Calendar: Aug 16-22

FRIDAY, AUGUST 16Music | Trash Boy


Music | Trash Boy

It may not be trash day yet, but Trash Boy is here to pick it up. Their music will make you feel like throwing the middle finger at the oppressive society we all grew up in. The government is slimy and the education system is a prison – let’s rage. | 8:30 pm. $10. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave.

Music | Common

One thing we have in common is we all know who Common is. We’re just waiting for this multi-hyphenate to do Broadway – then he has a shot at becoming an EGOT. Look out for an album coming out by the end of the year. | 8 pm. $44.50. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.

Comedy | Rachel Feinstein

This fine comedian is breaking out onto the scene. She’s put her face all over TV – she even did some voice work in the latest Grand Theft Auto game. | 7:30 pm. $23.50. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

Music | The Bird and the Bee

No impending sex talk here. Just an indie band bringing us some dreamy vibes. They pay tribute to their favorite rock bands through volumes one and two of their “Interpreting the Masters” albums – including Van Halen and Hall and Oates. | 8 pm. $17. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

Film | Exhumed Films: 16mm Deep Cuts

You can’t get these jawns on Blu-Ray. Come watch some deeply hidden, never-before-seen films that have been locked up for years. Coming back from the graveyard for your entertainment only. | 7:30 pm. $12. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St.

Party | Neon Nights Glow Party

You can probably guess what there will be a whole lot of here. Come dressed in bright ass colors and be ready to witness some crazy art installations. Your eyes might even bleed. | 9 pm. $35. Photo Pop Philly, 111 S. Independence Mall East.

Outdoors | Outdoor Movie Night and Backpack Giveaway

Get your little superheroes ready to go back to school. Treat them to a screening of “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.” Your kid will also get a backpack filled with all the essential school supplies. | 7 pm. Free. DiSilvestro Playground, 1701 S. 15th St.

Film | Hidden Lives Illuminated

The effects of imprisonment on inmates isn’t always acknowledged. This is a screening of a series of films on life behind bars. It’s going on every day all month, so come back every time for a different story. | 7 pm. Free. Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Ave.


Art | Nipsey Hussle Tribute Exhibit

Gone too soon, but never forgotten. Let art keep the spirit of Nipsey alive at this exhibit in his honor. Free wine will be served as you observe the works of local artists featuring the musician. Give Neighborhood Nip the artistic tribute he would have loved. | 2 pm. Prices vary. Philly Art Collective, 253 N. 3rd St.

Music | Pretty In Punk

This loud punk fest is focused on bands with a female presence killing the game. Overall, it’s a celebration of gender diversity in music. The Drooggettes, Atomic Cretins, Crypt Strypper and over 10 more will be reminding us that female power is fucking awesome. | 2 pm. $18. Voltage Lounge, 421 N. 7th St.

Festival | People’s Poetry and Jazz Festival

Simmer down this Saturday with smooth tunes and sophisticated words. Rap legend Rakim will be here, reminding us all not to sweat the technique. | 12 pm. Free. Vernon Park, 5800 Germantown Ave.

Party | Rick Ross

We’re all hustlin’ to catch this guy in our city. Come out to the club for a night of music, drinks and dancing with this star. Let’s show him why Philly is better than Miami. | 10 pm. $30. NOTO, 1209 Vine St.

Music | Hammer’s House Party

Hammer’s been off the map in the music world for a while, so you can’t miss this. He’s coming around with Sir Mix-A-Lot, Kid n’ Play and Biz Markie. They’re bringing the peak of 90s hip-hop back to life. | 7:30 pm. $20-$80. The Mann Center, 5201 Parkside Ave.

LGBTQ | Philly Queer Bazaar

Supporting queer-owned, local business is always a positive experience. Come out to buy a bunch of stuff from a wide variety of LGBTQ vendors. Bask in a community that fosters lifetime support and friendship. | 1 pm. Free. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.

Music | No Place Like Home

The fourth annual run of this tour is returning this year with even more powerful hometown artists. No matter where their success takes them in life, let’s remind them why there’s truly no place like Philly. Show up and show out. | 8 pm. $10. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.

Interests | Clear the Shelters

On this day, all adoption fees for the Morris Animal Refuge will be dropped. Let’s get all these pups and kitties into loving forever homes. If you have the ability to take an animal, please don’t hesitate – now is your chance. | 11 am. Free. Locations Vary.


Comedy | Origin of the Joke

Comedians tell their jokes and explain how they were created. Ask all the burning questions you have ever wanted to ask a witty comedian. You’ve probably never been to a comedy show like this. | 8:30 pm. Free. Liberty Bar, 2204 Market St.

Comedy | Comics and Chords

What an uplifting event. There must not be anything better to destress with than good music and funny jokes. Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds here. A long list of entertainers are ready to tickle your tail feathers. | 1:30 pm. $12. MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St.

Music | Sebastian Javier

Javier started out as “That Spanish Boy” on YouTube, where he gained lots of attention for his original music. His debut single “Nobody But Us” was released to the world at a show in which he opened up for Meghan Trainor. Javier is definitely a star that will keep shining brighter. | 8 pm. $15. Creep Records, 1050 N. Hancock St.

Festival | Philly Caribbean Festival

The biggest and longest-standing festival in Philly is finally here for the summer. Bring everyone you know to celebrate this beautiful culture. With food, crafts, drinks, performances and lots of dancing, there’s nothing you can’t do to celebrate here. | 12 pm. Free. Penn’s Landing, 601 N. Columbus Blvd.

LGBTQ | Drag Brunch: Disney Edition

Forget princesses – we need queens in our lives. Come get your life as three local queens give us Disney fantasy realness. Exactly what we needed this Sunday. | 11 am. $5. Valanni, 1229 Spruce St.

Interests | Pop-Up Pups

Come out to grab a mimosa, and maybe even a new dog. The Pennsylvania SPCA will have some furry friends up for adoption. Buy some drinks to benefit their organization. You can even bring your own children or dogs with you. | 2 pm. Free. Bok Bar, 800 Mifflin St.

Interests | Trolley Tour: Architecture and Antiques

We get caught up in the everyday chaos of living in the city, so we don’t always get to catch all the fascinating history around us. This is the perfect chance to do so. Stroll around and stare at the historic houses of Lemon Hill, Strawberry Mansion and Woodford. | 1 pm. Prices vary. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Interests | Great on Skates: Blast From the Past

A retro costume skate party? We’re so in. Dress up and party to all the vibes of the 70s-90s. Ah, they were simpler times, weren’t they? | 7:30 pm. Free. Blue Cross RiverRink, 101 S. Columbus Blvd.


Music | Supercrush

We’re crushing pretty hard on this guy. Mark Palm plays in a bunch of hardcore, punk and metal bands – most notably as a part of San Francisco’s own Modern Charms. However, he appreciates a solo moment. Come see his songwriting skills shine. | 8 pm. $10. Boot and Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St.

Learn | Butt Stuff 101

There’s plenty of people that wonder what the hype over anal is all about. Well, come see for yourself. Learn all the essential tips and tricks to get you or a loved one wanting more. | 6 pm. Free. The Velvet Lily, 1204 Chestnut St.

Learn | Jumpstart West Philly

Get up and start being in control of your community. This collaborative program encourages community members to be their neighborhood’s own developers through entrepreneurial and real-estate skills. | 6:30 pm. Free. Booker’s Restaurant and Bar, 5021 Baltimore Ave.

Music | Dinosaur Pile-Up

This grungy, British alt-rock band has been compared to Nirvana and Foo Fighters. They must be damn good at what they do. The frontman does kind of look like Kurt, too. Nonetheless, these guys have their own vibe, so come experience it yourself. | 8 pm. $15. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.

Discussion | The Business of Music and Entertainment

Anyone interested in entering the entertainment world should come out to this. Hip-hop legend Kangol Kid will be there to speak on marketing, securing deals and staying relevant. | 7 pm. $15. TGI Fridays, 4000 City Ave.

Food & Drink | 2020 Is Too Late! Beer Garden Pop-Up will be hosting this pop-up in support of their organization. In case you’re not familiar, they’re the ones that post all the flyers saying “The fascist Trump/Pence regime must go.” If you care to lend your attention to this organization – and have some food and beer while doing so – be our guest. | 5:30 pm. Free. Sam’s Morning Glory Diner, 1000 S. 10th St.

Art | Modern Calligraphy Night

Whether you’re designing something or you just want to learn how to write pretty letters, this is the class for you. Come sip a brew or two and learn the ins and outs of this whimsical lettering style. | 6:30 pm. $15. Evil Genius Beer Co., 1727 N. Front St.

Wellness | Holistic Health Night

This is going down at the Mt. Airy Monday Market. The holistic health community will be there sharing their tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Take their advice and you can make every night Holistic Health Night for you. | 4 pm. Free. Lovett Park, 6945 Germantown Ave.


Music | Live Band Karaoke

Don’t be intimidated – you don’t actually need to know how to sing to do this. If you screw it up, you may bring the whole band down with you, but we wouldn’t worry too much. Everyone coming out to this is just in it for the good times. | 9:30 pm. Free. Infusion Lounge, 16 S. 2nd St.

Discussion | Raising Children in a Complex World

Here, you’ll learn how to tackle tough topics with your kids, like racism and bigotry. We’ve had moments where we lost all hope for future generations to redeem any piece of this messed up world. However, just letting them know how to avoid all the horrible things that come at them in life and combat them with kindness and positive action is all we can do. | 1 pm. Free. Please Touch Museum, 4231 Avenue of the Republic.

Fitness | Murals and Miles

Take in all the beautiful artistic murals around the city. Go on a brisk jog/run through Fishtown and catch all the art along the way. If you want to see it at a slower pace, just schedule a walking tour. This is for those runners that can somehow have fun and enjoy themselves while running. Strange. | 6 pm. Free. Lululemon Fishtown, 1424 Frankford Ave.

Discussion | Shaping the Clay Studio

Take notes at this discussion about how to move up from an artist to an arts leader. The Executive Director and Curator of Artistic Programs of the studio will be letting us know how they got to where they are. | 6 pm. $15. The Clay Studio, 139 N. 2nd St.

Food & Drink | Night of Funk

Not the kind of funk that gets you grooving. Well, it just might, but it’s not music. Try tasting tons of “funky” ciders that will get your tongue dancing. | 8 pm. $30. Kurant Brew and Brew, 436 E. Girard Ave.

Wellness | Sound Meditation

Immerse yourself in a sound bath to cleanse your soul. This meditative therapy involves listening to a sound frequency to bring you healing and balance. We think we could all use this. | 7:45 pm. $35. Haven Wellness Center, 1639 N. Hancock St.

Film | Movie Night on the Row

Cozy up on one of Philly’s most historic streets for a free movie screening. Bring all your gal pals and future wedding party peeps to watch “Bridesmaids.” | 8 pm. Free. Sansom St. between 7th and 8th St.

Music | Beast Coast

This NYC-based collective will hop on 95 to perform for us here. Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies and more will all be performing. We don’t blame them for naming this the “Escape from New York” tour. If you guys need a place to stay, Philly welcomes you with open arms. | 8 pm. $30-$99. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.


Comedy | Really Funny Comedians 

Women are extremely capable of everything, especially of being funny as hell. Remind yourself this Woman Crush Wednesday of that. Catch some of the funniest women in Philly let it all out. | 8 pm. $16. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

LGBTQ | Northeast LGBTQ Night Out

This isn’t limited to just one day of the week – inclusivity is celebrated every day at this friendly neighborhood bar. Witness art come alive on stage with a performance by Mx D. Underwood. Feel free to come back every Wednesday if you want. | 7 pm. Free. SawTown Tavern, 4717 Princeton Ave.

Film | BYO Screening: Wet Hot American Summer

Get in the spirit of all this movie’s raunchiness. This event only makes sense, because we can’t imagine sitting through this movie without a buzz. Grab a six-pack and your crazy ass group of friends. | 7:30 pm. $9. PFS Roxy Theater, 2023 Sansom St.

Music | Rubella Ballet

Day-glo for you bros and hos. This group has been at it for 40 years creating music that sets them apart from all else. Come see them glow and radiate the whole place with their unique “anarcho death rock.” | 5 pm. Prices vary. Cousin Danny’s Lounge, 5001 50th St.

Food & Drink | Weavers Way Farm Dinner

Dine out in support of urban farmers. August is apparently the peak of the farm season, so this food is going to be super fresh – just like you. Bring your own plates, utensils and cups to this zero-waste, three-course communal meal. | 6 pm. $40-$80. Mort Brooks Farm, Awbury Arboretum, 6336 Ardleigh St.

Music | Whatever You Want Wednesday

Mir Fontane is here to give you whatever your heart desires. Any music, any dance, any vibe. The crowd creates its own night out, sifting through a little bit of everything until a peak party is achieved. | 10:30 pm. $10. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 

Music | Tubey Frank

Cherryveenzine – a Philly-based music zine – is hosting this record release show. Frank is a solo-songwriter that mixes blues, R&B, punk and pretty much every other genre under the sun into his music. Come out for the anticipated release of his EP “Euphoraphobia.” | 8 pm. $10. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. 3rd St.

Dance | 100% Bachata Room

Bring a partner – or find one here – to dance with all damn night long. This night is all about the Latin dance. Learn how to do it first from a couple of instructors, then DJ Jose Big Boy will spin tracks and leave the rest of the night in your hands. | 9 pm. $10. Brasil’s Nightclub, 112 Chestnut St.


Music | Stereo League

Having formed last summer, this group is fresh in the Philly scene. They are a collective – their first EP, “A Light on Each Side,” features over a dozen contributing artists – but have narrowed down to a core touring group of five members. | 8 pm. $12. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave.

LGBTQ | Slayher

Philly’s only metal drag show is back this month. Catch Plexie Glass, Mercury, Lorna Doom and more being as disastrous as possible. A heavy metal guttural scream contest adds on to all the fun to be had here. | 8 pm. Prices vary. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.

Music | Lenny Kravitz

We don’t think we’ve ever seen Kravitz without sunglasses on. He must be blinded by all his own shine. Come see the musician that has been willing to transcend expectations over his 20-something year-long career. | 8 pm. $40-$100. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

Music | Vandoliers

An alt-country band that is obviously from Texas. While twangy and honky-tonky, their music still draws on punk roots. Catch up with their lates album “Forever,” which came out in February. | 8 pm. $8. MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St.

Fundraiser | Drink for a Cause

Ah, what a relief – we have a great excuse to drink. This fundraiser will be benefiting the Pink Boots Society, a npn-profit that supports women in the brewing business. While you fill up on beer here, you’re empowering women. | 6 pm. Free. The Bourse Food Hall, 111 S. Independence Mall E.

LGBTQ | TransWork Job Prep Workshop

This workshop gets trans and non-binary people prepared to enter the workforce. Join in on rapid training sessions on creating resumes, workplace rights, interview skills and more. Feel more confident in your job searches. | 4 pm. Free. William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce St.

Party | Genessa and The Selena Experience

It’s been 24 years since we lost our Latina princess. Genessa will be helping to keep her spirit alive at this Selena party. Get ready to dance, sing and feel like the angelic pop singer never even left us. | 8 pm. $15. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St.

Listen | Here to Make Friends Live

Is The Bachelor your not-so-guilty pleasure? Well, this is the podcast for you. This podcast all about the TV show is coming to the stage. The name must be inspired by some of the bachelors’ motives on that show. | 8 pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

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