Calendar: April 19-25


Dance | MOODS: A Queer Dance Party

TBH, it’s a damn shame that Moods even has to exist. It’s being called a safe space and in 2019, we hate that this notion is even the damn tagline. But it is and because it is we’re going to shout it out. If you like shaking your ass to some of the best in EDM, and indie beats with like-minded lovers such as yourself, then this event has your name on it. DJ MotherMaryRose will spin until 2 a.m. in what organizers are calling “an experience, not just a dance party.” Can we come? And real talk, come shake that ass to afro beats, jungle or house or Afro beats at our offices any time you want. | 10 pm. $5. Copabanana, 344 South St.

Music | Tom Odell

He’s on a ting right now, just let him go y’all. Odell just dropped his latest album, Jubilee Road last October and is on a worldwide tour in promotion. His single off the album, “Half as Good as You,” is simply an amazing song, one that he’ll bring to the TLA on the third stop of a multi-city tour spanning five countries and three continents all before the end of the summer. | 8 pm. $26.50. Theatre of the Living Arts, 334 South St.

Festival | Tiny Room For Elephants Festival

We don’t get excited about many jawns, but this jawn right here… check out some of Philly’s finest in street art, fine art and all things art showcase their work inside the beautiful Cherry St. Pier. Earlier this year, we commissioned some of the same artists showcasing at this event to design a handful of our refurbished honor boxes. The results make us feel reborn. | 6 pm. $25-$50. Cherry Street Pier, 121 N. Columbus Blvd.

Arts & Crafts | Hand Painted Easter Egg Class

It’s Friday, you’re done your job, and you ain’t got shit to do. Know what you do in that scenario? Go paint some damn Easter eggs. Paint your own egg featuring colored cocoa butter and take home a couple of eggs you painted with a variety of different chocolates to indulge while you watch that new Netflix special with your cat. Sunday is the second episode of Thrones, too, so if you can, save a couple for that. | 5 pm. $55. Aurora Grace, 517 S. 5th St.

Wellness | Twilight Yoga on the Pier

We can’t think of a more relaxing way to end a long workweek. Unless you’re Patriots owner Bob Kraft. That dude knows a better way, but who has time to jump a plane to Florida for a rubdown? Oh, right Bob Kraft does. But because you’re you and not Kraft this is a much better, legal alternative to unwind. So bring your mat and stretch it out. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting it up at this event, except maybe a creepy guy staring at you in those yoga pants. Bob? Is that you? | 8:30 pm. Free. Race Street Pier, Race St. & N. Columbus Blvd.

Music | Philly College Battle of the Bands

This used to be a way for dudes to get chicks and TBH, it probably still is. But what we’ve learned is that many of the bands you’ll see at this show are doing legit house parties for cash and selling out basements all over city college campuses. Can’t knock the hustle and at this event, we’re sure of some of these bands will be out to show you why college kids are lining up to hear them jam out and why the phone numbers are still at a premium. | 7 pm. Free. Levitt Auditorium, University of the Arts, 401 S. Broad St.

Party | Daddy & Friends

It’s not what you think, although we would like to suggest a name change. This is being marketed as “the biggest Boylesque & Drag showcase around. We love us some drag here at PW, so this sounds legit. Apparently, there’ll also be some comedic flair to the whole thing (and we are talking about the organizer or the costumes) so come ready to laugh your ass off. That last bit was again their words, not ours. | 7:30 pm. $12. Creperie Beau Monde & L’Etage, 624 S. 6th St.

Music | Souled Out

We’re probably beating a dead horse here, but April is Jazz Appreciation Month in Philly. This event is one part of that continuum, as a night of soul, funk and jazz will be spun all month. This night, in particular, will feature DJ J. The Audiophile spinning vinyl starting at 10 p.m. There’s a $7 drink special for something called the Cathouse Punch. We’ve never tried it, but it sounds right up our alley. And yours too. | 10 pm. $5. The Trestle Inn, 339 N. 11th St.


Food | Black Food & Dessert Expo

Come support Black business in Philadelphia and get rewarded by tasting some of the most authentic cuisines around. This event is no joke, we’re actually surprised there’s still tickets since it’s been a sold out event in each of its last six offerings. The event claims that there’ll be close to 300 attendees so if you go, go early and beat the crowd and don’t forget to take a plate (or two) home with you. | 6 pm. $15. Old Pine Community Center, 401 Lombard St.

Event | Monster Jam

Trucks, baby. If you like dudes with beer bellies and grey ponytails sloshing beer all over the place then this is the event for you. There are few things more American than a good ol’ Monster Jam (except maybe professional wrestling, that’s our shit) and praise be we got this bitch coming to Philly. So put on your jorts, grab some earplugs and watch some beefed up trucks jump dirt mounds and stuff. ‘Merica.  | 7 pm. $18. Lincoln Financial Field, 1 Lincoln Financial Field Way.

Drink | Boozin’ Through the 90s Bar Crawl

For you thirtysomethings out there, this is the perfect excuse to day drink and reminisce your formative years. Seven Center City bars will bump hits from the 90s as you travel back in time to when “The Rachel” was THE haircut, when Uncle Phil was America’s dad and when bands like Nirvana appealed to all races, colors and creeds. Plus, there’ll be tons of drink specials at each watering hole, just remember to drink water so Sunday morning doesn’t suck. Because, remember, you just can’t do it like you used to. | 2 pm. $15-$25. Rittenhouse Square, 210 W. Rittenhouse Sq.

Interests | Philadelphia Oddities Market

Shoutout to all you weirdos in Philly who dig shit like the occult, Santeria, taxidermy and those candles with Jesus’ face on them, because we think that shit is weird AF too. Remember that awesomely creepy movie Annabelle, where the couple had that room of shit they claimed was possessed and they stored it all IN THEIR HOUSE? This’ll kinda be like that except the 23rd St. Armory is a big ass house, so there’ll be plenty of room and multiple exits to run to if you get freaked out. Enjoy. | 11 am. $5. 23 St. Armory, 22 S. 23 St.

Charity | Same Not Same Benefit Dance

Literally, an event where you can come dance all night is one we want to be at. This event benefits the William Way LGBT Center, but all genders and sexual orientations are welcome. The organizers ask that no sexist, racists, homophobes or other asshole oppressors need not come through, which if you are any of those things, stay home, and watch Fox & Friends, you POS. William Way doesn’t want or need your dollars. | 11 pm. $10. Inciting HQ, 940 N. Delaware Ave.

Interests | Philadelphia Comic Jawn

There’s very little information about what to expect but what we do know is that it’s going down. There’ll be cosplay groups, musical performances and tons of things to do, we think. Listen, we’re in promotion of anything in Philly trying to get its jumpoff, plus they referred to this event as the INAUGURAL Philadelphia Comic Jawn and not the FIRST ANNUAL, so they’ve already won in our book. | 11 am. Prices vary. Redcap’s Corner, 3850 Lancaster Ave.

Comedy | Philadelphia Brewing Comedy

A great chance to see some up and coming comics and even a few on their way to big things arrive by way of this event. Hosted by Casey Kuffic, six comics will take to the stage vying for your laughs. Plus, $10 gets you into the event and a PBC beer? Come one now. Have you tried a Commonwealth Cider? That shit is life changing. Come laugh until you spill a beer. Just one though, any more than that and PBC will give you the boot, because East Kensington is about that life. | 7:30 pm. $10. Philadelphia Brewing Company, 2440 Frankford Ave.

Food & Drink | Fried Chicken & Champagne

Read the event name. Do you really need an explanation? The title alone is a veritable mic drop. We’ll see you there. | 12 pm. $15. Coco’s Chicken and Waffles, 1437 South St.


Learn | An Artist Must Take Sides: Politics and Poetics

Using poetry to talk politics? Sounds amazing. If you’re a fan of spoken word, poetry or even the random thoughts and musings of others as it relates to our current political climate then join writers like Jasmine Gibson, who has written a wide variety of short stories and poems as they discuss their world view through lines, rhymes and sonnets. If you’re wondering what the challenges of speaking about the world-at-large through poetry, then we invite you to check this out. | 3 pm. Free. Paul Robeson House, 4951 Walnut St.

Music | Year of the Knife

We hear this band’s name and all we can think about are the sounds of shing-shing in Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers. However, this band, headlining Underground Arts  is anything but the sounds of Shaolin, but still hopes to cut through the clutter of today’s mainstream jawns and bring a show you’ll remember for as long as we can still remember every line and inflection in “Protect Ya Neck.” | 7 pm. $13. Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St.

Comedy | Just Mike the Poet: Word Play

Mike is bringing a different spin to the wordplay you’re probably used to. If you’re like us, the only word play you get to hear is Baby Word Play at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning when your kiddo decides he wants to wake up the whole house screaming “mommy, I pooped! Ah, the joys of parenting. Oh, and yeah, we’re feeling pretty positive our boy Mike here will sound (or smell) nothing like that.  | 7 pm. $15-$30. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

Food & Drink | LGBTQ Community Seder

Break bread with queer members of Philadelphia’s Jewish Community and reflect on what it’s truly like to be queer and searching for acceptance in all faiths. A seder has always been a meeting of the minds over a meal, so the conversation at this one should be enlightening as the struggles for all of us to be accepted and loved for who we are and what we choose continues on this crazy road called life. Come celebrate the Jewish faith and all that honor it regardless of sexual orientation. | 5:30 pm. Free. Calvary United Methodist Church, 801 S. 48 St.

Event | Your Sunday Best: Easter Nightmare Edition

You spent all of Easter weekend having the in-laws all up in your business, you deserve a break. This event touts itself as an evening of local comedians, actors and musicians showcasing their stuff for your amusement. The best part is it’s at a pub and it’s free, so you’ll have plenty of time to unwind and relax as you watch some of the city’s up and coming acts take the stage and you can be the judge as opposed to your passive aggressive mother-in-law. | 8 pm. Free. Quig’s Pub, 1714 Delancey St.

Family Fun | Philadelphia’s 88th Annual Easter Promenade

You don’t even have to be a fan of cosplay to come out and enjoy this historic Easter tradition, but is it an excuse for you cosplay fans out there. As a matter of fact, get weird with it and dress up in that sexy bunny costume. You know the one, it’s still in your closet from Halloween, don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about. Plus, it’s a flow down South Street to Headhouse Square, so you’ll fit right in. The Easter bunny will be in the house and you can one-up him in your costume and win a prize for best-dressed. Bring the kids! | 12:30 pm. Free. South Street Headhouse District, 200 Pine St.

Music | Crude S.S.

They look like they sound. If you’re into that sort of thing then Kung Fu Necktie has you covered. Plus, we salute any band that brings the noise. I mean Philly did fucking own the punk scene for years, don’t you ever forget it. Ever. | 9 pm. $12. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

Music | Synergy Effect

This event, part of the largest Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival, will feature Jamaaladeen Tacuma, organizer of the event ripping his legendary bass alongside a host of other jazz, funk and soul artists for your listening pleasure. Tacuma has always been the sound of the counterculture in the genre and for the fifth year in a row his performance at this festival will do its part to prove that claim isn’t going anywhere for a long time. | 8 pm. $16. MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St.


Discussion | City Council Candidate Convention

If you’re wondering who or what the candidates for Philadelphia’s City Council both in districts and at-large believe in for the creation of a better city, here’s your chance to ask them in person. This is your city, you should know what the person vying for your neighborhood truly feels about it. Come with pointed questions and if they can’t respond to them pointedly, then I think you already know the answer. Space is limited and you have to register, so if you have the time and desire, this is one we strongly suggest. | 5:30 pm. Free. WHYY Studios, 150 N. 6th St.

Music | Unwed Sailor

This band has been doing the underground thing for over 10 years. They have a cult following who are true lovers of their instrumental rock and chill-hop. Listen, we aren’t telling you what to do, we only provide gems to consider. If you have a light Tuesday, are a night owl or just need to get the fuck out of the house because your roommate and his significant other are at it again on your couch and you just want to punch something, don’t, and check out these guys instead. Your knuckles will thank you. | 8 pm. $10. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

Event | Coast 2 Coast Live Artist Showcase

If you’ve got talent and have been waiting for a minute to get put on, we highly suggest you check out this jawn. As the so-called largest artist showcase in the world, this showcase aims to bring artists, DJs, producers all together for a networking event and a spot for artists of all types to showcase their stuff. Applicants are judged and winners of the showcase walk away with a chance to “take their career to the next level.” Sounds interesting enough… | 9 pm. $10. Voltage Lounge, 421 N. 7th St.

Event | Xpress Urself Youth Open Mic

Anytime you give our kids the mic, you’re pleasantly surprised at what they spit out. This event does just that in a forum where youth can feel their voice is being heard and there will be important people there to listen. We think this is a no-brainer especially if you really want true insight into what our kids have to deal with in these modern times. | 6 pm. $5-$10. McCreesh Playground and Skatepark, 6744 Regent St.

Charity | Medicine Not Bombs: A Global Health Fundraising Gala

Health advocates, activists and allies all unite to chat about what the people of Palestine need. There will be a discussion about the current state of the country, ongoing community health initiatives and how the fight for solidarity rages on. Dinner is provided along with some poets and three experts speakers on a panel. | 6:30 pm. $10. Jefferson Alumni Hall, 1020 Locust St.

Art | Temple Arts & Incarceration

Art serves as inspiration, especially art from the formerly incarcerated. Go get inspired by a night of music, poetry and interactive art created entirely by the formerly incarcerated. There are scheduled Q&A and live performances. Go, learn and take home a couple of pieces that should certainly serve as phenomenal conversation starters in your home for years to come | 5:30 pm. Free. Kiva Auditorium, Temple University, 1801 N. Broad St.

Festival| Dyngus Day

All things Polish. Polish food. Polish music. Polish dance. Did we mention Polish food? Which reminds us, we need to head up to Port Richmond real quick, haven’t hit up Czerw’s Kielbasy in a minute. Pray for perfect weather as much of this day will have outdoor activities. See you there? | 11 am. Prices vary. Dagwood’s Pub, 4625 Linden Ave.

Arts & Crafts | Paint Your Pet for Kids

Pets, art and kids. Which one of these are a constant source of stress in your life? Just kidding. Come kick it, paint your favorite pet from either the past, present or future. You know that dog you really want once your little one is off to do great things? Or you always wanted a one of those creeping looking, yet amazingly awesome hairless cats? Go paint your future, Susan. Go. | 12 pm. $45. Painting with a Twist, 8500 Henry Ave.


Discussion | From Rx to Heroin

Opioid abuse and addiction are a real big issue in Philly. Show your support for this positive public event that aims to show Philadelphians what substance abuse is and how to help those affected. I think we could all stand to learn how to make our city better. | 5 pm. Free. Dorrance H. Hamilton Building, Thomas Jefferson University, 1001 Locust St.

Arts & Crafts | Beer & Bonsai Workshop

This isn’t your typical BYO art class. Hell, you don’t even have to bring any art supplies. A free pint is provided to get the creative juices flowing as you and your friends learn how to meticulously craft your own bonsai landscape. Wow, could you think of anything more relaxing? | 7 pm. $48. Devil’s Den, 1148 S. 11 St.

Dance | Philly Bal Night

A bunch of swingers partying in a 19th century mansion. Out of context, this sounds like a wild time. But we’re really talking about swing dancers. Still a wild time, but more PG. Swing your partner ‘round at this night dedicated to the legendary music genre. | 6:30 pm. Prices vary. The Parlour, 6440 Greene St.

Food | Literary Dishes

We deal with a lot of shit in life, but what really resonates with us is the food we eat and the stories we read. Chef Valerie Erwin will be discussing the significance of food and books in our lives over a meal at this casual event. We can’t always remember a lot about our childhoods, but I think we can all agree that the memories of the smell and taste of our favorite childhood foods will stick with us forever. | 6 pm. $15. Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine St.

Music | Acid Mothers Temple

The Japanese psych-rock stars are taking a trip to Philly on their “Reverse of Rebirth in Universe Tour.” Their latest work is a five-track live album from 2015, which gives you all the noise and grit that the band brings to a real show. Go on their journey and see for yourself – a ticket is probably cheaper than a couple tabs of acid. | 9 pm. $13. Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St.

Arts & Crafts | Mosaic Coaster Party

Yay! Another art party you can drag your friends to! And while you have their attention, you can gently remind them to quit putting their cups on your fancy coffee table. You can all create something fun then implement a bring-your-own coaster policy at your house. | 7 pm. $20. Sona Pub & Kitchen, 4417 Main St.

Music | Youth & Canvas

This two-piece powerhouse is here to bend genres with their garage-meets-blues music style. They’ve admitted that this is their first visit to Philly, so we definitely can’t go easy on them. Go hard and get gritty. No, seriously, someone should get Gritty to come and welcome these guys to our city. | 8 pm. $8. Bourbon & Branch, 705 N. 2nd St.

Discussion | Navy Yard Lecture Series: Jane Golden

Golden is largely responsible for making Philly as beautiful as it is. Through her work with Mural Arts Philadelphia, of which she is the executive director, she has helped to bring illustrious beauty to places void of any meaning or allure, all while using the magic of art to create a dialogue on how we can positively change society. Get inspired by Golden as she speaks on Mural Arts and how they’re creating dialogues to fix the justice system. | 9 am. Free. FS Investments, 201 Rouse Blvd.


Music | Jack & Jack

Jack and Jack are here to make you wonder why you don’t have a friendship like theirs. The BFF pop duo released the album, “A Good Friend is Nice,” at the end of January, which is the motivation for their tour across the country. I can already feel all the positive vibes from here. | 8 pm. $26.50. Theatre of the Living Arts, 334 South St.

Learn | Tarot Gardens

It’s in the cards for you to check this one out. Learn about Tarot’s influence in the art world while you’re literally surrounded by art. Alexandra Kurowski, a Healing Artist and Tarot expert, will guide you through this event as you explore Tarot decks and interpret the art of it all. | 6:30 pm. $35. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, 1020 South St.

Event | Who’s the Hottest

You don’t have to actually be hot to win this fierce talent competition. You just have to impress on stage whether you’re a model, rapper, dancer or DJ. This is the first round of the competition, which is sure to bring some of Philly’s most talented to the surface. | 7 pm. $10-$15. Bourbon & Branch, 705 N. 2 St.

Discussion | Trains, Trolleys & Transportation

SEPTA trains and trollies just aren’t as enticing as the ol’ horse and carriage that was once Philly’s main mode of transportation. However, they are indicative of how much our public transit system’s technology has developed. Come out to this to understand how the train, trolley and bus routes you take every day have played a role in shaping the city’s development. | 6:30 pm. $10. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1300 Locust St.

Music | Dungeon Family Tour

The only anticipated family reunion ever. Big Boi, one half of Outkast, will be headlining this tour that is bringing the baddest of the Atlanta based hip-hop group back together again. What’s better than a family that has your back? A family with Big Boi in it. | 8 pm. $35. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.

Event | Campus Philly Kickback

College is over, and now what? You gotta be thrust into the real world and pestered to make connections with important people in your field. Campus Philly wants to help do exactly that with this event focused on networking with other students and professionals in a conducive setting. Grow beyond what you were taught in a classroom. | 5:30 pm. Free. Porta, 1216 Chestnut St.

Comedy | We Hate Movies

No one’s favorite movie is safe from these guys. Originally a podcast, this group of four guys goes off about popular movies and everything wrong with them. Shit on anything mainstream with these guys and reassure yourself that your movie taste is obviously far superior to anyone else’s. | 8 pm. $25-$50. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.

Music | Ufomammut

I bet you don’t listen to enough Italian doom metal. In that case, Ufomammut is here to save the day. The band is celebrating their 20 year anniversary by providing crowds with plenty of hair flowing and head banging to go around. | 9 pm. $15. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.


Art | Feminist Flea Market & Craft Fair Meetup

This isn’t an actual flea market, but a meetup of woman artists and creatives who want to make connections with one another. You don’t even have to be committed to vending at the market, you just need to support other women and lift each other up. This sounds like a positive meetup for all woman creatives to bounce ideas off each other. | 6:30 pm. Free. Love City Brewing, 1023 Hamilton St.

Interests | The Witch Market: Beltane Edition

You’re either going to walk away from this with an impressive piece of antique clothing or a bevy of oddities and energy-balancing candles. No matter your style, support four vendors as they provide their finest items to this pop-up market to celebrate Beltane, aka May Date. | 9 pm. Prices vary. Lucky’s Last Chance, 848 S. 2nd St.

Charity | Barks & Brews for Clean Water

Barks and brews, dogs and drafts, pups and Pabsts… no matter which way, this is a guaranteed wholesome event for you and your best friend. Celebrate National Scoop the Poop Week and learn about how to keep Philly’s water clean as you drink fresh beer. Keep ‘em coming, because with each one bought, a dollar is donated to Morris Animal Refuge. | 6 pm. Prices vary. Evil Genius Beer Company, 1727 N. Front St.

Music | Everlasting God Stopper

A gobstopper wouldn’t pack nearly as many punches as this metal band does. They’re embarking on their “A Nightmare in White” U.S. tour, the name of which is taken from their latest album from 2017. Jam with them as they bring the heat to a small stage for a wild crowd. | 7 pm. $10. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave.

Food & Drink | Vegan Village

Everything for sale here is vegan – even the clothing. Get into the sustainability and versatility of veganism at this party celebrating vegans who are never accommodated anywhere else. Revel in the moments surrounded by fellow vegans without the worry of asking “Is this vegan?” | 6 pm. Free. Mad Rex, 1000 Frankford Ave.

Learn | Vision Board Workshop

We know you’re heads probably a mess, so just throw all that shit down on a vision board and sort it out. It’s time to visualize your ideas and inspirations instead of just thinking about them, and that’s exactly what this workshop will help you through. It might sound a little too easy that a board will magically help your life come together, but you’d be surprised what could happen when you visualize what you’re going after. | 6:30 pm. $25. Portside Arts Center, 2531 E. Lehigh Ave.

Art | West Philly Drink & Draw

Sit yourself down at the bar and crack open a fresh blank page to let your creativity flow. This event is designed to bring artists together in an intimate space where they’re encouraged to create and to bring their own supplies to do so by their own means. No strict rules or guidelines to follow – just tip your bartender. | 5 pm. Free. Trolley Car Station, 3940 Baltimore Ave.

Music | Jax Jones

Jones is soaring through Philly, still high off his single “All Day All Night” with Madison Beer and Martin Solveig he released back in March. Pop bottles and get ready for the breakdown as he blasts his energetic EDM beats for the whole city to hear | 10 pm. $15. NOTO, 1209 Vine St.

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