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Calendar Feb. 21-28



Learn | Door 19: Renais-Science Faire

“Quirky” science meets themed soiree … what could possibly be better? Nothing! That’s what. Ok maybe a few things. An end to world hunger. True equality. Literally anyone else in the White House. There’s a few things. But, at least for one night, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than listening to jolly minstrels, studying armored beasts and/or spending an enchanting (and possibly enchanted) evening learning all about myths and legends, propped against a backdrop of real, live science. Also … sorry for yelling. | 6pm. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. ansp.org

Music | Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland: Lost My Mind Tour

It’s not every day you see a co-headlined tour. Of course, it’s happened before, will undoubtedly happen again. But it’s a rarity these days, when so many bands and celebrities fighting and clawing in an effort to secure top billing. Not these two EDM superstars. Dillon Francis and Aussie counterpart, Alison Wonderland, aren’t just teaming up for their Lost My Mind tour; they’re putting together a crunchy collab that’s sure to rock your Spongebob socks clean off. | 8pm. $45. The Liacouras Center, 1776 N. Broad St. evenue.net

Learn | How to Ask for Money (Without Shame)

Asking for money; it’s a tricky thing, rife with potential pitfalls. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable. Seriously, has anyone in the history of the world ever asked for money and felt truly comfortable and confident about it? No, of course they haven’t. But if you want to be successful, if you want to find investors or just pay your bills, you need to know how to raise more money, with less shame around the ask. It’s not an easy trick to learn, but nothing important ever is. | 6pm. Prices vary. CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, 1315 Walnut St. cultureworksphila.ticketleap.com

Community | Voices of Hope: A Black History Month Celebration

Celebrate Black History Month by focusing the spotlight on the next generation of artists, activists and fully realized black folks. Featuring the Gesu School gospel choir, Sister Cities Girlchoir and Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts’ (CAPA) choir, along with CAPA’s jazz band and dancers, this’ll be an evening to honor iconic educators and the ever-brightening future of our deeply diverse nation. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, 901 S. Broad St. eventbrite.com

Learn | Cults at Sphinx & Snakeskin: Philadelphia and Beyond

Cults seem like such a ridiculous idea. Like, how in the world can people get so wrapped up in some kind of silly group, promising eternal glory in exchange for all your worldly possessions? But then it happens. And happens again. And again and again and again. And you start to think … “could I be susceptible to this?” And the answer is yes. The truth is, you’re much closer to becoming a cult-loving mouth breather than you’d ever willingly admit to yourself. Kinda scary, huh? | 7pm. $25. Sphinx and Snakeskin, 45 N. 2nd St. eventbrite.com

Music | Alan Walker: Different World Tour

Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ who was born in England and is now touring the US (and lots of other places). As a kid, he was an avid gamer and had an interest in programming, which eventually led him to YouTube and electronic music production. In an earlier iteration of his musical career, he went by the name, DJ Walkzz. He’s a high school drop out. His mother’s name is Hilde. He likes to eat soap. That last thing may or may not be true. | 8pm. $27.50. TLA, 334 South St. concerts1.livenation.com


Music | Excision

How else to describe producer/DJ/madman Excision than like this: The absolute best in Bass Music. Seriously, dude’s been killin’ it for over a decade now, flinging first-rate beats like it’s nada. Apex (2018) is Excision’s fourth full-length studio album, following up on Virus (2016), Codename X (2015) and X Rated (2011), not to mention all the collabs and mixtapes sprinkled in between. It’s bass, it’s in your face, and you best be ready to deal with it (and dance to it!). | 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St. themetphilly.com

Music | Deon Cole

We wouldn’t blame you if you were operating under the impression that actor/comedian/general creative threat Deon Cole was only on one hit tv show, ABC’s Golden Globe Award-winning, “black-ish.” You, however, would be wrong. Cole, who will be offering up his own special brand of howl-inducing stand up on Friday, appears regularly in a total of four shows. You win a free Philly Weekly if you can guess the others (you also win one if you can’t). | 8pm. Prices vary. SugarHouse Casino, 1001 N. Delaware Ave. ticketmaster.com

Film | ‘Death Becomes Her’

“Death Becomes Her” is a truly wild movie. Like, for once Bruce Willis doesn’t play his usual hard-livin’, hard-drinkin’, hard everything cop with a heart of gold. And both Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn star as longtime rivals who come to a kind of … unsteady … understanding. There’s immortality and death and infidelity and death and murder and death and death and … where were we? Oh, right. Robert Zemeckis is out of his mind. | 7pm. $5. South Street Cinema, 327 South St. philly.carpe-diem.events

Learn | Dinos After Dark

We’ll never not be excited about dinosaurs. Honestly, we’re pretty sure that growing up with “Jurassic Park” and “life, uh, uh, finds a way” and Jeff Goldblum’s chest staring us in the face as he reclines sensually in the back of an ATV means we’ll always have a soft spot for dinos. And since we assume (hope) that we’re not alone in that, we figured we’d share this opportunity to forget about ol Jeff’s hamburger meat for a few hours and focus on the true stars – the dinos – instead. | 4pm. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. ansp.org

Music | James Blake

James Blake is one of those musicians not easily categorized. Sure, early on you probably could’ve called him a beat believer, maybe an electronics technician. Nowadays, you might be just as right to call him a ballad-maker and ambient auteur. Labels aside, we know one thing for sure above all others–the man is supremely talented. Whatever for it takes, James Blake music is always worth the listen. | 830pm. $41.50. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. concerts1.livenation.com

Give Back | 11th Annual Pink Invitational

It’s the largest annual gymnastic fundraising event in the US and it’s back for an 11th year of pink, pink and more pink. As always, the most important stuff first … 100% of event proceeds benefit Unite For HER and go to supporting women affected by breast cancer in the Philadelphia region. We don’t usually get ourselves involved in the sports, but when it’s to benefit the needy, well, you might say we’re ready to pop a quick tumble or ten of our own if it helps. | 9am. Free. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St. uniteforher.org


Shop | Rahyma Black History Month Pop Up Shop

Dresses. Skirts. Jumpsuits. High-low jackets. Blouses. Do we know what all of these articles of clothing (that’s what they are, right?) are? No. Would we be willing to learn what they are and which parts of the body they adorn? Again, no. But will we defend to the death your right to wear every single one of them, especially if they’re covered in African Print? You’re god damn right we will, you beautiful, bougie, blouse-wearing monster. | 11am. Free. Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia, 1100 Arch St. eventbrite.ca

Music | Phutureprimitive w/ Edamame & goldenSpiral

Ok so there’s all sorts of awesome reasons you should see this show. First, goldenSpiral is a Philly-based hip-hop/electronic producer, visual artist and self-proclaimed “Cosmic Servant.” Go Philly. Edamame is a student of the world, infusing organic sounds he’s recorded himself into his music. Go Earth. And finally, Phutureprimitive creates fuzzy-bass-beats of the highest, most soothingly chaotic order. Go good music. | 830pm. $12. The Music Ward, 5101 Grays Ave. phutureprimitive2019.theticketingco.com

Music | Darryl Jackson Presents: Music Therapy

We’ll be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot to go on for this event. A short description can be a problem, but we prefer to look at it as an opportunity. So it’s Saturday night and you’re bored. Looking for something to do. All the old haunts are, well, still haunted. Nothing new sounds fun. But wait! There’s a mysterious event in Philly Weekly that sounds like it could be the perfect mixture of known and unknown to provide you the exact kind of unique and life-altering experience you so desperately crave. | 12pm. $15. The Loft, 7145 Keystone St. eventbrite.com

Party | 9th Annual Party for the Market

Six live bands. Four open bars. A silent auction. Casino games. Dance floor. Cabaret and cocktail lounge. And we haven’t even mentioned the food yet! Which there will be a lot of, unsurprisingly. How does all-you-can-eat from 30 of the Market’s vendors? Heaven? Is that your answer? “It sounds like heaven.” Good, because that’s exactly what we (and the folks running the event) were going for. | 730pm. Prices vary. Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Arch Sts. eventbrite.com

Dance | The Revenge of Dancehall: Caribbean Night

We love love. Then again, who doesn’t? Love is easy to love. It makes you feel good. It brings people together. It ensures that Hallmark and all other purveyors of love-related paraphernalia remain in business. Love is also accepting. And that includes accepting those with little to offer. Take this Queer Caribbean Black Light celebration for example. Entry is a suggested donation of 5 bucks. But don’t worry if you don’t got the funds … just like love, dancing is for everyone. | 10pm. $5. The Sankofa House, 906 S. 49th St. stroproductionz.com

Community | BLM Philly’s Big Queer Brunch

There’s a quick note at the end of the description for this Black Lives Matter event, posted by the organizers, that says, “this event centers on Black and Brown folks and is open to everyone,” and honestly, we think that’s just perfect. This brunch is for Black and Brown folks. It’s for members of the LGBTQ+ community. But it’s also open to everyone. Because we’re in this together. And that’s not just some silly cliche–we really mean it. We’re only making progress if everyone is pulling in the same direction. So let’s make progress together. | 1pm. Free. Booker’s Restaurant and Bar, 5021 Baltimore Ave. eventbrite.com


Kid Friendly | Barcade Family Day

Ah yes. Family Day at the old bar/arcade. A time-honored tradition that harkens back to the early days of Atari … just kidding. But if you’ve got kids and you’re looking for something fun/distracting to do on Sunday afternoon, then this event ain’t no joke. Barcade’ll be rockin’ a kids menu and plenty of arcade games for the whole family. Just make sure you keep an eye peeled for Grandma; we hear she’s been hustling fools on Asteroids. | 12pm. Free. Barcade, 1114 Frankford Ave. barcadephiladelphia.com

Convention | Pups ‘N Pints

The most important bit: There will be a pet-themed basket raffle with all proceeds going to benefit the Pennsylvania SPCA. The slightly less important, but still important bit: This is a free event all about showcasing local pet product vendors (plus the delicious food and drink at Wissahickon Brewery). Four-legged friends are, of course, welcome and all you need to bring is your sparkling personality (and maybe a leash). | 230pm. Free. Wissahickon Brewing Company, 3705 W. School House Ln. wissahickonbrew.com

Music | Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

We love it when genres blend, lines get crossed, tones turned this way and that. Basically, we love it when something defies definition, which we’ve probably droned on about at length before, so we won’t do it again. But you can probably guess where we’re going with this. Anderson .Paak is a true visionary, blending genres and crossing every line he can. The results? Fucking undeniable. | 8pm. Prices vary. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. concerts1.livenation.com

Film | Punk Movie Night: “SLC Punk!”

Who amongst us hasn’t posed at one point or another in our lives? Honestly, we’re almost all guilty of pretending to know, pretending to love, pretending to be as into something as other people, just so we could fit in or feel cool or whatever. But this movie takes it to all new heights. Steve-O (no, not that one) sure looks like a punk, might sound like a punk, might even fight and do drugs and generally hate everything like a punk … but does that actually make him a punk? Featuring Shooter McGavin. | 7pm. Free. Century, 1350 S. 29th St. songkick.com

Music | Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

It’s like the Roarin’ 20’s never left. Well, at least it might feel that way for a few hours on Sunday night if you manage to get yourself to the theater for a rollickin’ evening of high-kicks and toe-steps with Scott Bradlee’s brainchild, Postmodern Jukebox. It’ll be all jukin’ and a whole lotta jivin’ as Bradlee and Co. wend their way through classic Americana fare, introducing us to the brand spankin’ new Twenty Twenties (and re-introducing us to jazz) in the process. | 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St. themetphilly.com

Music | Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius might not be a household name on this side of the pond, but that’s bound to change in the near future. Girl’s got range, fellas. And she’s here to stay. Well, not forever, of course. She lives in Liverpool. And she’s only in Philly for one night. But still! She’s officially outgrown her Floetry roots and made her way into the dizzying reaches of true superstardom. Best get on this wild soul n’ sweat ride before it’s too late. | 8pm. Prices vary. TLA, 334 South St. concerts1.livenation.com


Community | The Connect: An LGBTQ Hangout

Let’s get a little closer, shall we? Only as close as you’re interested in being, of course. And when we say “close” we don’t literally mean “close,” like right up next to one another. We just mean … familiar. We’ll stand a comfortable distance away, sip our beer and listen intently as you tell us all about yourself. All the places you’ve been. All the places you hope to go. Oh really? You also hate the President? What. A. Coincidence. | 6pm. Free. Barcade, 1114 Frankford Ave. barcadephiladelphia.com

Trivia | The Office Trivia at Goose Island

We’re throwing down the gauntlet, right here, right now: we don’t think any of you pretzel-eaters can take us in a good old fashioned game of “Who Knows the Most About The Office.” You see, dear Reader, we’ve spent an absolutely inordinate amount of time watching and rewatching and re-rewatching The Office. Beyond writing this Calendar and binge-watching tv, we don’t have a social life to speak of. So bring it, but be prepared to go home feeling a bit too much like Kevin after he dropped his famous chili. | 7pm. Free. Goose Island Brewhouse, 1002 Canal St. eventbrite.com

Learn | Wine Bottle Succulent Workshop

Not everyone has a green thumb, but we’re all capable of tipping back a glass or three. So don’t fret if you’ve never worked with houseplants, cared for another living thing or even ever heard of a so-called “succulent”; all you’ve gotta bring to this evening of experience is a positive attitude. The rest – healthy succulents, stone, upcycled-hand cut wine bottle and a cork to stabilize your design – come as part of the package. | 7pm. $45. Devil’s Den, 1148 S. 11th St. eventbrite.com

Learn | Supporting LGBTQ Youth: A Seminar for Parents and Loved Ones

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again and again (or until someone tells us to shut up); we’re all in this together. This, of course, being life. Being everything. And as true as it is for the rest of us, it may be even truer for LGBTQ youth. For questioning kids, growing up gay or trans can be fraught with pitfalls. But that’s what you, the parents, the brother, the friend or family member, are there for; to help them keep on the path to happiness, health and adulthood. | 6pm. $35. Fishtown Wellness Center, 430 Belgrade St. eventbrite.com

Show | An Evening with Groucho

Groucho Marx was one-of-a-kind, a comedian and actor who broke the mold (sometimes literally) time and time again. While many of the people reading this will have little to no memory of his life and creative endeavors, what’s undeniable is the lasting legacy he left within the worlds of theater and humor. Watch as Frank Ferrante makes a marvelous transformation, not just “doing” Groucho, but literally living the singular star’s life to the absolute fullest over 90 too-short minutes. | 8pm. Prices vary. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St. ticketmaster.com

Food & Drink | Cooking for the Culture

“Do it for the culture.” That’s what all the cool kids are saying these days, but what does it all actually mean? Well, it means … support your people, specifically Black folks. It’s about authenticity, about shared histories. And within the context of this event, it means African American chefs rocking out on an 8-course meal you’ll never get anywhere else. It may not be cheap, but nothing authentic (or good) ever is. | 630pm. $75. Haute Restaurant and Lounge, 1420 Locust St. eventbrite.com


Music | Jacquees

Maybe weird to say, but it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the Cash Money Records crew is still out there signing artists and making music. Artists, of course, like Jacquees. Jacquees has actually been around for a minute, but he didn’t get real traction behind his hip hop/R&B sound until the last couple of years. With 2018’s “4275”, his debut album, out and making the rounds, it’s about time we all started to take a little more notice. | 8pm. $29. TLA, 334 South St. concerts1.livenation.com

Learn | Science After Hours: Love & Lust

What is it that draws us to one person over another? Why is it that we suddenly want to talk to someone as soon as they decide they want nothing to do with us? What’s the difference between that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, the one that makes you feel good and bad and sick and happy and all manner of other things, and the urge to touch and be touched? Is there a difference? And who says a relationship can’t be built off lust, Mom! It worked for The Trumps! | 7pm. $25. The Franklin Institute, 222 N. 20th St. tickets.fi.edu

Music | Tedeschi Trucks Band

Susan Tedeschi is an amazing singer. Derek Trucks is an amazing guitar player. Together, they make one hell of an on-stage pair. They also make for one hell of a celebrity couple, walking red carpets, going out to the club, getting paparazzi pics snapped stopping at Starbucks on the way home from hot yoga … ok, they’ve never done any of that stuff. But they have played some amazing shows, and will – presumably – continue to do so. So do yourself a favor. A big favor. | 730pm. Prices vary. The Met, 858 N. Broad St. concerts1.livenation.com

Comedy | Wanda Sykes

Huh. What is there to even say about the one and only Wanda Sykes? Just like the man, the myth, the legend, Michael Steven Anita Buble, there’s not much we can say about the woman, the warrior, the god damn, honest-to-goodness, no-doubt-about-it comedic genius, Wanda Sykes that you don’t already know. So we’ll just leave you with this; she used to be a contractor at the NSA and probably still has access to the launch codes. | 8pm. Prices vary. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St. concerts1.livenation.com

Party | Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket Party

As always, the most important bit: All donations go to benefit Save A Child’s Heart, an international non-profit organization with the mission of improving the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children in developing countries. The less important, but still important bit: There will be a live DJ, themed drinks and … a candy bar. An actual, honest-to-goodness candy bar. No foolin’! | 830pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St. eventbrite.com

Dance | Edible Philly’s 5th Anniversary Dance Party

So, the most importantest bit of this event is actually that it’s being held in what one might lovingly call an “unfinished space.” Meaning you should probably bring a jacket, maybe a hat or some earmuffs if it’s especially cold. The other most important bit is that all proceeds go to benefit the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (and, of course, celebrate Edible Philly, a free Philly food magazine). | 7pm. $25. Divine Lorraine Hotel, 699 N. Broad St. eventbrite.com


Music | Drake Night: So Far Gone

Drake, Drake and more Drake. That’s what you’ll have in store if you decide to head on out to The Fillmore on Wednesday evening. This is a 21-plus event, so make sure you’ve got your ID and a couple of trustworthy bar buddies to keep an eye on you throughout the night. Early it’s gonna be hip hop here, there and everywhere, but once the clock strikes 12 … it’s the Day of Drake and you can’t leave (of course you can leave) until the party’s over. | 9pm. $10. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. concerts1.livenation.com

Food & Drink | Sip & Sample

The Pennsylvania Pour Collective is a curated collection of local, artisanal distilleries in the Reading Terminal Market. They’ve put together this last Wednesday of every month event highlighting some of Philly’s finest spirits and ciders. The February sipping docket has Boardroom Spirits, Eight Oaks Craft Distillers, New Liberty Distillery, Pezone Cello, Stateside Vodka & Original 13 Ciderworks on it, so don’t delay. These tix won’t last. | 4pm. Free. Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Arch Sts. concerts1.livenation.com

Show | Pay What You Can: “Gem of the Ocean”

What an amazing concept; the play isn’t technically ready to be performed, with a final dress rehearsal the last hurdle before opening night. But why waste the dress rehearsal? Why not open it to the public, asking people to pay whatever they can in order to see the first installment of August Wilson’s The American Century Cycle? Why not, Arden Theatre. Why not indeed. | 8pm. Prices vary. The Arden Theatre Company, 40 N. 2nd St. ardentheatre.org

Dating | Sci-Fi Cosplay Speed Dating

Are you a Philadelphian in your 20s or 30s seeking love and companionship? Are you sick of the same old dating scene, of online creeps, no-show losers and gutless ghosts? Are you an avid superhero and/or comic book fan with an overactive imagination and a penchant for sewing and garment making? Are you on your last nerve and willing to try just about anything to find feelings? Well, boy howdy, do we have the event for you. | 7pm. $25. Infusion Lounge Philly, 16 S. 2nd St. eventbrite.com

Music | Chelsea Cutler

It’s been something of a whirlwind for Chelsea Cutler, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer getting ready for her second – albeit much larger – headlining world tour. “It” in this context being life, considering Cutler’s been making music since she was 10. Now, hot off the release of her latest offering, Sleeping With Roses II, the multi instrumental maven has officially come a hell of a long way from teaching herself how to play music and recording songs alone in her childhood bedroom. | 8pm. Prices vary. TLA, 334 South St. concerts1.livenation.com

Comedy | Big Princess & High Fashion

Improv is a wild time, both for the audience and the participants. Like, what a strange feeling to attend a show and have almost no idea what that show will entail. Maybe Big Princess will do a bit about Opportunity going dark. Maybe High Fashion will come up with some chop-buster about the size of President Frump’s ties. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll all forget about the trash fire that is our country for five minutes. | 9pm. $8. Philly Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom St. eventbrite.com


Trivia | The Office Quizzo

We’ll own up to it; this is the second “Office”-themed quizzo event we’re including in this week’s Calendar. If you read that entry before this one, we’ll apologize, but only briefly. Because, just as we said there, we dare you and all your friends to bring it. Seriously. Bring it. We’ve legit watched “The Office” in its entirety so many times that we simply can’t be beaten when it comes to trivia. Bring. Dare. We wait. Kevin know. | 9pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St. citytap.com

Dance | Rave Etiquette

Ever wondered what the standard operating procedure for a rave is? Never been before and hoping to brush up on classic rave etiquette before attending? Well get ready to be disappointed because this event does not pertain to that in the slightest. Ok, maybe a little. Really though, Rave Etiquette is a show for the DIY dancers amongst us, with acceptance, love and respect at the center of the evening’s festivities. | 10pm. $3. Liaison Room at Front Street Cafe, 1253 N. Front St. tixco-540.theticketingco.com

Food & Drink | Macallan-Edrington Tasting

Fans of The Brown best be on their toes; there’s no way these tickets last very long. The Philadelphia Whiskey Society is hosting this event in partnership with Edrington (Macallan, Highland Park) to hook up Macallan’s regional brand ambassador with a crew of scotch-loving Philadelphians for a night of great whisky, great cocktails and great food, highlighted by a flight of premium scotches and rum. | 6pm. $20. Ocean Prime, 124 S. 15th St. eventbrite.com

Party | The Women’s Film Festival 2019 Preview Party

The actual 2019 Women’s Film Festival doesn’t kick off until mid-March, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start the festivities. Start your pre-festival evening with a half an hour of complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Follow that nosh with a cash bar with drink specials, moving right into a plethora of networking opportunities. And last, but definitely not least, enjoy a glimpse of the films ready to grace the festival screens in 2019. | 6pm. Free. Positano Coast, 212 Walnut St. eventbrite.com

Community | Philly Black Trans History: A Multigenerational Panel

We owe all we have to those who came before us. That’s as true for you as it is for me. For Trans folks in Philly, the equation is a bit more complicated, even if the end result is just as strong – or stronger even – than what the rest of us feel. Because being trans is a singular experience and, so often, not an easy one. The history of hope is a long one, and it’s important to pay respect to those who suffered so we wouldn’t have to. | 6pm. Free. William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce St.facebook.com

Music | nobigdyl.

You might think, based on the name, that this event is no big deal. But that’s not the case. In fact, nobigdyl. is, if anything, kind of a big deal. The eclectic hip hopper dropped “Canopy” in 2017, then followed that up with 2018’s “SOLAR.” Dude might be enough of a neophyte to the national scene that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, but we’re willing to be that kind of under the radar action won’t be possible for much longer. | 8pm. $14. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. concerts1.livenation.com

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