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Black Afghan Strain (Best Deals): Detailed Black Afghan Weed Seeds Information

black afghan strains

Black Afghan is not just a rare and exotic strain, it’s also a potent and relaxing indica dominant hybrid. This cannabis strain has a rich and earthy aroma, with peppery sweet hints of pine and hash.

Want to know more about Black Afghan seeds?

Here’s all you need to know about the Black Afghan marijuana strain, including where to buy Black Afghan seeds with stealth shipping from SeedSupreme and other reliable seed banks.

About Black Afghan Strain: Overview

Black Afghan is a complex indica dominant strain with euphoric and relaxing effects. It is a cross between Afghan Kush and Blackberry, which gives it a dark berry aroma.

The strain has deep purple hues and the dank, incense-like aroma that’s typical of such a heavy indica dominant strain. Black Afghan originates from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, and is a relatively easy strain to cultivate. 


  • Can help with anxiety and pain
  • Has a rich and earthy aroma, with hints of pine and hash
  • Easy to grow
  • Produces a moderate to high yield
  • Can be grown both indoors and outdoors


  • Can make you very sedated
  • May not be suitable for novice users

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Black Afghan Strain: Main Features

black afghan infographics

Here’s everything you need to know about Black Afghan strain, from potency to effects to aroma and taste to THC and CBD content to appearance and growing reported usage.


Black Afghan, also known as Black Afghani, is a purely indica strain that is created by crossing OG Kush, Afghani #1, and Black Domina. It has a high THC and low CBD ratio, and is derived from Afghani genetics.

Black Afghani is known for its dark color and potent effects. The strain has an average THC level of up to 23%. This makes it a very strong strain that can induce a calm, sleepy, dreamy, sedative, and euphoric high and relief. It can also potentially help with conditions like anxiety, pain, and stress.

Black Afghan has a rich, earthy smell that reminds you of moist soil and foliage. You might also detect some hints of tart berries when you sniff it.

These fluffy buds release a spicy scent when you break them up or grind them, which is typical of Afghani. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Black Afghan burns with heavy and pungent smoke that’s likely to trigger coughing or watery eyes.


Black Afghan is a complex indica dominant strain with euphoric and relaxing effects. The strain’s efficacy can make you feel very drowsy and sedated, which is good for insomnia or evening use.

Some users claim that this great strain can also stimulate your appetite and make you crave food, which can be especially helpful for nausea or loss of appetite. This strain can reportedly help calm your nerves and muscles, and relieve stress and pain.

Keep in mind that Black Afghani indica dominant strain can cause other physical effects as well like making your eyes feel dry and itchy, so you may need eye drops or water to hydrate them. It can also induce paranoia or anxiety in some users, especially if taken in high doses or if you are prone to these conditions.

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Taste & Smell

Black Afghan is known for its earthy pine flavor with slightly sweet and sour lemon-like citrus notes. It has a pungent and spicy smell, with a hint of sweetness on the exhale. The strain’s flavor is complemented by its aroma, which is a combination of diesel and pine scents. The strain’s aftertaste is nutty and spicy.

The most prominent flavor that smokers usually recognize Black Afghan strain by is the peppery, earthy flavor that hits your senses almost instantly. The flavor is similar to its hybrid parent strains, Afghan Kush and Black Domina, which are both known for their hash-like flavors with hints of pepper and pine.

But, on the taste part, it offers a berry-like and slightly nutty flavor on the tongue, with a hint of sage that makes it more interesting. Black Afghan is a strain with a lot of depth and nuance that can appeal to both beginners and connoisseurs.

THC and CBD Content

The Black Afghan’s strain has a moderate THC content, ranging from 15% to 23%. This means it can produce a potent high that is relaxed and euphoric, but not overwhelming.

The pure indicas strain has a low CBD content, less than 1%, so it may not have significant medical benefits for conditions that require high CBD levels, such as epilepsy or inflammation.


The Black Afghan strain has dark green buds that are shaped like pine trees or cones. They have purple hues and orange hairs, characteristics that contrast with the green leaves. They are also very dense and resinous, meaning they are sticky and shiny with trichomes – glands that produce the cannabinoids and terpenes that give the hybrid strain its potency and flavor.

The buds are usually large and heavy, requiring some support to avoid breaking off the stems. The leaves are long and wispy, twisting loosely away from the bud or flower. They have a dark purple color that comes from a pigment called anthocyanin, which is influenced by the temperature and pH of the soil.

The purple color is more pronounced in colder climates or during the flowering stage of the plant’s life cycle. The overall appearance of the Black Afghan strain is striking and unique, reflecting its complex hybrid genetics and effects.

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Reported Usage

The Black Afghan strain is mainly used for recreational purposes, as it can induce a strong and long-lasting high that is relaxed and euphoric. It’s roll can also enhance the senses and stimulate appetite. Some users may enjoy this strain for creative or social activities, as it can also make them more talkative and outgoing.

However, this strain is not recommended for daytime use, as it can also cause drowsiness and couch-lock. Though, it works well for a lazy afternoon orba relaxing evening before going to bed sleepy. The Black Afghan strain can also be used for medical purposes, as it can help with various conditions, such as pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression.

It can also relieve nausea and stimulate the appetite for patients who have trouble eating due to chemotherapy or other treatments. However, this strain is not suitable for patients who need high CBD levels, as it has very low CBD.

Similar to most other strains, Black Afghan can also cause some adverse effects, such as dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, anxiety, and headache. Therefore, users should be careful with the dosage and avoid this strain if they are prone to symptoms like panic attacks or have low tolerance.

Growing Information

What to know before growing black afghan

The Black Afghan strain is a relatively easy strain to grow, as it’s bud and flowers are hardy and resistant to mold and pests. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, but it prefers a hot and humid climate, similar to its native land of Afghanistan.

It is also a fast-growing strain, as it can finish flowering in as little as 7 to 8 weeks indoor, or by late September to early October outdoors. It’s bud and flower produces large and heavy yields for harvest, ranging from 400 to 500 grams per square meter indoors, or up to 600 grams per plant outdoors.

The Black Afghan plants do not require much maintenance or training, as they grow in a compact and bushy shape. However, some pruning and trimming may be necessary to improve the airflow and light penetration around the lower branches.

It may also need some support to hold up its heavy colas and prevent them from snapping off the stems. The plants can reach a medium height of 100 to 150 cm indoors, or up to 200 cm outdoors.

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Black Afghan Strain Reviews from Real Customers

Before you decide to try a new hybrid strain, it can be helpful to read what other verified customers have to say about it. Especially if you have never used it before. Here are some reviews we have collected for you to learn more about Black Afghan.

A reviewer states that they finally found the perfect strain to relieve anxiety, pain, and stress.

Black afghan customer review 3

Another reviewer claims that the strain works wonders for inducing an instant cerebral high.

One user states that the strain will not make you stuck to the couch, but actually uplift you and relieve all stress. Though, the reviewer claims that it might be a tad too strong for beginners.

Black afghan customer review

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Where to Buy Seeds like Black Afghan Strain

Want to buy Black Afghan seeds that will definitely sprout? Here are some of the best seed banks where you can get high-quality Black Afghan seeds at fair prices.

  1. Seed Supreme – Best overall
  2. ILGM – 100% germination guarantee
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best deals and discounts
  4. MSNL – Best customer support
  5. Crop King Seeds – Fastest Shipping

1. Seed Supreme – Best Overall

Seed Supreme

  • Trusted seed breeders
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Fast 2-6 days delivery
  • Multiple payment options

Seed Supreme is the place to go if you seek to buy Black Afghan and explore a variety of other top-notch seeds. Seed Supreme works with reputable breeders to offer you high-quality seeds that are sure to sprout.

Shipping (in the US) usually takes around 2-6 business days, and you can pay with bank transfers, cards, cash, and Bitcoin.

New to growing? Don’t worry. You can find out how to grow your Black Afghan seeds (or any other strain) on Seed Supreme’s lively blog. You’ll also love Seed Supreme’s low shipping cost, as you’ll get free delivery if you spend more than $90.

2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Active forum
  • 2-4 days shipping

ILGM stands out as one of the best cannabis seed banks for its product quality and customer service. You can enjoy a 100% germination guarantee and free shipping in the US when you order from ILGM.

And it gets even better as shipping takes only 2-4 business days, and you can pay with cash, check, bank, and even Bitcoin. (Actually, Bitcoin payments get a 10% discount). You’ll find ILGM’s detailed growing guides very helpful, whether you’re a beginner or a pro with Black Afghan seeds.

The seed bank also has BOGO deals on certain strains, and you might be lucky to get Black Afghan seeds at a lower price when you see this. You can also join ILGM’s grow forum (very active) and learn some tips and tricks on how to grow your Black Afghan seeds from other growers.

 3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Deals and Discounts


  • Loyalty program
  • High-quality seeds with potent CBD and THC content
  • Helpful resources on the website for growers
  • Fast shipping
  • BOGOF deals on selected seeds

If you are looking for a reliable online store to buy Black Afghan’s seeds that offers the best deals and discounts, you should check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. They have a huge selection of exotic strains, including the indica Black Afghan. This strain is known for its delicious flavor and relaxing effects.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also provides excellent customer service and fast, discreet shipping. They ship for free across the US for orders over $115, or charge a reasonable $10.99 for smaller orders.

They also guarantee the germination of their marijuana seeds, so if you ever have any problems, they will reship new seeds for free. Homegrown Cannabis Co is the best place to buy Ice Cream Cake seeds online.

4. MSNL – Get Free Seeds With Every Order


  • Frequent 20% off discounts
  • Free shipping on selected orders
  • High-quality seeds and genetics
  • Big sales on individual seeds
  • More than two decades of experience

MSNL, or Marijuana Seeds NL, is a cannabis seed bank based in the Netherlands that offers 20% off on special sales. It has been shipping to the US since 1999, but you may have to wait longer for your order to arrive because of the distance.

It has a wide range of seeds to choose from, including regular, autoflowering, high-yield, high-THC, medical, and feminized seeds. You can find more than 250 seed varieties on their website.

MSNL provides discreet shipping and free seeds with every order, but you need to spend at least £99 to get free stealth shipping and more than £150 to get free guaranteed stealth delivery. Otherwise, you have to pay extra for these services, which may not be worth it if you’re in the US.

5. Crop King Seeds – Fastest Shipping

  • Fast 2-7-day shipping
  • Multiple payments methods
  • 80% germination rate
  • Discreet delivery
  • 500+ marijuana seeds

If you want to buy weed seeds from a reputable and trusted source with the fastest shipping, you should consider Crop Kings Seeds. They have a large collection of high-quality seeds, including the tasty and potent Black Afghan.

Crop Kings Seeds offers secure and convenient payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, and Interac for Canadian customers. They ship to anywhere in North America, and you can expect to receive your package in 2 to 5 days.

They also stand behind their products with a 100% germination guarantee, as long as you follow their recommended germination method. You can find more information on how to germinate weed seeds in their helpful blog.

Black Afghan Strain: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about Black Afghan.

How Strong Is Black Afghan Strain?

Black Afghan is a potent indica dominant strain with THC levels ranging from 19% to 23%. It can produce a strong body high that may induce couch-lock, munchies, and sleepiness. Users should be careful with the dosage and avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming this strain.

Is Black Afghan Indica or Sativa?

Black Afghan is an 80% indica dominant strain with less sativa. It is basically a cross between the two strains – landrace Afghan Kush and Black Domina, a nearly-pure indica. The strain has deep purple leaves, orange hairs, and a musky, earthy aroma.

It produces a slowly relaxing and sedating high that is ideal for evening use. Some users also report feeling more social and euphoric after smoking this strain. If you are looking for a strain that can help you unwind and enjoy some chill vibes, Black Afghan might be a good choice for you

Is Black Afghan a Good Strain?

Black Afghan is a good strain for users who are looking for a relaxing and euphoric experience. It can help with anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss.

However, it may also cause some negative effects such as dry eyes, anxiety, headache, paranoia, and drowsiness . Users should start with a low dose and increase gradually as needed.

What Are the Benefits of Afghani Strain?

Afghani strain is a pure indica landrace strain that originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan. It is known for its resinous buds, earthy flavors, and sedative effects.

Afghani strain can benefit users who suffer from chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, insomnia, and stress. It can also induce a sense of 

calmness, happiness, and creativity.

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Is Afghani Good for Sleep?

Afghani is a good strain for sleep as it can relax the body and mind and help you fall asleep faster. However, users should be aware that Afghani can also cause some side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and grogginess.

Users should consume Afghani in moderation and avoid mixing it with other substances that may interfere with sleep quality.

Is Black Afghan the Best Strain for Me? The Verdict

If you are looking for a strain that can calm your mind and body, you might want to give Black Afghan a try.

This potent indica strain offers a relaxing and euphoric high, and has a complex terpene, often found in alpha pinene, profile that gives it a unique flavor and aroma of pepper, earth, sage, and berries.

This strain is not very common, but it can be found in some online seed banks like Seed Supreme, a trusted seed bank that sells high-quality cannabis seeds. They offer discreet shipping and secure payment options and have great customer reviews.

Before you buy any cannabis seeds, make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in your area. Cannabis is still illegal in some places, and you don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities. Do your research and be responsible!

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