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Best Psychic Reading Services: Top 10 Online Psychics Offering Free Trial Readings

Have you ever gotten on the phone, talked to your psychic, and realized they have no idea what they’re talking about? 

Finding the best psychics with genuine talent can be an arduous task. But, once you find the right fit, a great reading can help you gain invaluable insight into your spiritual journey, allowing you to unlock the ability to flourish in your career, relationships, health, and life’s journey. 

However, finding the right psychic advisor can be a bit of a challenge. You must discover proven trusted professionals to protect your wallet as well as your personal information. Below, we’ve done the hard work for you and have presented you with our top picks for getting the best psychic readings. 

If you know anything about spirituality and the online psychic reading world, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Kasamba is one of our top picks. Read on to learn more about our other top picks and who we believe should win the crown of best psychic readers. 


Best Psychic Readers – First Look


  1. Kasamba – All around best online mediums & psychics
  2. Keen – Best for anonymous readings
  3. Psychic Source – Best psychic readings for beginners
  4. AskNow – Top psychics for phone readings
  5. Oranum – Good for video and alternative mediums

What Should You Know Before Your First Psychic Reading

Go in prepared. 

Know what you want to gain and be open to hearing possibilities you hadn’t considered before. Know that online psychics aren’t slot machines with the perfect answers—they’re here to guide you towards your best spiritual life. 


Understand that spiritual guides are meant to guide you to fulfillment and your destiny, which means that sometimes they might tell you answers you don’t want to hear. Stay present, stay grateful, and stay open to the possibilities of the universe.

1. Kasamba – All-Round Best Online Mediums & Psychics

kasamba logo

If you’re looking for a pool of trusted psychics with a proven track record, look no further than Kasamba. Not only have they been around for over two decades, but they’ve also helped a whopping 3 million people on their paths to finding love, success, empowerment, and happiness. 


With an impressive resume like that, one can expect an even more impressive team. In this regard, Kasamba certainly delivers. When you visit their website, you can browse over 70 experienced psychics and handpick the professionals with the niches that fit your needs.


Feeling like something’s holding you back? 


You may benefit from a past life reading, which Kasamba offers to their clients. They also teach lessons in the occult and spell casting as well as having sessions about eastern religion. 


Whatever you’re looking for, Kasamba claims to cover all spiritual needs


Their psychics perform an incredibly diverse group of services, including tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecast, in addition to their standard online psychic reading services. 


As a result, Kasamba is best suited for people who want a wide variety of services

Suppose you’re a spiritual novice looking to dive deeper into the roots of the occult or eastern religious practices? Kasamba is an excellent jumping-off point that can help you get in further touch with your guides, your spirituality, and your roots. 


Why Choose Kasamba?


    • Trusted psychic reading service established in 1999
    • Experienced, trusted psychics 
    • Accurate readings
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 50% OFF your first paid session


All in all, Kasamba is a great tool to use for those looking to expand their understanding of their spiritual selves. By learning more about your future and even your past lives, you will expand your own knowledge and gain a more profound outlook on life. 


2. Keen Psychics – Best Psychics in the US for Anonymous Psychic Readings


As a leader in the spiritual world, Keen Psychics has built a trusted network of talented, experienced spiritual advisors dedicated to empowering people’s lives by helping them unearth their purpose in life. 


With over two decades of experience, the Keen team of psychics performs various services, including tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, just to name a few. 


Each professional is hand-selected, unique, and brings their own specialties and expertise to provide spiritual assistance to others. 


Keen Psychics also works on a sliding pay scale, where you pick the budget that fits your current financial situation. 


Worried about staying anonymous online? Don’t be. 


They place a strong emphasis on guarding personal privacy. If you’re looking to explore your spirituality side, but are hesitant about having your information out there, then Keen Psychics is for you. 


Not to mention, they are experts at customer service and deliver a friendly client-focused approach to millions of customers. 


If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, you can call their live customer support team (toll-free) to work out the problem. If you’d prefer to contact someone through email, you can also submit a web support request. 


Why Choose Keen


    • Trusted psychic service established in 1999 
    • Excellent spiritual advisors 
    • Effective customer support
    • Emphasis on privacy 
    • Anonymous and confidential online psychic readings
    • 14 million satisfied customers
    • Introductory rate of $1.99 for ten minutes
    • Affordable psychic reading services
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


There are many excellent advantages to using Keen’s services. However, thanks to their emphasis on privacy, Keen Psychics is a wonderful option for those looking for proven, trusted spiritual guidance but are especially worried about keeping things anonymous and private online. 


3. Psychic Source – One of Best Psychic Reading Websites for Beginners


Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online psychics out there? You’re not alone. 


The good news is that with Psychic Source, they pair a psychic with you based on a series of short questions on their Find a Psychic Tool. By answering a few questions on what you’re looking for, they give you three options on which psychic best fits your needs. 


With the ability to choose phone, chat, or video, you can find the type of online psychic reading most convenient for you. 


While they don’t offer free minutes like some other competitors, they do offer more affordable readings as low as $1/minute


Another unique quality that sets Psychic Source apart is that they offer support and guidance 24/7. Anytime you need help, you can pick up the phone or open a webchat to speak with a trusted spiritual guide to get the answers you crave. 


They also boast quite the lineup of services, including angel readings, astrology, tarot reading, clairvoyants, rune stone readings, relationship psychics, spiritual psychics, love psychics, dream interpretation, lost objects, and more. 


Not only are their advisors and customer care specialists kind, caring, and compassionate towards you, but the company lives these practices through the initiatives they create. For example, their Kindness Initiative has donated more than $500,000 to communities in need.


Why Choose Psychic Source


    • Over 30 years of experience
    • A guaranteed pairing with their Find a Psychic Tool 
    • Convenient variety of phone, chat, or video readings
    • Kind, experienced online psychic advisors and chat psychics
    • Introductory packages of 10, 20, or 30 minutes for $1/minute
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


There are many benefits when you choose Psychic Source. In our opinion, Psychic Source is an excellent option for anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of specialists available on any of the larger online psychic reading platforms. Simply use the Find a Psychic Tool and let Psychic Source guide you to the advisor that fits you the best. 


4. AskNow – Top Psychics for Phone Readings [1-888-815-1999]


AskNow delivers exceptional support for those in spiritual crisis or for those needing answers right now. They also are a rarity in terms of having a phone number. In this sense, they’re our number one best pick for phone readings.


But, there’s more. 


When you purchase an introductory package, you gain a free five-minute phone session with either an Elite or Master advisor. Master and Elite advisors are the most qualified and powerful psychics. They truly are the “best of the best” and are dedicated to using their gifts to help you.


Not feeling up to that big of a commitment yet? 


No worries. You can also talk live to a top-rated spiritual advisor for only $1/minute. AskNow is also committed to your satisfaction, and they promise to always give you a psychic reading session you’re satisfied with. 


If, for any reason, you feel your first phone Psychic is not a good match, they credit your account for five minutes so that you can find a different psychic that better fits your needs. 


Why Choose AskNow


  • Convenient online psychic readings by phone
  • ????1-888-815-1999 ????
  • Free five minute readings (when purchasing a bundle) 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Psychic service established in 2005
  • Introductory rates for 10-20 minutes at a dollar per minute
  • Profile for all phone psychics
  • Some of the top psychics in the nation work here
  • All online psychic readers are screened


All in all, AskNow is an excellent tool and is our top choice for accurate psychic readings by phone; and has some of the best online psychics around.  


5. Oranum – Popular Psychic Website for Video Readings


Oranum is a unique platform that offers clients a wide range of services, including obtaining free sessions once users open an account. 


Beyond that, Oranum offers several perks, including the ability to watch your favorite psychics’ stories, subscribe for more exclusive features, such as meditation videos, access to their video library, and more. In this sense, they’re our top pick for perks. 


Better yet, Oranum has the experience to back up its claims. Having served over one million happy customers, they’ve guided plenty of souls on the right track


Search online from hundreds of psychic professionals, go to their page, and see what free options they offer on their web page.


Most of the videos and resources are paid-only, but some of them are free, and there are certainly enough to get you started, or see if this psychic is a good match, and so forth. 


You also have more control over your psychic reading. With Oranum, you can make special requests to your reader, such as “yes or no,” “pick a card,” and so forth. 


What’s more? 


This online psychic reading site also lets you get a good feel of which psychic or psychic medium you resonate with the best via free public LIVE streams. 


Why Choose Oranum


  • Great cover page with photos of all the top psychics
  • Credit-based system lets you pay in points
  • 10,000 free credits for joining
  • Online psychics can post “stories” 
  • Find your best psychic match with a questionnaire
  • Preview a psychic live on camera for free
  • Subscribe to your favorite psychics
  • Free videos on some general subjects


Oranum is a great starting point for beginners or for people who love a good bargain. Hands down, we feel Oranum is one of the best online psychic reading sites for video readings and an exceptional tool because it provides you with a bevy of free resources to help empower you on your spiritual journey.


6. Psychic Oz – Genuine Psychic Readers at Affordable Prices


Psychic Oz isn’t as flashy as some of its competitors, but they stand out for two reasons: the quality of their psychics, as well as an affordable “everyday low price” that’s not part of a promotion. 


Have you noticed prices increasing on other mainstream platforms? Yes… Luckily, this isn’t something you’ll run into on Psychic Oz. 


Psychic Oz offers a more affordable price, about $2.99 per minute or $9.99 for an email response. Plus, as part of their introductory offer, you get three minutes free and a $1/minute rate after the first three-minute preview. Email readings are also 50% OFF for new customers.


Looking to keep things private online? 


The anonymity factor is also a good sales strategy since callers or email clients can pay with PayPal for extra security. Psychic Oz also claims their online psychics are tested and screened at a higher standard than most other psychic networks. 


You can also filter psychic readers by selecting different categories, including medium, clairvoyant, dream analysis, remote viewing, pendulum, empaths, automatic writing, tarot cards, crystals, runes, I-ching, and oracle cards


There are also broader categories of astrology, love, career, and even pets


While they have a good introductory offer, the more affordable pricing is one of the network’s best features. This is because successful psychics (on other psychic reading platforms) can easily charge twice that amount after the deals run out. 


That said, we admit that their email readings are a bit pricey, but it’s hard to beat a 5-star psychic for a $2.99 per minute price.


7. Mysticsense – Best Psychic Reader Search Feature


Mysticsense has a pretty good deal upfront: the first five minutes are free, meaning you can sample a phone call or video conference with the psychic of your choice. 


Frustratingly, you do have to deposit $10 to open your account. 


But after the trial is complete, you get fully reimbursed for the first call. So it’s not only a free trial but also a satisfaction guaranteed promise. 


Mysticsense has over 500 gifted psychics with payment information as well as a short bio and head photo. But once you click on your psychic of choice, you can read a more detailed biography, as well as some of the psychic’s specialties. 


Mysticsense also has a search feature, allowing users to search either by keyword phrase or by a broader selection of talents, specialties, and focuses. 


If you want to talk about relationships, divorce, career, LBGTQ, you can search for your favorite psychic that way. 


You can also search for psychic mediums, empaths, grief counselors, tarot readers, dream interpretation, past life readings, channeling, and other gifted psychics trained in those disciplines. 


What’s more, Mysticsense is one of the only networks that let you find psychics based on qualities like compassion, directness, expressive, and wise


Let’s face it; you’re not going to like every psychic readers’ style. 


You may find that one psychic reader doesn’t work for you, but another one really understands you. Thankfully, Mysticsense’s psychic search feature is a great way to customize the experience you want. 


8. Lifereader – Detailed, Accurate Psychic Reader Profiles


Lifereader doesn’t waste a lot of time explaining deals; it jumps right to the best-reviewed psychics of the site. 


Immediately, you get a head photo, the psychic’s special focus (like tarots, past lives, or angels), ratings, and how many online psychic readings they’ve done. 


For a reader who wants a personal connection with their psychic, Lifereader is a great option. Before you call or chat, you can see each psychic’s price, which can range from affordable to pricey. 


But first-time callers can expect 50% OFF of the suggested price for the first call and sometimes as low as 19 cents per minute, depending on the psychic. New callers also get four free chat minutes to speak with an advisor before committing. 


Lifereader is the most detailed option for getting to know your psychic, and along with writeups for horoscope readings and love/relationship advice, it’s a psychic reading site that will bring that all-important personal touch


While there might be fewer than 100 online psychic experts online at a time, it’s still good to know that practically all of them have good reviews. 


No room for scammers!


What we like about Lifereader the most is the detailed author profiles, not only sharing a personal introduction but even down to their astrological sign. 


You will feel as if you know each psychic reader before even making the first call. That’s a good thing, especially if you’re new to the experience and want someone to guide you through it. 


The Best Psychic Reading Sites – Frequently Asked Questions


Are Online Psychics Real? 


Yes, online psychics, the same as any in-person psychic, are real. Just because there’s no hard evidence, that doesn’t mean that spirituality, eastern religion, and witchcraft aren’t real. While there’s not as much hard evidence to convince skeptics, if spirituality resonates with you, then that’s all that matters. 


If spirituality has helped you, and you’re able to let it guide you to lead a fuller life, then ignore the haters. Don’t let skeptics and cynical naysayers stop you from living your best life. 


What are the Advantages of Using a Psychic?


The advantages of using an online psychic reader are vast and insightful. Even if you’re spiritual or are gifted yourself, it’s a great choice to use an experienced and vetted psychic to gain a better perspective on your spiritual journey. 


When you turn to expert psychic mediums, spiritual advisors, or psychics, you gain better clarity on your past, present, and future. You also can get in better touch with your spirit guides and past loved ones. 


How To Choose an Online Psychic Reading Website?


For some people, a psychic reading may seem like something exotic or mysterious, yet looking for one online is not much different than shopping for anything else.


First of all, you need to do your homework (such as reading an article like this) because not all online psychic reading sites are the same. As with any other professional service, some psychic providers have more experience and a better reputation than others. 


Here are some important things you might want to consider when searching for an online psychic reading:


  • How many years has the website been on the market? The longer they’ve been online the more likely they’ve been doing something right. 
  • Pay attention to customer ratings. What do real people like you have to say about the accuracy and professionalism of the psychics? 
  • Not every psychic is sensitive to every issue.  Are there Advisors on that site specializing in the type of question you have? 
  • Pay attention to special promotional offers. Most psychic websites charge by the minute and that can get expensive. Free minutes and packages with a low per minute charge are an affordable way to get your feet wet if you’re looking for your first reading.
  • Make sure there’s a satisfaction guarantee. Not every psychic is good and you deserve protection from a bad experience. Be aware though that most money back guarantees will only credit minutes to your account.


Where Can I Find Real Psychics Online? The Takeaway


Without a doubt, our favorite top pick for finding the best psychics around is Kasamba because of their deep depth of knowledge on not only spirituality but other forms of guidance that help deepen and grow your personal psychic abilities. 


As a runner-up, we love Keen Psychics because of their wide variety of psychic reading services but also because they continually put the customer first with their thorough privacy measures and expert customer service.


For free automated psychic services, we love Free Tarot Readings. It’s a great way to introduce you to the art of reading tarot cards so that you can eventually read tarot on your own. 


In the end, it truly depends on the spiritual guide that you’re matched with and how well you connect. If you’re looking for online psychics, try reaching out to a few guides and test their abilities via free psychic reading offers.

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