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5 Best Online Sportsbooks & Top Sports Betting Sites in 2023

With the recent wave of legalization in the USA, the online sports betting market is huge, and the amount of sports betting sites continues to grow rapidly. We’re here to cut through the noise and tell you exactly where to find the top online sportsbooks.

Each online sports betting site we review has been subject to an evaluation of key benchmarks put together by experts who have been wagering at online sportsbooks for years.

Don’t get caught out by a shady online sportsbook. Stick with us and go in armed with the knowledge you need.

BetMGM takes our number one spot for going above and beyond with its exceptional bonuses and feature-rich experience.

Ready to find out the rest?

Best Online Sportsbooks

1. BetMGM – Best Online Sportsbook Overall


  • $1,000 risk-free bet
  • Most competitive odds
  • Money Monday Club
  • ‘Select Your Squad’ feature
  • ‘Edit My Bet’ feature


  • Cluttered menu bar

BetMGM takes the number one spot as America’s best online sports betting platform, featuring excellent bonuses, a superior live betting component, and an unmatched overall betting experience.

Sportsbook Features: 5/5

If you’re looking for a feature-rich sports betting experience, BetMGM should be top of your list. No other online sports betting site matches BetMGM’s commitment to an exclusive and tailored experience for each of its users.

One of the key ways it does this is through the agency it gives sports bettors over their wagers. The ‘Edit My Bet’ feature allows you to take control when you feel as if a winning bet may be turning into a losing one.

The ‘Cash Out’ feature further adds to this by allowing you to cut any potential losses and take an early settlement, even if that same bet then later loses. You won’t find this level of control at many, if any, sportsbooks across the nation.

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Bonuses and Promotions: 4.8/5

The headline feature of BetMGM’s bonuses and promotions is its $1,000 risk-free bet – undoubtedly a huge draw for new players, turning a risky punt into a more reasonable wager. It’s important to note that you aren’t given pure cashback if you lose. It’s all returned in sportsbook bonus credits.

That’s not the only great promotion available here, though. Loyal players can enjoy the perks of Bet Monday Club, where your account is credited with a free $10 bet every Monday, provided you’ve wagered $50 the week before.

Players are also given the opportunity to input their favorite NBA team in the ‘Select Your Squad’ promotion, which then tailors special offers and odds boosts specifically to your basketball team of choice. It’s yet another way BetMGM makes the experience more personally enriched than its competitors.

Design and Functionality: 4.2/5

There’s nothing strictly wrong with BetMGM’s overall design. In fact, it’s pretty good, to be honest. It’s simple to make a bet, it’s easy to navigate different categories, and the black and gold color scheme gives a classy look and feel to proceedings.

Our only complaint is the top menu bar, which in an effort to aid navigation, has become overly cluttered with different categories that have no real rhyme or reason to them. A bit of tidiness and some more coherence would go a long way here.

Banking Tools: 4.5/5

Deposit Methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer (ACH)
  • PayNearMe
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Pre-Paid Play+
  • Skrill

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash (at physical sportsbook)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • BetMGM Play+ Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check

BetMGM features a broad range of banking tools for both deposit and withdrawal. Their inclusion of two e-wallets in the form of PayPal and Skrill gives customers the best option for speed and efficiency when handling funds.

The ability to still use cash at brick and mortar locations nationwide is definitely a bonus for the more old-school orientated. Please note banking tools differ depending on which state you are playing in.

Click here to try your luck with BetMGM’s risk-free bet.

2. DraftKings – Best Online Sportsbook for Mobile Users


  • $1,000 sign-up bonus
  • ‘Bet $5 get $150’ promotion
  • Stats Hub
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Also one of the best PA poker sites


  • Desktop version needs more optimization

The DFS king expands into traditional online sports betting, launching its own sportsbook geared towards accessibility and gambling on the go.

So, is it any good? Spoiler alert: It’s pretty great!

Sportsbook Features: 4.7/5

While the name DraftKings usually conjures thoughts of double stacks and other inaccessible daily fantasy sports terminology, these days, you can find the company moving into the realms of more traditional online gambling – including their own sportsbook.

All the major sports leagues are available for wagers, with a range of special odds boosts and promotions to keep things interesting. Our favorite feature is the ‘Stats Hub,’ which gives relevant statistical insight on upcoming games to help you make informed bets. It seems small on the surface but goes a long way to enhance the overall experience.

To see what else DraftKings has to offer, check out our in-depth DraftKings review.

Bonuses and Promotions: 4.4/5

DraftKing’s welcome $1,000 bonus is pretty hefty, and it’s certainly worth taking advantage of if you’re a new player. However, it’s not exactly as great as it first looks. The bonus funds of up to $1,000 are released to you in increments based on how much you wager on a day-to-day basis.

The upside is you can use them across the website, which is cool if you’re into daily fantasy sports and online casino games. The downside is it’s not as lucrative as it promises, and only select players will be able to access all of the $1,000 bonus funds.

There are other great promotions at DraftKings to dig into, though. They are currently offering a $150 bonus on the NBA playoffs at the time of writing. The catch? You just have to wager $5. Now that‘s a bonus worth writing about.

Design and Functionality: 4/5

DraftKing’s design is a tale of two cities. If you’re a mobile player, the experience is top tier. It’s unapologetically aimed at making sports wagers on the go, and the mobile-optimized website and apps provide an almost flawless experience.

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop to bet, you may feel a little differently. It’s not that the website doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work as well. We can’t be too upset, though, as this is where the majority of sports betting is going in the future.

Banking Tools:  4.5/5

Deposit Methods:

  • Online banking
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Electronic gift cards
  • DraftKings gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • Cash
  • VIP preferred e-check
  • Wire transfer

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • Play+ Prepaid Card:
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Checks

DraftKings packs a decent variety of banking tools to choose from, including its very own electronic gift card. Not a bad idea for a birthday or Christmas present. Elsewhere, the inclusion of PayPal guarantees the most efficient banking experience for those who own an account. Please note banking tools differ depending on which state you are playing in.

Click here to redeem the best DraftKings bonuses.

3. Caesars – Best Bonuses of any Online Betting Site


  • Top betting software
  • Global brand
  • $1,100 free bet
  • Welcome bonus up to $2,000
  • $100 gas card
  • $250 Uber Eats promo


  • Could add more niche sports offerings

At number three on our list is Caesars, a gambling giant that has only grown bigger with its expansion into online sports betting and its billion-dollar acquisition of William Hill.

Sportsbook Features: 4.6/5

Caesars sportsbook software is head and shoulders above most of the competition out there. We’d love to praise their developers for crafting such an excellent platform right out of the gate, but the truth is the website is essentially just William Hill re-skinned.

That’s not a bad thing, by the way. As the old saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Caesar’s purchase of UK bookmaking giant William Hill meant all they had to do was add a nice lick of paint, and they already had one of the best online sportsbooks around.

Bonuses and Promotions: 4.4/5

The risk-free bet of $1,100 is one of the better welcome bonuses around. There are no confusing requirements or special increments to worry about. It’s as simple as if you bet up to $1,100 and lose, you’ll be given the equivalent straight back as a free bet.

Think of it as a way to make a bet on something you’d otherwise not have the cajones to. Hey, we’re not judging. We’re rooting for you.

And over in the casino section, you can claim a welcome bonus up to a whopping $2,000. It’s no wonder that Caesars is one of the best PA online casinos too!

Caesar’s other flagship promotion gives users a $250 UberEats gift card. All you have to do is make a qualifying bet of $50. Coco Chanel allegedly once said, ‘the best things in life are free’ to which we say, no, actually – the best things in life are free food and bets.

Design and Functionality: 4.4/5

We’ve already discussed how Caesars owes much of its design and software to William Hill, so there’s not much to complain about in that regard.

The aesthetics work well. The cream, green, and gold color template gives a luxurious feel to the website and makes your time spent there a pleasant experience.

Not sure if this is the site for you? Check out our Caesars online casino review that will help you decide – we’ve analyzed its games, betting options, pros, cons, and more.

Banking Tools: 4.5/5

Deposit Methods:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card
  • eCheck by VIP Preferred
  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at our Sports Book

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Online Banking
  • eCheck by VIP Preferred
  • PayPal
  • Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card
  • Cash

The banking tools available at Caesars are similar to other sportsbooks in the industry. We’re not sure whether Skrill being omitted from a list of withdrawal methods but available as a deposit method is a mistake. However, even so – PayPal is still available as an e-wallet method for both. Please note banking tools differ depending on which state you are playing in.

Ready to dip your toes in the world of sports betting? Get your welcome bonus at Caesars right here.

4. PointsBet – Best Sports Betting Site for Unique Betting


  • Unique style of betting
  • Partnered with NBC
  • Risk-free bets up to $2,000
  • Partial cash out feature


  • Sparse payment methods

PointsBet is a unique online sports betting site originating from Australia. Its move into the US online sportsbooks market hopes to make its branded ‘points betting’ style more accessible and global.

Sportsbook Features: 4.6/5

The premise of PointsBet is a simple one, but if it catches on, it could change the way users do their sports betting forever. If that fails, they do still engage with the more traditional style of online wagering anyway. Everyone’s a winner here. Yay.

So, about that premise. Let’s say you’ve bet on Steph Curry to score over six three-pointers in a game. You’ve wagered $10 on that fact. If Steph makes nine threes, you’ve won yourself your $10 back plus whatever your winnings are from the fixed odds. Wrong!

With PointsBet’s style, you’ll win $10 for every three-pointer Steph makes over 6. In our fictional scenario, that means you’ve won $30 plus your $10 stake back. But here’s the downside – if Steph has an off-shooting night and ends the game with only two three-pointers made? That means you will have lost $40, plus your stake. $10 for every three-pointer he didn’t make.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you think that’s a style of gambling that appeals to you, but we certainly aren’t going to knock PointsBet for trying something different.

Bonuses and Promotions: 4.1/5

Out of all the online sportsbooks on this list, PointsBet has one of the largest welcome bonuses available. The $2,000 can be split two ways. $500 of it is available to be used on traditional fixed wagering. The other $1,500 you can use as a way to try out PointsBet’s unique ‘points style’ betting.

No wagering requirements apply, and there are no pesky increment releases to contend with. Just a pretty good all-around welcome bonus to sink your teeth into.

PointsBet has a lot of other good promotions worth your while, too. They’ll change with the seasons and what sports are being played at the time, but you’re always guaranteed something fresh and new to keep you coming back.

Design and Functionality: 4/5

PointsBet’s design is nothing to write home about, but everything looks clean and professional. The black background with red highlights is a tad too basic for us, so we’ve decided to know off a point here. 

Banking Tools: 3.9/5

Deposit Methods:

  • Online Banking
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Credit/Debit Card

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • ACH/eCheck Withdrawal

The list of banking methods available at PointsBet is surprisingly small. That’s not ideal. However, they do include PayPal and Online Banking, two of the most efficient ways to deposit and withdraw your money in a sportsbook, so it’s not all bad. Please note banking tools differ depending on which state you are playing in.

Ready to place yourself at the vanguard of this new style of betting? Click here for your $2,000 free bet today.

5. Barstool – Top Loyalty Program of any Online Sports Betting Site


  • $1000 free bet
  • $10 for signing up
  • mychoice loyalty program
  • Apple Pay as a deposit method


  • A modest selection of sports

What started as a niche frat-humor style publication on professional sports is now expanding into online betting sites and sportsbooks. Let’s see.

Sportsbook Features: 4.1/5

Oh, Barstool. Those brazen fellas best known for their edgy online sports banter have turned their hand to the world of sports betting sites. We can’t think of many people we’d less like to lose money to than Dave Portnoy, but credit where credit’s due – Barstool has created one of the best online sportsbooks around.

Our main gripe at the moment would be the small selection of sports available to wager on. Sports bettors might prefer to go elsewhere for a more exotic selection, but as far as the mainstays go – NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. – they’re all here and packed with special offers to use.

Bonuses and Promotions: 4.3/5

As far as top online sportsbooks go, Barstool has some of the best bonuses around. They’re seemingly desperate to give away free bets at every juncture, and hey, we’re not complaining at all.

The $1,000 free bet is as simple as it sounds. If your first bet loses, you get a free bet of the equivalent you staked – up to $1,000. You then also get a free $10 bet just for signing up and another free $5 bet for customizing your profile. They’re definitely one of the more generous betting sites around.

In case you were wondering, there are no wagering requirements to worry about, either. So you may as well go ahead and take a shot!

Their mychoice rewards program allows you to earn points and claim exclusive rewards and perks.

Design and Functionality: 4/5

Barstool’s sportsbook design is simple but effective. All the main betting markets load quickly, and browsing the website on both mobile and desktop is easy and intuitive. The user experience is top-notch.

The aesthetics are clean and modern, and we also appreciate the simplicity of the live betting section. It’s an all-around thumbs-up from us.

Banking Tools: 4.3/5

Deposit Methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Barstool Sportsbook & Casino Play+ Account
  • PayNearMe
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Online Banking
  • ACH/e-Check

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Cash At Casino
  • Barstool Sportsbook & Casino Play+
  • ACH/e-check
  • Check
  • Online Banking
  • PayPal

Barstool offers a wide variety of payment methods, from physical cash deposits and withdrawals at casino locations to the more digitally convenient PayPal. 

They also offer the ability to deposit money into your account via Apple Pay, which is a convenient time saver if you don’t want to look for your debit or credit cards on hand. As always, please note banking tools differ depending on which state you are playing in.

Want to get your hands on a free bet worth up to $1,000? Click here to join Barstool now.

Assessing the Benchmarks – How We Reviewed the Best Online Sportsbooks

Sports Betting Features & Betting Markets:

At their core, online sportsbooks are largely the same. They follow similar principles, offer mostly the same sports, and don’t stray too far from average betting lines.

We aim to identify what each sportsbook does differently. It might be something subtle, like aesthetics. It could also be something more substantial, like the way you actually place a wager.

Whatever the case may be, we aim to differentiate each sportsbook in a way that makes sense to you as a sports bettor, green or seasoned, and help you make an informed decision about where to spend your cash.

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Bonuses, Promotions, and Competitions:

Bonuses are big business in the sports betting world. In fact, online sportsbook bonuses drive a huge percentage of sign-ups as sports bettors continuously look for value for money.

There are a lot of good bonuses out there. But there are also a lot of bad ones. That’s why it’s important to read online sportsbook reviews like ours. We take a deeper look at what makes a promotion worth your while, like the small print terms and conditions that includes stuff like wagering requirements and minimum deposits.

Design and Functionality:

The top sports betting sites and sports betting apps should be simple to use and intuitive. You should be able to place bets easily without much hassle. If you’re already encountering issues at this point, that’s probably a bad sign.

Categories should be clearly signposted, and if the platform offers live betting, technical glitches and issues should be kept to a minimum.

Probably less important, but still worth talking about – the aesthetics. If the best online betting sites look terrible, are they really the best? Looks can go a long way, after all.

Banking Methods:

As legalized sports betting is still relatively new in the USA, a lot of banking methods will be limited and similar. However, there are key differences here and there worth highlighting.

Not all payment methods are created equal. The best sports betting sites should include the most efficient banking tools, so we’ll be making points deductions based on that fact.

Top Online Sports Betting Websites – FAQ

What states can I play at legal betting sites?

Online sports betting is legal in a number of states across America, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and more. 

Please note that there are caveats and special terms and conditions for certain states. Not all of the states will have access to the sportsbooks featured in this article. If you’re unsure about your own state laws, please make sure to check first.

What sports can I place bets on?

Each sportsbook will have its own selection of sports you can bet on. Some of them will have more niche sports, while others will only deal with the most popular. We’ve listed the most common sports and leagues you can legally bet on below:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • College football & basketball*

*Some states have restrictions against betting on college sports.

Can I win real money playing at online sports betting sites?


Every sportsbook featured on this list is licensed and regulated by its relevant state body to take real money wagers and payout real winnings.

What sportsbook has the best odds?

All sportsbook odds and lines are largely the same, although occasionally, there are discrepancies owing to odds boosts or other special promotions. Some places will have better odds on certain events, but never usually on a consistent basis.

Our recommendation for competitive odds is BetMGM because they have lots of features that allow you to boost your odds.

What type of bets can I place on online sportsbooks?

Here are some of the most common bets you are likely to place at an online sportsbook:

Moneyline – This is also known as a straight-win bet. You are betting on a ‘win’ outcome for a team or athlete. This usually represents less value if you are backing a favorite.

Spread Bets – This is a handicap bet. You are making a wager on either the favorite with a points deficit or the underdog with a points advantage. The bet only settles as a win if your chosen team or athlete covers the spread. So, for example, if you make a bet on Green Bay at -6.5, they have to not only win but do so by more than 6.5 points. If they only win by anything less, the bet is settled as a loss.

Prop Bets – A bet in which the outcome is independent of the match result. In other words, it’s not a ‘win’ or ‘lose’ bet. Most prop bets are based on player statistics. For example, you might bet on Joel Embiid to score over 27 points. You may also bet on him to score under that amount. This is sometimes known as ‘taking the over’ ‘taking the under.’

Parlay – A parlay is an accumulative bet made up of different legs from different games. You might choose a New York Giants moneyline, Buffalo Bills -9.5 spread, and perhaps a New Jersey Devils moneyline for good measure. Each leg will combine its individual odds to create greater odds and a potentially more lucrative payout. All legs must win for the bet to be settled as a win overall.

Same Game Parlay – This is the same principle as a parlay bet, except all of the legs are from the same game. They are usually made up of player props, but can also include spread bets and moneylines. Here’s an example:

  • Lonzo Ball Over 7 Assists
  • Demar DeRozan over 27 points
  • Zach Lavine over 3 3 pointers made
  • Chicago Bulls moneyline

Live Bet – Simply put, this is a bet made while the action is still unfolding. It’s sometimes also known as an ‘in-play bet.’ A popular in-play bet might take the form of betting on a first or second-quarter outcome.

What’s the most legit online sportsbook?

There’s no hierarchy of legitimacy for legal online sportsbooks. Each site featured on this list is regulated and licensed by its relevant local authority, depending on the state.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some suspect sportsbooks out there, but you aren’t going to find them in this article.

How old do I have to be to place bets online?

This depends on which state you are playing in and the types of wagers you are making. Broadly speaking, it is usually the age of 21. If you are unsure, make sure to check your state laws.

Can I partake in mobile sports betting?

Yes. In some states, mobile betting is the only form of sports betting that is legal. Most of the time, however, betting on sports using a mobile platform is a helpful bonus to regular online gambling.

Comparison of the Top 5 Online Sportsbooks

Here’s a quick breakdown of our top 5 sportsbooks and their key features

  • BetMGM: The number one legal sports betting site is everything a good sportsbook should be, packed with features, fantastic bonuses, and a distinct user experience. New users get a risk-free bet of up to $1,000.
  • DraftKings: The DFS king has turned its attention to traditional sports betting online, and the result is an excellent sportsbook for mobile users. Sign-up today for bonus funds of up to $1,000 across the DraftKings website.
  • Caesars: No longer just a Vegas cult legend, Caesars’ acquisition of William Hill has made it an automatic major player in the US sports betting industry. Register today for a free bet of $1,100 and a $2,000 casino bonus.
  • PointsBet: The sportsbook from a land down under has moved to the states and partnered with NBC to showcase its unique style of points betting. New players can get risk-free bets of up to $2,000.
  • Barstool: Dave Portnoy’s digital media company has brought its irreverent and banterous style into the world of online gambling and sports betting with surprisingly good results. Get involved today as a new user for a $1,000 free bet.

How to Sign Up at One of the Best Sportsbooks Online

Step 1 – Register an Account at BetMGM

  • Log on to BetMGM and hit the gold ‘register’ button
  • Fill out the details required, including your email
  • Wait for your account validation link to arrive

Step 2 – Check your Email and Validate your Account

  • Check your email inbox
  • If the link is not there, check your spam just in case
  • Click the link to complete the validation process

Step 3 – Deposit Money and Start Betting!

  • Deposit using your chosen payment method
  • Use the welcome bonus
  • Place a bet and have fun!

So, What Are the Top Online Sports Betting Sites?

Finding a good sportsbook is like making a cup of coffee. The base ingredients are mostly the same across the board, but everyone takes theirs a little differently.

BetMGM is the top online sportsbook, but you might not feel the same way. Everyone has their own preferences; we’re just a guide to help you make better decisions.

Ultimately, wherever you decide to sign-up, just remember the golden rules – have fun and gamble responsibly.

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Gambling is strictly 21+ only. The sites mentioned in this review may not be available in your region. Always practice due diligence and do your own research about gambling policies in your area. 

The information presented is not meant as gambling advice. The site does not guarantee profit in any way. Players must bet at their own risk.

Gambling is addictive. If you suspect you may have a problem, call the National Problem Gambling Hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or visit ncpgambling.org and begambleaware.org for free resources.

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