceptance, love and respect at the center of the evening’s festivities. | 10pm. $3. Liaison Room at Front Street Cafe, 1253 N. Front St. tixco-540.theticketingco.com

Food & Drink | Macallan-Edrington Tasting

Fans of The Brown best be on their toes; there’s no way these tickets last very long. The Philadelphia Whiskey Society is hosting this event in partnership with Edrington (Macallan, Highland Park) to hook up Macallan’s regional brand ambassador with a crew of scotch-loving Philadelphians for a night of great whisky, great cocktails and great food, highlighted by a flight of premium scotches and rum. | 6pm. $20. Ocean Prime, 124 S. 15th St. eventbrite.com

Community | Philly Black Trans History: A Multigenerational Panel

We owe all we have to those who came before us. That’s as true for you as it is for me. For Trans folks in Philly, the equation is a bit more complicated, even if the end result is just as strong – or stronger even – than what the rest of us feel. Because being trans is a singular experience and, so often, not an easy one. The history of hope is a long one, and it’s important to pay respect to those who suffered so we wouldn’t have to. | 6pm. Free. William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce St. facebook.com

Music | nobigdyl.

You might think, based on the name, that this event is no big deal. But that’s not the case. In fact, nobigdyl. is, if anything, kind of a big deal. The eclectic hip hopper dropped “Canopy” in 2017, then followed that up with 2018’s “SOLAR.” Dude might be enough of a neophyte to the national scene that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, but we’re willing to be that kind of under the radar action won’t be possible for much longer. | 8pm. $14. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. concerts1.livenation.com


Dance | The Prince + Michael Experience

Assuming you weren’t extremely well-versed in all things pop and/or culture, you might think this event was an in depth look at the life and times of Prince Michael of Kent. You know, paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, grandson of King George V and Queen Mary; Prince Michael of Kent. But fortunately for you (and everyone else), that’s not at all what this event is. It’s a fun time dance party featuring the music of Prince and Michael Jackson! Which, we gotta say, is just way, way better than the alternative. | 930pm. $10. Voltage Lounge, 421 N. 7th St. eventbrite.com

Music | Aspirations 001 ft. J:KENZO + ENiGMA Dubz

We just learned a new term … “flow toys.” Now, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term “flow toys?” Because we don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but our guess is that it’s something a little less than G-rated. But that’s ok. Because “flow toys” are just LED toys that you can dance with. At shows. Like this one. Flow toys. We’d crack a joke but honestly, we aspire to that level of unbridled enjoyment in, well, anything. | 9pm. $20. Warehouse on Watts, 923 N. Watts St. theticketingco.com

Show | Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

If dance is the dream, then Alvin Ailey is the dreamer. Unfortunately, the titular former leader of this world renowned dance troupe passed in 1989, but his indomitable spirit lives on in a legacy of unique and awe-inspiring performance. This will be the first show in a series of performances, closing on Saturday evening. Don’t miss your chance to revel in this American classic. | 730pm. Prices vary. The Academy of Music, 1420 Locust St. kimmelcenter.org

Art | Flash Mob

Who says art only exists on the easel? Or on a wall? Maybe on the front flap of a book or the back of a CD (wait; they do still make CDS don’t they?). Well, we know better, don’t we? Art is everywhere, including on you and me. If you’re a fan of all things skin art – aka, tattoos – then head on over for an evening celebrating original tattoo art by the mad minds at Art Machine. High five required for admission. | 7pm. Free. Art Machine Productions, 1345 Frankford Ave. artmachineproductions.com

Party | Emo Night at XFinity Live!

At this point, we feel like we just gotta ask; what’s with Philly and the whole Emo Night thing? Honestly, does Philly just have an inordinate number of former scene kids? Was Emo music way bigger in high school than we remember? Sure, we all love Panic! At the Disco and straight cut bangs and tight black jeans and hating everyone and patches and unintelligible lyrics and unnecessarily sad songs and Saves The Day and Brand New and … ok, ok. Maybe we do get it. | 8pm. Free. Xfinity Live!, 1100 Pattison Ave. formstack.com

Music | Citizen Cope

We’d let Citizen Cope carry us through the “Hurricane Waters” of this wild ride we call life any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Seriously though, just the mere mention of The Clarence Greenwood Recordings feels like somebody threw us in the back of a 1998 Honda Accord and zapped us straight back to high school. All we need now are some saggy jeans, an oversized hoodie and a beanie that hasn’t been washed in, well, ever. | 830pm. $39.50. Franklin Music Hall, 421 N. 7th St. ticketmaster.com


Party | Goose Island Philly First Anniversary Party

Hey! Welcome to Goose Island! If you’ve never seen or heard one of their fine, fine commercials, you’re likely going to hear that refrain for the very first time when you step into Goose Island Philly for their one year anniversary party. But if the live music, photobooth, raffle prizes and special Anniversary Beer have anything to say about it, we’re guessing you’ll be hearing “Hey! Welcome to Goose Island!,” again and again and again. | 11am. Free. Goose Island Philadelphia, 1002 Canal St. gooseisland.com

Philadelphia Flower Show | Flowers After Hours

Did we mention that the Philadelphia Flower Show, a week-long celebration of all things flower power, will be blooming right under our noses at the Pennsylvania Convention Center all week long? No? Well we’re mentioning it now. The first day of the show kicks off with Flowers After Hours, a Beatles-inspired twirl through the gardens and grounds. | 830pm. $75. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St. theflowershow.com

Music | Space Bacon

Space Bacon is back, baby! Not that they were ever gone. Honestly, we don’t know where Space Bacon was before this, but we do know where they’ll be for at least a few hours on Saturday night. They’ll be blasting out the beats at Bourbon & Branch for a couple of sweat-inducing sets that are sure to leave the crowd craving another crack at their crunchy improvisational grooves. | 11pm. $12. Bourbon & Branch, 705 N. 2nd St. theticketingco.com

Outdoors | Maple Sugar Day at Fox Chase Farm

We gotta admit; it’s hella weird to be touting an event within the cozy confines of Philly that’s also outdoors and also on a farm. Like, a real farm, not some make-believe thing with a broken down barn and a single malnourished cow. This is Fox Chase’s annual maple sugar event, featuring Maple Tours, candy making, pancake tasting and, as if all of that wasn’t enough, definitely maybe at least a handful of cows. Like three cows. Ok, maybe two. But definitely more than one. We think. | 12pm. $3. Fox Chase Farm, 8500 Pine Rd. foxchasefarm.org

Fitness | Puppy Yoga with Amrita Yoga and Wellness

The all-important proceeds benefit information; they all go to benefit Morris Animal Refuge. Just as important; there are only 40 spots available for each session, and there are only two sessions available. Listen, we’re not saying you should make your more for a ticket this instant … but we think you should probably make your move for a ticket this instant. The other option is no puppies and, just, ya know … no. | 130pm. $25. Amrita Yoga and Wellness, 2306 South St. eventbrite.com

Learn | Paleopalooza

It’s a festival of fossils and everyone – and their brother – is invited. Seriously, you want want to miss this deep dive into all that tooth and talon goodness. You – and your brother, should you choose to be the bigger person and call him for once – will get the chance to peruse the paleolithic, talk through some trilobites, and heck, you might even get to meet real, live paleontologists (we thought they were just a hoax perpetrated by Big Science!). | 10am. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. ansp.org


Give Back | Brunch Aboard the Meowshulu

Yep. You read that right. The Meowshulu. The more astute amongst us will surely be raising at least a single finger in protest already, but fret not; we know that’s not really its name. Instead, it’s a nod to what this mimosas n’ brunch event is really all about; cats. And, more specifically, Non Lethal Options for Animals’ efforts to save as many of Philly’s feline friends as possible. | 11am. $25. The Moshulu, 401 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. eventbrite.com

Learn | 1¢ Day at the Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is … kind of a big deal. We don’t mean to toot our own civic horn here, but we Philadelphians are all a little spoiled when it comes to culture in the City of Brotherly Love. That’s why it’s so amazing that the Museum of Art would run a promotion like this on the first Sunday of every freakin’ month. Technically, it’s pay-what-you-wish, but $.01 is all you really need. For all that culture. Whew boy. | 10am. $.01. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. philamuseum.org

Music | West Coast High 2019 ft. Cypress Hill + Hollywood Undead

Insane in the membrane, insane in PA. That’s what Cypress Hill’s gonna be when they, along with Hollywood Undead, take Philly and The Fillmore by smoke and storm this weekend, pumping out all the lowriding gangster jams right alongside a whole host of soon-to-be hits … some from the bong, some not (See what we did there?). | 730pm. Prices vary. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. livenation.com

Book Talk | Nadia Bolz-Weber: ‘The Shameless’ Book Tour

Religion’s often fallen well short of even the most conservative mark when it comes to the issue of human sexuality. Christianity didn’t just fall short; they actively tried not to be involved. But no matter what the God-fearing may try, the gloriousness of our bodies remains. Join author Nadia Bolz-Weber as she discusses the work and life behind her latest book exploring the church’s teachings on sexuality, “Shameless: A Sexual Reformation.” | 7pm. $7.50. Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion, 2110 Chestnut St. eventbrite.com

Shop | Sprung for Spring Market

Are you ready to shop, eat and share vegan? Well ready or not, here the Sprung for Spring Market comes! Boasting a whole host of local vendors, the Philly Vegan Pop Flea Market is rife with opportunity for upgrading; your look, your eating habits, your whole freakin’ life! Just kidding on that last one … mostly. | 1pm. Free. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St. phillyveganpopflea.com

Music | Oliver Tree’s Ugly is Beautiful Tour

Oliver Tree isn’t your normal hip hop star. He doesn’t even make normal hip hop music or perform like a normal rapper. Instead, he throws on a bucket hat, hops on a scooter and proceeds to sing/dance/joke/play/act/scoot from one side of the stage (and your heart) to the other. And by the end, all you know (besides the fact that Oliver Tree’s a weird, weird guy) is that he lives there now. Your heart, that is. He lives in it, now and forever. | 8pm. $15. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. livenation.com


Jobs | Philadelphia Job Fair

Not all events are created equal. Some are gonna be fun (secretly, we hope they’re all at least a little fun, but we recognize that’s not always possible). Some are gonna be wild. Some are gonna be serious or secretive or, heck, even sexy. And some, well, some are just necessary. Just something we all need from time to time. This is one of those events at one of those times. | 11am. Free. Courtyard by Marriott, 4100 Presidential Blvd. eventbrite.com

Learn | Academy Town Square: How Will We Survive a Changing Climate

Bunkers? Underwater cities? A mass planetary exodus that results in the colonization of some distant and, as-of-yet-undiscovered world? All great options. All not quite feasible, at least to this point. No, it’s looking more and more like we’re actually going to have to try and fix what we broke. Which, if you know anything about humans … isn’t exactly our strong suit. | 630pm. Free. The Academy of Natural Sciences. 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. eventbrite.com

Learn | Macrame Terrarium Workshop + Beer Tasting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again and again if we have to; any event that combines art or learning or making with beer and/or wine is an absolute winner in our book. Seriously, you get to slip into a seat, sip on a cocktail or three and legit make something that you’ll then take home and keep forever. Or until one of your cats destroys it in a fit of jealous rage. How awesome is that! | 7pm. $50. Love City Brewing, 1023 Hamilton St. eventbrite.com

Music | Jacquees

This isn’t the first time ol’ Jacquees will be gracing the pages at Philadelphia Weekly. In fact, he made a guest appearance just last week, for a very similar reason. Ok, ok … it’s the same reason. Same venue, same time, different show. Kid’s popular, what can we say? Born in 1994, first mixtape out in 2011 and already on tracks with the likes of TI, Travis Porter and Quincy … we’re thinkin’ this might not be the last time we mention ol’ Jacquees’ name either. | 8pm. $29. TLA, 334 South St. livenation.com

Grooming | Structure With Integrity w/ Nick Kinsley

Who out there knows what the real difference between a good haircut and bad haircut is? We’re willing to be our entire collection of Kill Bill memorabilia (yes, that includes the life-sized severed arm from one of O-Ren Ishii’s henchmen) that at least 75 percent of people wouldn’t know the answer. Hell, even we didn’t know the answer. But we do now … . We’ll give you a hint; it has to do with how you cut the hair. | 2pm. Free. Talking Headz Salon, 4922 Baltimore Ave. eventbrite.com

Comedy | Pretty Haircut with Reputable Source

Reputable Source may not, in fact, be much in the way of a reputable source, but when it comes to comedy, they’ve got all the info you need. The crew behind Reputable Source has been killing the improv game for years now (not literally, of course, though they did get their start in Kensington). So buckle up for a wig-tastic evening of hair-raising humor you’ll never be able to forget, no matter how hard you try. | 730pm. $8. Philly Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom St. eventbrite.com


Community | Philadelphia’s Day of Empathy

Know what the world needs more of? Yes, yes, of course it needs more love, will always need more love; turns out, Jackie DeShannon knew exactly what the hell she was talking about when she wrote “What the World Needs Now is Love.” But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re aiming way, way lower; empathy. We all could use a little more empathy. So spend the day remembering what it’s like not to have all you need, and maybe try to help those for whom that still holds true. | 3pm. Free. City Hall, Room 401, 1400 John F. Kennedy Blvd. eventbrite.com

Food & Drink | Pączki Day at The Pierogie Kitchen

Look. We’re not going to lie to you. Mostly because we’re in the business of truth, but also because lying makes us feel icky. But here’s the true-iest truth that ever truthed; we don’t know how to pronounce pączki. We just don’t. And maybe we never will, but maybe that’s ok. Because, as far as we can tell, pączkis are delicious dough balls filled with different custardy concoctions and made specifically for eating, not talking about. | 10am. Pay as you go. The Pierogie Kitchen, 648 Roxborough Ave. pierogiekitchen.com

Community | Inquiring Minds: A Conversation about Philadelphia Sports

We’re all about Philly and conversations and keeping up with whatever’s going on the city and, to a lesser extent, sports. But sports are really just a lens, just another prism through which to view the life and times of late 2010s Philly. Want to have your voice heard, or simply hoping to hear what others like Marcus Hayes and Mike Sielski think of the current state of things? Well, boy howdy, do we have an event for you. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia Inquirer, 801 Market St. pmnevents.philly.com

Music | Born Of Osiris: The Simulation Tour

Osiris is the god of the afterlife … supposedly. To be “born of” Osiris, would make the band a bunch of Horuses. Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. Of course, as so often tends to be the case with ancient mythology, Horus wasn’t just born after his parents did the hanky panky. Following Osiris’ death by dismemberment, Iris collected his bits (except his penis, which was eaten by a catfish), fashioned a phallus, and made her dead husband’s body give her a child. If there’s a story more metal than that, we haven’t heard it. | 630pm. $18. TLA, 334 South St. livenation.com

Dating | Speed Dating 30’s and 40’s

Love is a many splendored thing. We’re pretty sure someone, somewhere said that before we did, but that’s not important. In fact, all that matters is the meaning. Which is that love holds so many secrets, it’s not even worth trying to parse. But that’s ok, because knowing would take away some of what makes it so special in the first place. Finding love isn’t always easy, kiddies, but it is always worth it. So get on out there and give it a try. | 7pm. $25. Infusion Lounge Philly, 16 S. 2nd St. eventbrite.com

Music | Dean Lewis

Over 122 million streams. 31 million video views. Appearances on shows like Suits, Riverdale and Grey’s Anatomy. Dean Lewis may not be the most well-known singer-songwriter in the world, but there’s a pretty high percentage chance you’ve heard at least one of his songs – probably “Waves” – before now. The only question left to answer is … how does the rest of it hold up? | 8pm. $22. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. livenation.com


Music | Eminence Ensemble w/ Tiger Party + Jay Lubes

Six piece. What do you think of when you hear that? We think of fried chicken, personally, but that’s just us. Other people think of beer, though that should probably be a “pack.” Still others think of bands, bands like Eminence Ensemble. Bands wherein the skills of six different musicians with vastly different backgrounds and vastly different ideals come together to create something truly unique and groundbreaking. But also fried chicken. | 830pm. $10. Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge, 435 Spring Garden St. theticketingco.com

Community | HERStory Happy Hour

March is Women’s History Month, which means we’re gonna be hitting all the hot historical lady events we can get our suffrage-supporting hands on. This one’s all about meeting fellow lady enthusiasts over a brown bag luncheon with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. You’ll talk, you’ll listen; you’ll walk away better for the experience. | 530pm. Free. Pen & Pencil Club, 1522 Latimer St. eventbrite.com

Art | Drink & Draw

We couldn’t even venture a guess as to how many of the drink and draw or drink and paint or drink and sculpt or drink and build or drink and dance or drink and whatever events we’ve pointed you to over the past year or so. But that doesn’t mean we’ve grown tired of the notion. Quite the contrary, in fact. That’s why we’re so damn excited for you and your friends to join forces with artist Loveis Wise to sip and simmer and, given time and the just right amount of space, create something truly beautiful. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. philamuseum.org

Music | Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Usually, you’ve got to go to YA novels and summer tentpole films to get your yearly fix of dystopian rigamarole. So when a rock band comes out with a concept album built around the notion of a not-so-distant (or far-fetched) future wherein the population is controlled by an unknown entity and force fed information via “propaganda screens,” well, you listen close and cross your fingers, praying that Hollywood never gets the movie rights. | 6pm. $27.50. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. etix.com

Community | Speak About It: Consent & Communication

We know that not everyone has had the best experience with school-age skits. You know, the groups that come to your high school or middle school to perform skits about how you shouldn’t do drugs and how you should always practice safe sex. But, boring and, in truth, unhelpful as they can sometimes be, this isn’t that. This is that, but for the modern age, focusing on consent and safety, not abstinence. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia Theatre Company, 480 S. Broad St. eventbrite.com

Music | Sabrina Carpenter

It seems so many of our pop idols these days have gotten their start on The Disney Channel, with Sabrina Carpenter no exception. Sabrina, who has now added singer and songwriter to her artist profile, got her start as an actress, playing Maya Hart in “Girl Meets World.” Nowadays though, she’s shed the girl next door label entirely and moved right on into, well, pop idol territory. | 8pm. $32.50. TLA, 334 South St. livenation.com


Food & Drink | Guinness Pint Glass Engraving

Welcome to friendly Port Richmond, and welcome to your new favorite beer glass. You’ll find a heaping helping of hospitality (and booze, of course; where do you think all those good vibes come from?) when you head on over to Byrne’s Tavern on Thursday night. You’ll also find Guinness pint glasses and an engraving machine just itching to etch “Gritty’s Girlfriend” on your glass. | 730pm. $5. Byrne’s Tavern, 3301 Richmond St. byrnestavern.net

Food & Drink | Evil Genius’ 2nd Birthday

It’s Evil Genius Beer Company’s second birthday, and you best believe that, much like a college co-ed who went a little too hard on the hooch her first night away from home, they’ll give it a good drunken cry if they want to. But they’ll regroup, eat some saltines, maybe talk through things with one of their friends, and then get around to dishing out a special Birthday Beer and a whole lot of cake cake cake cake cake (Rihanna will not be there). | 4pm. Free. Evil Genius, 1727 N. Front St. evilgeniusbeer.com

Party | Gender Blender

Honestly, there’s so much in store for any of you hooligans wild enough to take part in this Gayborhood “turn up” for trans and non-binary peoples, that we don’t even know where to start. So we’ll just say this; all are welcome, but this is a trans and non-binary centered event, meaning it’s a place for fun without hangups. So kick off any racist, homophobic or otherwise terrible shoes and get in the mood for fearless fun. | 10pm. $5. Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar, 254 S. 12th St. tabuphilly.com

Music | Hippie Sabotage

It’s not often you hear of a band that both frightens and intrigues, but that’s exactly how we feel about this Sacramento-based EDM duo. If we were given the opportunity (which we won’t be; they don’t like us talking to the talent) we’d ask … what does Hippie Sabotage mean? Are you trying to stop the spread of hippies? Are you interfering with a grand, international hippie plan? Or are you the hippies, and you’re planning to sabotage us all, bringing our capitalist columns down on our collective heads!? Which is it!? We must know! We must! | 9pm. $25. TLA, 334 South St. livenation.com

Film | ‘Captain Marvel’ Advance Screening

Higher. Further. Faster. No, that’s not the lyrics to the newest Daft Punk hit, though we like where your head’s at and we think you’re a straight shooter with upper management written all over them who’s gonna climb that corporate ladder in no time. It is, in fact, how one might describe Captain Marvel, the newest superhero set to grace our many, many screens. Want a sneak peek before anyone else? You know where to go. | 7pm. $13. Philadelphia Film Society, 1412 Chestnut St. filmadelphia.secure.force.com

Music | Mat Kerekes w/ Jetty Bones + Jacob Sigman

We’ve crowed about this venue before, and don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the actual show, but we’ve gotta take a second to tout Everybody Hits, the batting cages-turned-music-venue-turned-batting cages. It’s an awesome concept and an awesome venue. To that end, Mat Kerekes also started with an awesome concept – being a singer/songwriter – and managed to turn it into something just as real and just as awesome. If only there was some event that combined the two … . | 8pm. $13. Everybody Hits Philadelphia, 529 W. Girard Ave. eventbrite.com

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