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7 Best Bitcoin IRA Companies in 2024: Pros & Cons Compared

Traditional IRAs have long been relied upon to ensure future financial stability. However, with global market volatility, many investors seek to diversify their IRAs by incorporating alternative assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since Bitcoin is a digital asset rather than a physical one, managing cryptocurrency IRAs necessitates specialized expertise in cryptocurrency trading, heightened protection for sensitive data, and extensive knowledge in this field.

After conducting thorough research on numerous options available, we have selected the top Bitcoin IRAs based on several factors, including proficiency, security measures implemented, experience in the industry, fees charged, and more.

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7 Best Bitcoin IRA

iTrustCapital – Best Bitcoin IRA Overall

Account Minimum: $1,000

Transaction Fees: 1% per transaction

Insurance Protection: Up to the maximum permitted by FDIC

Established in 2018, iTrustCapital allows individuals to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies, silver, and gold through their retirement accounts in real-time. The company stands out for its remarkably low service and trade fees, making it the top choice for competitive rates.

iTrustCapital offers some of the most affordable fees for trading and investing. While paying up to 15% per transaction for trading cryptocurrencies is common, iTrustCapital only charges a mere 1% per transaction. No monthly fees are involved, and clients do not have to worry about initial purchase fees or broker fees, often based on asset size.

With iTrustCapital’s convenient 24-hour transaction service, clients can trade in 34 different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and EOS, anytime or night.

Starting an account requires a minimum investment of $1,000 with a trade minimum of $30. Additionally,iTrustCapital allows clients the flexibility to diversify their IRA portfolios by including gold and silver assets while still benefiting from low fees.


  • 24/7 trading availability
  • Low account and trading fees
  • Minimum investment requirement of $1,000


  • Lack of financial advisors on staff

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Bitcoin IRA – Best Digital Asset Insurance

Bitcoin IRA

Account Minimum: $3,000

Security Encryption: 256-bit SSL

Insurance Protection: Up to $700 million

Founded in 2016, Bitcoin IRA is the leading and original cryptocurrency IRA company that enables individuals to invest in digital currencies using their retirement accounts. The platform’s primary focus lies in its easy-to-use account setup and management, real-time trading available round the clock, and top-notch security measures.

Bitcoin IRA simplifies creating an IRA account and digital wallet with just a few minutes’ effort through their app or web dashboard. Upon transferring funds into their accounts, users can initiate trades within three to five days and have the flexibility to buy, sell, or trade online at any time of day or night.

With support for over 60 cryptocurrencies, including popular options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin, Bitcoin IRA offers diverse investment opportunities.

While opening a standard account requires a minimum deposit of $3,000, they also provide a Saver IRA option that only mandates an initial deposit of $100 and recurring monthly investments worth $100 linked to a bank account.

Security remains paramount for Bitcoin IRA as they employ industry-standard practices. Their platform ensures secure trading through 256-bit encrypted SSL technology while safeguarding digital assets offline in separate cold storage accounts. Additionally, the company insures its digital assets up to $700 million providing peace of mind for investors.


  • Simple setup and trading process
  • Secure offline storage for digital assets
  • Digital assets insured up to $700 million


  • Elevated setup and maintenance fees

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BitIRA – Best for Security

Account Minimum: $5,000

Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 15+

Despite being a relatively new player in the market, BitIRA has quickly gained recognition for its strong emphasis on security when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions and storage. This commitment to safety is further bolstered by their comprehensive insurance coverage, making them our top choice for those seeking maximum security.

BitIRA employs advanced multi-encryption encoding techniques to ensure that transactions remain secure even during their most vulnerable moments online. Once completed, these transactions are moved offline and stored in physical keys within heavily fortified grade-5 nuclear bunkers.

These bunkers are constantly guarded by armed personnel and computer security experts around the clock. The confidence that BitIRA has in its security measures is reflected in its “end-to-end” insurance coverage for all digital assets.

This means that your cryptocurrencies are protected from the moment they leave your possession until they reach storage. Their insurance covers various scenarios such as hacking or theft, internal fraud or embezzlement, damage, and physical loss.

To open an IRA with BitIRA, a minimum investment amount of $5,000 is required, and customers will need to collaborate with a digital currency specialist throughout the account setup process.

The company offers opportunities for clients to invest and trade across multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. While specific fee details are not disclosed on their website at this time


  • Secure offline storage for digital assets
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for digital assets
  • Transactions are encoded with multi-encryption for enhanced security


  • Necessary to establish accounts with a digital currency specialist

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Coin IRA – Best Investor Experience

Coin IRA

Cryptocurrency Account Minimum: $5,000

Account Setup Fee: $0

Security Options: Off-balance-sheet cold storage

Established in 2017, Coin IRA stands out as our top choice for a superior investor experience due to its competitive fees and commitment to customer education. For those new to the world of cryptocurrency IRAs, Coin IRA provides a valuable resource called “How to Add Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to a Crypto IRA,” which is free of charge.

This informative guide highlights the advantages of investing in cryptocurrency IRAs and offers guidance on converting existing retirement accounts into crypto investments.

Coin IRA employs a team of dedicated experts specializing in cryptocurrency retirement planning to assist its customers further. These professionals are readily available to guide individuals through setting up their accounts.

Coin IRA supports an array of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. To ensure the utmost security, all assets are stored in cold storage under the name Equity Trust specifically for each account holder’s benefit while being kept off the balance sheet.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Option to automate trades at specific prices
  • No fees for account setup or maintenance


  • Requires a substantial minimum investment of $5,000
  • Trading fees are comparatively higher than those of some competitors

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Broad Financial Bitcoin IRA – Best for Account Flexibility

Broad Financial Bitcoin IRA

Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $1,295 account setup; $95/quarter custodial

Broad Financial stands out among other IRA providers due to its unique Bitcoin IRA feature, a Checkbook IRA LLC. This type of IRA grants you full autonomy over your cryptocurrency investments, allowing you to select any digital currency, crypto exchange, or crypto wallet of your preference.

Furthermore, the Broad Financial IRA has no minimum account requirements and allows you to choose between a traditional or Roth IRA.

This means that you have the flexibility to contribute with either pre-tax or post-tax dollars. It’s important to note that only two fees are associated with this service: an account setup fee of $1,295 and a quarterly custodial fee of $95.

While there’s no obligation for an account minimum balance, it’s essential to remember that when initiating the setup process for the IRA, an upfront payment of $1,295 will be required.


  • A diverse range of asset classes is available
  • Products and accounts catering to individuals, businesses, and professional investment managers


  • While it’s a comprehensive one-stop shop, the focus on adding cryptocurrency to your IRA is less prominent than other options discussed

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Blockmint Crypto IRA – Best for Investment Diversity

Blockmint Crypto IRA

Account start-up fee: $500 charge to enroll in this account

Annual storage fee: $195 maintenance fee

BlockMint is a company that specializes in the sale of digital currencies to individuals, providing them with various investment options. Additionally, they offer an individual retirement account (IRA) where individuals can invest in metals.

BlockMint is a subsidiary of Lear Capital, a well-established company known for selling gold and other valuable metals. While BlockMint has been operating in the investment industry for two years, Lear Capital boasts a 20-year history.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as an investment choice, more investors are opting to invest in these digital assets. This decision stems from their belief in the potential long-term growth of cryptocurrencies.

To assist investors throughout this process and aid them in selecting suitable cryptocurrencies for purchase, BlockMint provides dedicated account executives who offer expert guidance on cryptocurrency investments.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a more precarious financial venture requiring careful planning in case of setbacks. Maintaining a well-rounded retirement portfolio that can counterbalance any potential adverse outcomes resulting from cryptocurrency investments is crucial.

This company specializes in developing technologies enabling individuals to utilize blockchain-based applications without relying on a central server. By using your computer, you have the opportunity to generate income.

There may be instances where people are interested in purchasing something from you but need more funds. In such cases, you can offer them products or services and receive additional funds by accepting their account balance as payment.


  • User-friendly online application
  • Facilitates IRA transfers to minimize taxes
  • Account Executives are available for assistance
  • Trading is simplified with the inclusion of cryptocurrency
  • The company accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin
  • The company manages the transport and storage process for purchased items.


  • Inherent market volatility in the new high-risk asset class
  • Limited flexibility due to being locked into IRA custodian and storage options
  • Monthly and annual fees may be perceived as paying for a regularly utilized service

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Bitcoin Advizers – Best for Expert Guidance

Bitcoin Advizers

Minimum investment: $20,000

Fees: Setup fee: $550, Storage & maintenance: $195/yr + $20/month & 0.07% on the IRA balance

At Bitcoin Advizers, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service. We assign a dedicated account executive as your main contact to ensure your satisfaction. This person will always be available to answer questions or address concerns. Having a reliable resource will provide you with peace of mind.

We understand that communication is key, and at Bitcoin Advizers, we want to make it as convenient as possible for you. You can contact us via phone, email, or online platforms – whichever method suits you best.

With our attentive account representative and multiple communication options, you’ll never feel overwhelmed or left in the dark. Choose Bitcoin Advizers for exceptional service and personalized support every step of the way.


  • Low minimum investment requirement
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies are accessible
  • Cryptocurrency offers diversification for a retirement portfolio
  • Assistance is provided at each stage of establishing and funding a Bitcoin IRA


  • Although the staff has considerable experience, the company is relatively new

Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Bitcoin IRA

In our analysis of the top providers for Bitcoin IRA, we implemented a thorough approach that considered various important factors. Our main objective was to identify companies with extensive knowledge and experience managing IRAs, especially when dealing with alternative assets like cryptocurrencies.

Security was a crucial aspect of our assessment. Considering that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lack the support of traditional banks or physical assets, there’s a legitimate concern about the possibility of hackers compromising an entire Bitcoin IRA.

Thus, we gave significant importance to selecting firms that offer advanced security measures and substantial insurance coverage to protect their digital assets. Additionally, we considered the cost factor, including low or reasonable fees.

Managing a Bitcoin IRA can entail higher expenses than conventional retirement accounts; therefore, we included companies that provide cost-effective solutions for investors.

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Best Bitcoin IRA – Buyer’s Guide

What is a Bitcoin IRA?

Gold and Silver IRAs are retirement accounts that allocate some of their holdings to precious metal IRAs. Similarly, Bitcoin IRAs function by investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

While the option to have a Bitcoin IRA has only emerged recently, an increasing number of individuals choose this route to diversify their investment portfolios and mitigate exposure to market risks.

Furthermore, Bitcoin IRAs offer substantial profit potential. For example, between July 16, 2021, and November 12 of the same year alone, the value of Bitcoin surged an astounding 103.95%.

Throughout its existence, the price of Bitcoin has experienced significant fluctuations. There have been periods marked by surges where numerous investors gained substantial wealth from their investments and downturns when investors patiently awaited the next bull run.

Bitcoin prices typically do not correlate with stock market prices or economic indicators, making Bitcoin operate in its own separate realm. This distinctiveness often leads investors to seek out Bitcoin to diversify their portfolios and spread risk.

Market research indicates that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to expand at an annual rate of approximately 12% from 2023 until 2030.

As the demand for Bitcoin increases, so does interest in Bitcoin IRAs. Many Americans have turned to these accounts to pursue long-term gains from Bitcoin and accelerate the growth of their retirement savings while minimizing tax obligations.

How Does a Bitcoin IRA Work?

A Bitcoin IRA functions similarly to other IRAs but with the unique feature of allowing individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies instead of just traditional asset classes.

To open a Bitcoin IRA account, you must be a U.S. resident and have a social security number. You will also need to provide personal information and disclose your employer’s name during registration. Typically, you can sign up for a Bitcoin IRA anytime and begin saving in Bitcoin for your retirement.

However, there are limitations set by the IRS regarding the amount you can invest as part of your annual IRA contributions. If you already have an existing IRA or 401(k), transferring your funds into a Bitcoin IRA may be possible.

Bitcoin (and Crypto) IRAs are available in two forms: Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. To learn more about the differences between these types of accounts, click here.

Are Bitcoin IRAs Safe?

Bitcoin IRAs are investment options offered by regulated financial service providers that allow individuals to include Bitcoin in their retirement portfolios without the need to navigate the complexities of purchasing and securing crypto assets.

Furthermore, providers of crypto IRAs typically provide insurance coverage for all user funds in case of loss due to fraud or hacking incidents that may occur within the cryptocurrency trading sphere.

While this grants an additional layer of security for holders of Bitcoin IRAs, it’s important to note that SIPC does not cover cryptocurrency-based IRAs. Therefore, investors would not be protected if the IRA provider faced bankruptcy.

Additionally, it should be noted that Bitcoin IRAs are still susceptible to price fluctuations in the volatile cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrencies belong to a highly risky asset class where the value of these assets could drop to zero. Consequently, it’s recommended that you only incorporate as much exposure to cryptocurrencies into your retirement fund as you feel comfortable with.

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How Are Bitcoin IRA Companies Different From Traditional IRA Companies?

Individuals looking to plan for retirement are often presented with the option of investing in traditional IRAs. These IRAs allow investors to put their money into various assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

On the other hand, there are self-directed IRAs specifically designed for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With these IRAs, individuals can diversify their investments by including digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

How Much Bitcoin Do I Need to Retire?

The amount of money required for retirement, whether in Bitcoin or any other form, is highly individual and relies on factors such as personal spending habits and desired quality of life during retirement.

While some people might be satisfied with a few hundred thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin, others may need millions to sustain the lifestyle they aspire to have.

What Are the Risks of a Bitcoin IRA?

Investing in a Bitcoin IRA can be quite risky because of the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Compared to stocks and bonds subject to market volatility, crypto coins and tokens fluctuate much more and are not as tightly regulated. Therefore, if you choose a Bitcoin IRA, there’s an increased likelihood that your assets may decrease in value.

Advantages of Bitcoin IRAs

  • Diversification: According to Blaskey, cryptocurrency is an asset class with no correlation to stocks and bonds, which are common components of most Americans’ retirement portfolios. This characteristic can safeguard your retirement balance despite the volatility of crypto prices.
  • Potential Returns: Although Bitcoin exhibits significant volatility, it also presents the opportunity for substantial gains. Despite concluding 2021 on a positive note, BTC experienced a 60% decline over the year.
  • Tax Advantages: Capital gains tax is incurred when you sell crypto for a profit. Opting for a self-directed IRA to buy and sell crypto can relieve this tax burden if the funds and assets remain within the account. Additionally, Satz highlights the advantage of compounding growth, as the value not lost to taxes contributes to overall growth.

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Disadvantages of Bitcoin IRAs

  • Additional Fees: In contrast to regular IRAs, which rarely impose charges, self-directed IRAs often come with various additional fees. These may include setup, transaction, and annual account management fees.
  • Crypto Exchange Limitations: Certain Bitcoin IRA companies restrict trading to affiliated currency exchanges. Conversely, some providers afford the flexibility to choose your preferred exchange. It’s crucial to confirm whether your Bitcoin IRA provider allows investment through your desired crypto exchange.
  • Price Volatility: Market volatility poses a significant risk for crypto investments, particularly for investors nearing retirement. The unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets can impact retirement portfolios.
  • No Tax Loss Harvesting: Unlike taxable investment accounts that enable tax loss harvesting, Bitcoin IRAs lack this option. Tax loss harvesting, the ability to offset capital gains taxes with investment losses, is not feasible within a Bitcoin IRA structure.
  • Retirement Planning Complexity: Investing in traditional securities like stocks and bonds is only possible with a Bitcoin IRA, which adds complexity to retirement planning. Individuals choosing a Bitcoin IRA are advised to maintain at least one additional account for the remaining balance of their retirement investments to diversify and mitigate risk.

How to Open a Bitcoin IRA

If you have decided to pursue a Bitcoin IRA, the next step is to choose where to open your account. This entails finding a custodian to host your self-directed IRA and facilitate cryptocurrency trades.

Like opening any brokerage account, you must provide your complete legal name, address, Social Security number, and banking details.

While researching Bitcoin IRA custodians, it’s important to ensure that the available account types, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies align with your objectives. It’s also advisable to compare applicable fees as they can accumulate over time and hinder progress toward your retirement goals.

How to Buy Bitcoin in a Self-Directed IRA?

  • Choose a Custodian: Selecting an IRA custodian is a crucial step, considering not all custodians provide options for cryptocurrency investments. Finding a custodian that permits Bitcoin investment in an IRA is imperative. Popular options for custodians offering Bitcoin investment opportunities include iTrustCapital, Bitcoin IRA, and BitIRA.
  • Open a Self-Directed IRA: After choosing a custodian, the next step involves opening a self-directed IRA account. This particular IRA type grants the flexibility to invest in assets beyond the traditional spectrum of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Fund Your Self-Directed IRA: Following establishing a self-directed IRA account, the subsequent task is funding it. This can be achieved through various means, such as transferring funds from an existing IRA or 401(k), making a contribution, or executing a rollover from a 401(k) into an IRA.
  • Purchase Bitcoin: Use funds to acquire Bitcoin via the custodian’s platform. Although the process mirrors buying Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange, the transaction occurs through the IRA custodian’s platform.
  • Store Your Bitcoin: Ensuring secure storage for your Bitcoin investment held within the IRA is paramount. Custodians typically provide secure options like cold storage or a multi-signature wallet to safeguard your investment.

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Can You Buy Bitcoin in a 401(k)?

Some 401(k) plans allow participants to hold a portion of their account balance in cryptocurrency. ForUsAll, one provider of 401(k) plans, has partnered with Coinbase, a crypto exchange, to offer a plan that enables participants to hold some of their assets in cryptocurrency.

Employers with Fidelity 401(k) plans may also permit participants to allocate some of their savings to Bitcoin. Although there are options available for plan participants to purchase Bitcoin within their 401(k)s, you will likely be given this choice.

According to IRA Financial’s Begman: “Similar to stocks, Bitcoin can be bought within a 401(k). However, employer-sponsored 401(k) plans typically do not allow alternative investment options due to the ERISA fiduciary rule.”

The fiduciary rules governing employer-sponsored plans require them to provide various investment choices while safeguarding plan participants from significant losses. Given the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, employers generally avoid offering these investments as part of their plan options.

Can You Buy Bitcoin in a Solo 401(k)?

Solo 401(k) plans offer small business owners and solo entrepreneurs an opportunity to save for retirement. While not all plan providers allow it, some permit cryptocurrency inclusion in these accounts.

According to Bergman, Bitcoin and other alternative assets are commonly held in Solo 401(k) plans since they’re not subject to ERISA rules due to the absence of non-owner employees. This is allowed as long as the plan documents permit such investments.

One advantage of solo 401(k)s is that they have significantly higher contribution limits than IRAs. So, individuals can contribute more towards their retirement savings through these plans.

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Best Bitcoin IRA – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin IRA legit?

Bitcoin IRA is a legitimate investment platform that caters to individuals looking to grow their retirement savings through cryptocurrency investments, specifically Bitcoin.

To open an account with a Bitcoin IRA, a minimum deposit of 0 is required. While it is an excellent option for crypto investments, it might not suit retirement investors seeking diversification through assets like stocks and ETFs.

How are Bitcoin IRAs taxed?

Bitcoin IRAs are self-directed IRAs that investors finance using digital currencies. The tax regulations for traditional crypto and Roth IRAs are generally the same as those for standard IRAs.

In a traditional crypto IRA, the investments you choose to make can be deducted from your taxes, and you will only be required to pay taxes once you reach the age at which withdrawals are permitted (591/2). However, it’s important to note that attempting to withdraw before reaching age 591/2 will result in a tax penalty.

Bottom Line – Best Bitcoin IRA Companies

Navigating the landscape of firms offering alternative assets for IRAs can be a challenge. Identifying companies that excel in expertise, security, and support is important to safeguard clients’ retirements. In this regard, finding companies with extensive knowledge in managing both traditional and digital assets is crucial.

Bitcoin IRA stands out as the top choice for ensuring digital assets. For investors seeking an exceptional experience, Coin IRA is our recommended option. iTrustCapital takes the lead in rates and fees, providing competitive advantages for clients.

Regarding security, BitIRA has proven itself the best in its category. By carefully selecting firms with these qualities, individuals can confidently incorporate alternative assets like Bitcoin into their IRAs while ensuring their financial future remains secure.

>> iTrustCapital: Best Bitcoin IRA Overall >>

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