Calendar: Feb. 14-21



Valentine’s Day | Sweetheart Skate

Love, love, love and more love. That’s what this event, and all the others that follow, are all about. Really, that’s what this city is about. And not just brotherly love. Sisterly love. Fatherly love. Motherly love. Cousin-ly love. All the love, all the time. That’s what we’re about 24/7, but it’s not so often we get to share it with you all, and the rest of the people at the rink. Watch out, kids! It’s triple lutz time! | 4pm. Prices vary. Dilworth Park, 1 S. 15th St.

Valentine’s Day | Valentine’s Day Comedy And Dinner Show

Comedy. Live music. Love. Honestly, what else could you need? Well, how about a surf and turf dinner? Yeah, that’s good too (though we’ve got mad love for the vegans and vegetarians amongst us, and wouldn’t begrudge anyone a nice tofu dinner). Put it all together and what do you get? Buddy Love’s Valentine’s Day Comedy and Dinner Show. Man, with a name like that, it’s almost like he was made for this. | 730pm. Prices vary. Ukie Club, 847 N. Franklin St.

Valentine’s Day | Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Valentine’s Day Benefit Performance

Starring the award winning reTHEATER cast, featuring Mimi Imfurst from RuPaul’s Drag Race as Hedwig, this one-time performance of the raucous Broadway hit will go to benefit the Attic Youth Center, which creates opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults. ‘Nuff said, amiright? | 8pm. Prices vary. Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 Saint James St.

Valentine’s Day | Vegantine’s Day Dinner

Veganites, unite! It’s gonna be a tasty veggie-only culinary experience, and only you and Cupid are invited. Well, plus your date … assuming you have a date. We didn’t mean to assume you had a date, though it’d be kinda weird if you didn’t and–know what? We’re gonna stop talking now. This prix fixe gets you five courses of delicious vegan awesomeness … and a whole evening without anyone asking when your date is gonna show up. | 7pm. $40. Saint Benjamin Brewing Company, 1710 N. 5th St.

Valentine’s Day | Neon Nights Lingerie Party

Love means different things to different people. Who are we to judge? For some people, it’s a quiet dinner at home with their significant other. For other people, it’s a cold drink at an empty bar, with a muted tv on in the corner. And for others still, it’s 15 lingerie models and a whole lot of neon. Look, all three options sound good to us … we’re just here to let you know what’s going on. No muss, no fuss, no judgement … just fun. | 9pm. Prices vary. TLO Event Complex, 1621 Cecil B. Moore Ave.

Valentine’s Day | Love Letter Steve Powers Pop-Up!

Looking for something a little out of left field for Valentine’s Day 2019? Well, look no further, because the baddies behind Mural Arts and the Love Letter project are coming in with another batch of bus window beauty. Steve Powers, artist and creator of the Love Letter project, is gonna spend his day alongside Cupid live printing a special love-related image at the Suburban Concourse Station on Valentine’s Day. It’s free and a little dirty … this is about as left field as we can go | 11am. Free. Suburban Station, Concourse Level at Track 0, Section A, 16th St. and JFK Blvd.


Festival | 21st Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

Festival … convention … two sides of the same coin, right? Maybe not, but we’re willing to bet it doesn’t really matter. If you’re into all things tattoo art and tribal arm bands, then you’re headed to this humdinger of an event all day and twice on Sunday (luckily for you, the convention actually goes through Sunday, so you really do have the option of showing up twice on the last day of the week if you want). | 2pm. Prices vary. Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, 131 N. Broad St.

Party | Love Boat Gala

One more for the lovers amongst us! You thought you could get away from Valentine’s Day that easy? Think again. Just because the day itself is over doesn’t mean there aren’t more opportunities for getting soused and throwing yourself in the path of Cupid’s arrow. If you’re feeling fetch (we will make it happen) and looking to let love loose, this decked-out gala may be just right for you. | 8pm. Prices vary. Moshulu, 401 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd.

Food & Drink | Drink Philly Wine & Chocolate Social

The sweetest event of the season (Disclaimer: We can neither confirm nor deny whether this is, in fact, the sweetest event of this, or any, season). The fourth annual Wine & Chocolate Social features some of Philly’s best sweet treats and boozy delights (plus the sweetest treat of all; you). Whatever you do, don’t miss Drunk Grandma’s. She’s delicious. | 7pm. $35. National Museum of American Jewish History, 101 S. Independence Mall East.

Dating | Thank U, Next

Just call us Cupid (or Ariana Spanish Large), cuz we’re doing everything in our power to get you crazy kids shagged and shacked in 2019. Well, shagged, at least … we’ll leave the shacking/non-shacking up to you. If you’re POC/Queer/Trans or just plain awesome and looking for love, then head on over to Gilbert’s Shoes for an entirely unique evening of speed dating, followed by a party specifically designed to wipe away any weirdness from, well, ya know … the speed dating. | 8pm. $10. Gilbert’s Shoes, 1652 Ridge Ave.

Music | Emo Night Brooklyn: Philadelphia

The Used. Taking Back Sunday. My Chemical Romance. Fall Out Boy. A Day To Remember. Yellowcard. Paramore. The Wonder Years … do we need to keep going? Ok, we’ll keep going. Panic! At the Disco. The Get Up Kids. Brand New. Rites of Spring. Modern Baseball. Mother flippin’ Weezer! Seriously, we could keep going, but we’re pretty sure you get the point. | 1030pm. $14. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.

Party | Love Stinks Let’s Drink!

Who here has seen “The Wedding Singer?” And who here remembers the montage where he’s all depressed and sad because he thinks he blew it with Drew Barrymore, and he starts singing “Love Stinks” at that wedding before eventually getting his ass kicked by the bride’s father? This event is exactly like that scene, only with less Adam Sandler and no one’s gonna get punched in the face. | 10pm. $10. Stats on 17th, 111 S. 17th St.


Learn | Mythic Creatures Opening Weekend

Is it technically “learning” if the thing you’re “learning” about is purely imagined? We say yes. How else do people become chiropractors? Zing! Just kidding, we’ve gone to many chiropractors and, if nothing else, it feels amazing. Anyway. This is opening weekend for the newest Academy of Natural Sciences exhibit, Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids, and it’s meant for anyone who wants to know about the terrifying realities that spawned the greatest myths in the world. | 10am. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Music | Boyz II Men: 25th Anniversary of II

Ironically, the iconic Boyz II Men album “II”, is not actually their second studio album; it’s their third. But it is their second non-Christmas album, which is why it earned the deuce moniker. We all know the Boyz are Philly born and bred, which is awesome, but it’s still so jarring to think of soaring ballads and a capella music at the same time as we think of the grit and blue-collar style of the city itself. Those mean streets birthed “I’ll Make Love to You”! How wild is that? | 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

Book Talk | Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks’ ‘Chicken Bone Beach’

Chicken Bone Beach may not sound all that appealing, but it’s rich with history and, in a way, hope. The titular beach lies at the center of author Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks’ latest offering, an historical compilation of “Atlantic City’s racially segregated beach during its heyday from the 1920s through the 1960s and the residents who lived on the Northside near the established Missouri Avenue Beach.” Despite the name (and, of course, racial tensions) Chicken Bone Beach became a haven for African Americans at that time. | 3pm. Free. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, 5445 Germantown Ave.

Kid Friendly | Butterfly Love Fest

It’s a kid-friendly Valentine’s festival, and all the little larvae in your life are invited. And what’s a kid-friendly Valentine’s festival without some games, some prizes, a whole bunch of arts and crafts, a little dab of live music and, the piece de resistance … face painting! Seriously, what kid in their right mind doesn’t want their face painted? None. Or some. We don’t know honestly, we don’t have kids. But you probably do. So go to this event! | 10am. Prices vary. Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, 8046 Frankford Ave.

Food & Drink | Puppy Love Brunch

We always promise to get you the most important information right off the bat, and there’s few things more important to this event than the fact that you’ll be able to donate to Paws for the People, a non-profit dedicated to providing dog and/or animal therapy throughout the region. You’ll also get to pet puppers. And hug puppers. And eat brunch and listen to live music. | 11am. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St.

Shop| VHS Swap and Retro Flea Market

It’s back and swappier and flea-ier than ever. And if you’re asking yourself, “Self, what does any of that even mean?,” know that you’re not alone and everyone else reading this particular section is asking themselves the exact same thing. Much like a faded copy of “Spaceballs” on video cassette, the event itself won’t last long. So gather up your dusty and your dog-eared and head on out for an afternoon of perusing Stuff You Want But Definitely Don’t Need. | 5pm. Free. South Street Cinema, 327 South St.


Show | Hype Dance Crew Presents: SEUSS

Who’s ready to get Hype!? Cuz the Penn Hype Dance Crew sure is, and they need a few good audience members to get them going for their spring show, SEUSS. Inspired by the uplifting words of Dr. Seuss himself, Hype Dance Crew has put together a seasonal stomp that’s hot enough for the summer, but made for the spring, aimed at answering the question … “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” | 4pm. Prices vary. Iron Gate Theater, 3700 Chestnut St.

Art | Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention Pin Up Contest

Do you know who The PA Liberty Belles are? Well, you’re about to. They’re the pinup gals of your dreams. The decadent 50s damsels you never knew you needed. Technically speaking, this event is a little bit of a cheat on our part since it’s an event within an event: The 21st Annual Tattoo Arts Convention. But it’s such a cool concept with such alluring subjects that we couldn’t help but hack it off and make its own special entry. | 415pm. Prices vary. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.

Learn | Sippin’ and Stitchin’ Patch Workshop

As the organizers of this event accurately noted, patches have been cool since bein’ cool was considered cool. Honestly, what cool kid didn’t have a patch on their bookbag in middle school? Maybe on their jean jacket if they were especially cool, maybe even on their jeans if their mom was crazy and they were allowed out later than 8. Relive their glory days (or the totally-not-made-up memories of your own) with a little sippin’, a little stitchin’, and a whole lot of cool. | 3pm. $40. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.

Music | Barney Cortez, The Fleeting Ends & Earth Radio

Barney Cortez is a man and musician of many influences. We don’t know that for certain obviously; we’ve never spoken to Barney and so we can’t say anything about the man behind such musical masterpieces as “Patti Smith” unequivocally. All that being said, you take even a few minutes to listen to any of his albums and you’ll hear such a vast array of signature styles that you’ll be wondering just who didn’t have an influence on Ol’ Barn. | 8pm. $8. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. 3rd St.

Show | Marvel: A Murder Mystery

This is getting uncomfortable. Not for us, of course … for the evil geniuses at Evil Genius. It has to be getting weird, at the very least a little awkward or off putting to know that there’s some publication out there absolutely gushing about every single thing they do like some superhero fanboy with an unhealthy obsession. And we never even talk about their beer! What a thing. Anyway. This is yet another amazing event from a consistently amazing venue/brewery. We’d tell you to go, but chances are you’re already on your way. | 6pm. Prices vary. Evil Genius Beer Company, 1727 N. Front St.

Festival | Fire & Ice Festival: Specialty Chili & Ice Sculpture Shot Luges

Homer Simpson would be beside himself. Not with anger or anything, he’d just literally be beside himself after eating the hottest chili known to mankind and going on a days-long mind bending trip wherein his consciousness would split and he’d be able to – literally – sit beside himself. For the rest of us, it’s just another delicious event featuring a whole bunch of chilis and several different ice luges. Ya know. For shots. | 1pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St.


Music | Disturbed: Evolution World Tour

Who’s ready to get “Down With the Sickness?” Fans of Disturbed probably hate when people make that reference, since it ignores pretty much the entirety of their catalogue and makes it seem like they’re a one-hit band with little else to offer. To you, Disturbed fans, we apologize. But also … who hasn’t at least tried to do the “oowahahahah” thing once or twice in their lives? Come on, people. We know we’re not alone in this. | 730pm. Prices vary. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.

Community | Enough Is Enough: Women’s Wellness Group

This is a wellness group intended for women of color living in the patriarchy. This is a good thing. Seriously, even if you’re not a woman of color, even if you’re a member of the so-called patriarchy, you have to recognize the importance of wellness, of community, of being able to share histories and expected futures with other like-minded individuals. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone, after all. | 630pm. Free. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, 5445 Germantown Ave.

Trivia | That’s So Fetch! Mean Girls Trivia Night

Who’s feeling fetch? We are. You are too, even if you don’t know it yet. Look, Gretchen may not have been able to make fetch happen, but we think we’ve got the cultural cache necessary to make it a real, honest-to-goodness thing. So go on with your bad self. Throw on a few pieces of pink and let you fetch flag fly. Honestly, it’s a Monday night; you probably don’t have anything better to do than learn to hate Regina George all over again anyway. | 7pm. $30. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

Party | Sabotage!

It’s about to get sexy all up in here. Seriously though, sexy times require not-so-sexy talk, so listen close, compadre. Sabotage! is Philly’s newest recurring play party (if you don’t know what that is, well, we both feel sorry for you and suggest you maybe take a few minutes to Google it). If you’re LGBTQIA+ identified and kinky to boot, then you can look forward to a night of great music, socialization and, of course, as much or as little kinky play as you’re interested in. Just remember; boundaries still exist. | 4pm. Free. Philly Music Hall, 4817 Longshore Ave. 

Music | Adult Mom // Bad Moves // Long Neck // Susie Derkins

There’s something intrinsically off putting about a band called Adult Mom. Like, we’d hope that any mom is an adult. But of course, not every adult is a mom, just like not every mom is an adult. It’s an interesting conundrum, and that’s before we even get to the music! Lo-fi. Shoe-gazey. Awesome as hell. Seriously, this is gonna be one heck of a show, and if you’ve got the time and the dime, we suggest you do yourself a favor. It’s what your mom would want. | 7pm. $12. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St.

Learn | President’s Day Weekend at Museum of the American Revolution

Monday is President’s Day, so we wanted to make sure we got at least one historical event in there. The Museum of the American Revolution has all kinds of cool stuff going on to celebrate, including offering guests the chance to try on 1790s clothing, walk through George Washington’s war tent and learn the story of Harry Washington, who escaped from Mount Vernon and fought on the other side of the Revolutionary War. | 10am. Prices vary. Museum of the American Revolution, 101 S. 3rd St.


Learn | Birthright Citizens: A History of Race and Rights in Antebellum America

Hosted by the Program in African American History, this lecture with Professor Martha S. Jones, Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor and Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University, tells how African American activists radically transformed the terms of citizenship for all Americans through battles in legislatures, conventions and courthouses. | 530pm. Free. The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust St.

Book Talk | The Inquirer Presents: Dorothy Butler Gilliam

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the African American Museum in Philadelphia have joined forces to host a conversation with Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first black woman reporter at The Washington Post and author of “Trailblazer: A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight to Make the Media Look More Like America.” Speaking with a current Inquirer journalist, Ms. Gilliam will discuss her 60-plus year career, as well as the continuing fight for diversity in America’s newsrooms. | 6pm. Free. The African American Museum in Philadelphia, 701 Arch St.

Music | Vince Staples: Smile, You’re On Camera

Vince Staples seems like a strange cat, and not just because he used to be close with Odd Future (although that’s definitely a notch in the weird column). No, Staples just seems like the kind of guy who moves to, well, his own beat. He doesn’t “really like to listen to music.” He’s been in a bunch of movies. He’s only 25. And his music is undeniably eclectic. Honestly, he sounds like the perfect person to be a famous musician. | 8pm. $30. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.

Music | “Music For Food” Benefit Concert

Technically this event is free, but there is a suggested donation of $20 for adults and $10 for students. But that’s not the most important part of this event (though it contributes–literally). All proceeds from this concert, with all performances conducted by artists of the Curtis Institute of Music, go to benefit Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission which has been helping the homeless and hungry in Philly for more than a century. | 7pm. Free. Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine St.

Food & Drink | Firestone Walker Beer Dinner

Food and drink seem like such simple things, and yet there are deeply complex elements at play on every plate and within each glass. It’s so complex, in fact, that there are actually people whose job it is to determine what food would pair best with what alcohol. And not just wine! They basically have a beer version of a sommelier called a cicerone whose job it is to, yep, you guessed it, pair food with beer. Crazy. But also delicious. We’re always champing at the bit to learn more about this expansive world. Care to join us? | 630pm. $65. The Dandelion, 124 S. 18th St.

Film | ‘Tuesdays with Tony’

Tony Conrad was a filmmaker determined to transcend the boundaries of accepted artistic endeavors. Through work with the artist Jack Smith in the early 1960s to his later investigations with film’s sculptural and performative properties, Conrad’s contributions to filmmaking were often as experimental as they were wide-ranging. | 7pm. Free. Lightbox Film Center, 3701 Chestnut St.


Show | Schitt’s Creek: Up Close & Personal

Ever wondered how Eugene Levy gets his eyebrows to do that thing? Ya know, that thing. That thing where they’re big and bushy. Anyway. Ever wondered how it is that he wound up co-creating a show with his son, Dan Levy? That also has a recurring part in it for his daughter, Sarah Levy? Well, wonder no more! Now is your chance to find out all about your favorite fish-out-of-water show, Schitt’s Creek. | 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

Learn | From Stream to Sewer: A History of Philadelphia’s Landscape

Streams, streams and more streams. Most people don’t pay much attention to streams, let alone fully consider their potential for drastic impact on the surrounding terroir. Adam Levine, historical consultant for the Philadelphia Water Department, is not one of those people. Follow along in this illustrated lecture as he digs into the history of the city’s sewers and drainage systems and discusses the systematic obliteration of hundreds of miles of city streams. | 6pm. Free. Wagner Free Institute of Science, 1700 W. Montgomery Ave.

Music | Switchfoot: The Native Tongue Tour

A band is only as good as their live show. How else can you truly measure a band or musician’s capabilities, than by their chops when it comes to an actual musical performance? To that end, we’ve heard that Switchfoot puts on one hell of a live show. And while inauspicious beginnings may give some pause – they started out in the Christian rock scene and their first big break was the soundtrack for the movie “A Walk to Remember” – all that really matters is that they bring the house down when they gig. | 715pm. $35. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.

Music | Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang actually won’t be all by his lonesome at this show, as he’s bringing along special guests Tayyib Ali and Kofie Carter for support. But boy probably doesn’t even need it considering he cut his teeth as a young up-and-coming musician on the mean streets of … Drexel!? Yep. That’s right. Chiddy got his start rapping while studying with the Dragons, likely earning himself a Bachelor of Arts in Smoking Cyphers. | 8pm. $20. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.

Learn | Science of Seduction

You know how it goes. You spot your crush across the room, maybe on the darkened stairs at your favorite sex club. It starts with a flutter. A flush. A feeling like you’ve suddenly lost control of certain faculties, like if you let yourself you might lift off the ground and float right out the window. But what’s really happening inside you? Spoiler alert: It’s not a heart attack. You’re feeling the Sexies, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. | 630pm. $25. The Velvet Lily, 1204 Chestnut St.

Film | ‘Nostalgia for the Light/Nostagia de la Luz’: Working Through Matter

Presented by the Wolf Humanities Center and the Cinema and Media Studies Program in collaboration with Lightbox Film Center at International House Philadelphia, “Nostalgia for the Light” / “Nostagia de la Luz” is a Chilean documentary follows two simultaneous investigations in the Atacama desert. One seeks outer space through giant telescopes, taking advantage of the desert aridity. The other concerns women digging in search of the final few bone fragments of loved ones disappeared by Pinochet’s dictatorial regime. | 7pm. Free. Lightbox Film Center, 3701 Chestnut St.


Music | Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland: Lost My Mind Tour

It’s not every day you see a co-headlined tour. Of course, it’s happened before, will undoubtedly happen again. But it’s a rarity these days, when so many bands and celebrities fighting and clawing in an effort to secure top billing. Not these two EDM superstars. Dillon Francis and Aussie counterpart, Alison Wonderland, aren’t just teaming up for their Lost My Mind tour; they’re putting together a crunchy collab that’s sure to rock your Spongebob socks clean off. | 8pm. $45. The Liacouras Center, 1776 N. Broad St.

Learn | How to Ask for Money (Without Shame)

Asking for money; it’s a tricky thing, rife with potential pitfalls. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable. Seriously, has anyone in the history of the world ever asked for money and felt truly comfortable and confident about it? No, of course they haven’t. But if you want to be successful, if you want to find investors or just pay your bills, you need to know how to raise more money, with less shame around the ask. It’s not an easy trick to learn, but nothing important ever is. | 6pm. Prices vary. CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, 1315 Walnut St.

Community | Voices of Hope: A Black History Month Celebration

Celebrate Black History Month by focusing the spotlight on the next generation of artists, activists and fully realized black folks. Featuring the Gesu School gospel choir, Sister Cities Girlchoir and Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts’ (CAPA) choir, along with CAPA’s jazz band and dancers, this’ll be an evening to honor iconic educators and the ever-brightening future of our deeply diverse nation. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, 901 S. Broad St.

Learn | Cults at Sphinx & Snakeskin: Philadelphia and Beyond

Cults seem like such a ridiculous idea. Like, how in the world can people get so wrapped up in some kind of silly group, promising eternal glory in exchange for all your worldly possessions? But then it happens. And happens again. And again and again and again. And you start to think … “could I be susceptible to this?” And the answer is yes. The truth is, you’re much closer to becoming a cult-loving mouth breather than you’d ever willingly admit to yourself. Kinda scary, huh? | 7pm. $25. Sphinx and Snakeskin, 45 N. 2nd St.

Learn | Door 19: Renais-Science Faire

“Quirky” science meets themed soiree … what could possibly be better? Nothing! That’s what. Ok maybe a few things. An end to world hunger. True equality. Literally anyone else in the White House. There’s a few things. But, at least for one night, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than listening to jolly minstrels, studying armored beasts and/or spending an enchanting (and possibly enchanted) evening learning all about myths and legends, propped against a backdrop of real, live science. Also … sorry for yelling. | 6pm. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Music | Alan Walker: Different World Tour

Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ who was born in England and is now touring the US (and lots of other places). As a kid, he was an avid gamer and had an interest in programming, which eventually led him to YouTube and electronic music production. In an earlier iteration of his musical career, he went by the name, DJ Walkzz. He’s a high school drop out. His mother’s name is Hilde. He likes to eat soap. That last thing may or may not be true. | 8pm. $27.50. TLA, 334 South St.