• Best One Night Stand Sites and Sex Apps for Casual Encounters 2024

    Only a few things in life give us a genuine sense of gratification, and a successful one night stand is one of them for many people. I mean, you’re basically reaping the benefits of a relationship without the guff that comes with serious dates.

    But finding an open-minded match for casual encounters is no walk in the park. People are either reluctant to hook up with someone they just met, or they’re dating to marry.

    Thankfully, these top one-night stand sites are here to help.

    We list the best one-night stand sites online where you can meet other like-minded people who want nothing more than to enjoy you (and your body).

    Best One Night Stand Sites for Easy Hookups

    • AdultFriendFinderBest one-night stand site overall
    • Ashley MadisonDiscreet one-night stands with married people
    • ALTOne-night stand site with a BDSM twist
    • FetlifeAn alternative site for kinky one-night stands
    • GetItOnLets you have online one-night stands
    • PassionSpecializes in casual dating and hookups
    • OutPersonalsGreat for finding gay one-night stands
    • ChaturbateA humongous one-night stand site for online encounters
    • LiveJasminLets you have online hookups via live cams

    1. AdultFriendFinder – Best One Night Stand Site Overall



    • All members are looking for casual encounters
    • Features largest online hookup community
    • In-site groups dedicated to one-night stands
    • Features lots of communication channels
    • Fun online magazine section


    • Not the most newbie-friendly interface
    • There are inactive profiles here


    • Starts at $35.95 for one-month premium membership

    AdultFriendFinder has cemented itself in the world of online adult dating as the largest one-night stand site. Not only that, but a great deal of user diversity comes with this size, which is perfect for picky individuals.

    Even better, you can join communities within the platform dedicated to various sexual interests and dating preferences, so you can find your proverbial tribe here quite easily.

    But that’s only a glimpse into what’s in store.

    What makes AFF’s user base stand out is that, despite the few inactive profiles that you might find here or there, those who actively use the platform are legit users. You’ll discover that members proactively reach out to one another to seal a one-night deal with one another.

    Talk about smooth sailing.

    However, we’re going to be honest, and say that AFF’s user interface takes a bit of getting used to. It’s a small price to pay for all the features that this site gives you, though.

    For one, AFF is great at finding ways to help you communicate with other members.

    There’s a place where you can join online chat rooms based on various interests; a DM section for some hot private messaging; and there’s even a place where you can have live cam chats with other users.

    And if you need to brush up on your casual dating game to help you bag a one-night stand, you can visit their online magazine section. It’s full of handy articles and guides for that sort of thing.

    You can use this amazing, one-night stand platform and one of the top hookup sites for free with a basic account.

    However, it’s still a freemium package at its core. Meaning, you’re going to need to sign up for a paid membership to access the full scope of features (like messaging and live cams).

    Don’t get disheartened by the fact that you have to pay for premium stuff, though, because it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

    In between the ability to quickly find a one-night stand partner to hook up with and fun features like their XXX videos, the premium membership fee is quite a bargain.

    Go to AdultFriendFinder now!

    2. Ashley Madison – Discreet One-Night Stand Site for Naughtiness

    travel dating


    • Especially designed for polyamory and extramarital hookups
    • Features 100% legit profiles
    • Great balance between male and female users
    • A perfect option for LGBTQ+ users
    • No need for monthly membership


    • Some inactive users and accounts here
    • Needs more free basic features


    • Starts at $59 for 100 Ashley Madison credits

    Ashley Madison has become– if nothing else– the most notorious dating stand site you can find online right now. That’s all thanks to their target demographic: married men and women looking to hook up outside of their marriages.

    There are millions of members on AM, including couples and polycules. Plus, there are no geographical restrictions here, which means you can easily find a hot date globally.

    And here’s the thing: there’s a high degree of singles within the AM community, despite the site being made for extramarital and polyamorous affairs.

    In other words, you can find just as many singles here as you would married folks.

    What makes the whole deal even sweeter is the variety of approaches to casual dating. Users are looking to slip it and dip it, members are looking for friends with benefits, and even long-term sub-dom relationships.

    Getting access to these people is exceedingly easy, too.

    AM has a straightforward user interface. You navigate through several basic sections: your profile, a page for viewing other users’ profiles, and your inbox – to name a few.

    And don’t worry about your wife, husband, or life partner finding out about your kinky shenanigans. AM has secure databases and encrypted systems around, allowing for discreet operation.

    Instead of having you sign up for a monthly membership, premium features like DMs and photo viewing can be accessed on a piecemeal basis.

    That’s right: you simply pay for the features that you need using their site’s currency, Ashley Madison credits.

    Go to Ashley Madison now

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    3. ALT – BDSM and Kinky Site for One Night Stands

    alt logo


    • Specializes in kink and fetish hookups
    • There’s a live sex cam option here
    • You can watch adult movies posted by other members
    • Free basic membership
    • An amazing LGBTQ+ platform


    • Tons of fake users here
    • Needs more free basic features


    • Premium memberships start at $29.95 per month

    ALT, if you can’t guess by its name, is a place where you can find a casual sex partner that’s got some mustard on it. In other words, this is the kind of one-night stand site that trades the pretenses of candlelit dinners with chains, ropes, leather, and latex.

    And we’re here for it.

    That being said, there’s a large community to be found on this top one-night stand site. That’s all thanks to the fact that ALT offers a free basic membership to their users, which allows you to browse the site without having to pay for anything.

    With free stuff comes the near-inevitable (and unwelcome) sight of fake users, though, so be extra mindful of that when finding a partner using this platform.

    A one-night stand site like this has diversity baked into it.

    Apart from the fact that there are tons of LGBTQ+ users here, you’d also find that there are many subcommunities within this platform, each dedicated to a specific kink or fetish. So, whether you’re into paddles and candles, or you just like to watch, there’s someone for you here.

    Unlike other adult dating and hookup platforms today, ALT decided to do away with quickfire suggestions, and instead opted for a more social media-like interface.

    You have the freedom to browse around for the perfect match through post updates and even the media they share.

    To communicate with other members via DMs, you’re going to need to opt for a premium account via a monthly membership. But don’t worry, Alt.com’s membership options are quite affordable compared to other premiums.

    Suffice it to say that you won’t be stuck eating ramen for the rest of the month.

    Alt.com is a perfect one-night stand website if you’re looking to find a partner off the beaten path. It’s a place teeming with deliciously devious individuals looking for their naughty match.

    Go to Alt.com now

    4. Fetlife – Affordable, Fetish-Friendly One-Night Stand Site

    Fetlife logo


    • Huge community focused on alternative hookups
    • Very affordable premium membership rates
    • XXX videos section is hot
    • Regular community contests
    • LGBTQ+ members are welcome here


    • Site design looks a bit dated
    • Inactive profiles here and there


    • Premium membership priced at $5 per month

    Fetlife has been around for quite some time now, and it’s carved itself a niche within the adult dating world that’s dedicated to alternative relationships.

    To be clear, we’re not just talking about BDSM here; Fetlife provides a more diverse set of one-night stand choices. There are ‘looners, cucks, dominatrixes, submissives, and everything in between.

    Fetlife has a large user base, and the members actively form communities based on their fetishes and kinks.

    So, you can easily meet a partner here that shares the same interests you do.

    Granted, there are a few inactive profiles hanging around this platform, but they’re in the far minority, so it shouldn’t be a problem to meet and connect with a potential, legit partner on this site.

    And if you’re an LGBTQ+ member, then you have reason to rejoice: this place is not only open to queer and non-hetero folks; they’re celebrated here, too.

    Suffice it to say that diversity isn’t an issue on this site.

    Fetlife’s user interface is akin to something like Facebook in that it has more of a social media aspect to it. You can write and comment on posts, and share photos and videos.

    Speaking of videos, Fetlife users can share spicy XXX clips on the platform. In fact, the site even hosts contests regularly to keep the community active with the help of these shared media.

    Fetlife offers a free basic account to anyone who wants to join, however, if you want to send and receive messages you’re going to need a premium membership upgrade.

    And at five bucks, the membership price is an absolute steal.

    Go to Fetlife now

    5. GetItOn – Best for Quick One-Night Stands With Hot Singles

    Get it on logo


    • Nice uploaded content from other members
    • Great one-night stand site for LGBTQ+ users
    • Quick and efficient pairing algorithm
    • Live cam option available
    • Mobile app version of this


    • Needs more free basic features
    • Some incomplete and dubious profiles found here


    • Premium membership starts at $29.95 per month

    GetItOn is exactly as its name suggests: this is a casual adult hookup site and app that’s specifically made for helping its members find one-night stands.

    Specializing in casual encounters, you’ll discover users are into friends with benefits and no-strings-attached relationships here.

    But where it truly shines is in helping you dine and dash, quickly and efficiently.

    There’s a reasonably large online community that can be found on GIO, and it’s one of the few casual adult dating sites and apps that don’t have any pretenses with what they offer: quick, one-and-done trysts.

    LGBTQ+ users will also find GIO to be more than an adequate platform to help you find a casual sex partner since this site has pretty much “open season” written all over it.

    And much like other modern dating sites out there, GIO uses a quick and efficient pairing algorithm to help deliver the proverbial goods to you.

    Make no mistake, though: this isn’t like Tinder or, say, Grindr.

    Unlike modern apps where you swipe left and right, GIO puts an efficient twist to their pairing algorithm by having you answer a fun little questionnaire.

    You’ll get match suggestions from the system based on your answers, which can cut the downtime of browsing for partners by yourself.

    Yes, there are a few shady users that you might run into, but they’re few and far between.

    Plus, you can video chat before meeting to see if someone’s who they say they are.

    GIO leans heavily toward their premium service, which means you’re going to need to upgrade your account to access everything that they offer. This includes access to the questionnaire and access to the messaging features and video chats with members.

    Go to GetItOn now

    6. Passion – Premium One Night Stand Site

    passion logo


    • Has an active user base
    • Great DM function available
    • LGBTQ+ members are welcome here
    • Amazing anti-scam account systems


    • Only available as a browser site
    • No free features whatsoever


    • Gold membership is priced at $27.95 per month

    Passion might sound like a dating site for serious relationships, but it’s the exact opposite of that. This is a classic one-night stand platform where members are looking for partners for a quick passionate lovemaking session, and then moving on to the next one.

    As far as the quality of users that you can find here, Passion prides itself on having one of the most legit user bases around.

    We can all attribute the “cleanliness” of this community to the site’s security systems.

    To be specific, not only does Passion verify users’ profiles, but they even have measures in place that automatically and actively removes bots, trolls, and scammers from the platform.

    So, yeah, this might be a smaller community, but each member is a legit user.

    Quality over quantity, am I right?

    Passion’s main draw is that it mainly focuses on DM interactions, to connect you with other members. This makes for a more intimate experience from start to finish since you’re not going to be at the mercy of any quickfire algorithm at all.

    Do take note, however, that there’s sadly no mobile app version available for Passion; this is a purely online browser experience.

    That being said, here’s why some users were put off from the website. You have to opt for a premium membership right from the start.

    Thankfully, they offer reasonable membership rates to their users, so it’s still a very accessible one-night stand site that you can use right now.

    Go to Passion now

    7. OutPersonals – Gay Site for Great One Night Stands

    Out Personals logo


    • Exclusively caters to gay men
    • Specifically made for casual encounters
    • Lets you chat on live cams
    • Nice user interface


    • Could use more free features


    • Membership upgrade starts at $34.95 per month

    OutPersonals is online gay dating’s answer to one-night stands.

    While it’s not strictly a dating site, you can post casual dating personal ads to find a partner.

    This is a rather versatile site that can give you both real-life NSA (No Strings Attached) encounters, as well as exclusively online sessions with your chosen partner.

    OutPersonals has a decently large online gay dating community, which is bigger compared to other niche-specific platforms.

    There are several reasons that gay men prefer to use OP for their one-night-stand needs.

    For one, there’s an extremely active member base, and nearly everyone is focused on finding a casual sex partner.

    For another, you aren’t limited to one-on-one sessions. You can easily find just as many gay couples looking for a third wheel, to swing or even host a group session.

    You won’t be at a loss for options here, that’s for certain. That’s all thanks to how OP has a dedicated live cam chat section where you can mutually masturbate with other members from the comfort of your own home.

    Finding these hot dudes is also a breeze because OP lets you access filters, other members’ live cams, and their profiles easily.

    Given that this is a freemium one-night stand site, free basic memberships are given to new users.

    Honestly, though, you won’t find much to do with a basic account; all of the features we’ve mentioned above are only accessible to paying premium members, such as their live cams and DM features.

    Go to OutPersonals now

    8. Chaturbate – Most Popular Site for Virtual One-Night Stands



    • Lots of available partners
    • Account signup is not mandatory
    • Great for virtual bud experience
    • Available as a mobile app
    • Has emphasis on LGBTQ+ members


    • No real-life one-night stand opportunities


    • Chaturbate token packages start at $10.99 per month

    Chaturbate is not your typical one-night stand site in that it doesn’t necessarily provide you with opportunities to meet someone in real life.

    However, they’re more than capable of providing you horny folks with a bevy of live cam model feeds, way hotter than some rando on dating sites.

    It’s no exaggeration when we say that this is the largest online-only one-night stand. With over 50 million active users frequenting this platform every month, discovering new hotties every single day is a cakewalk.

    Not only does Chaturbate allow LGBTQ+ users here, but it also emphasizes them. You can easily find just as many straight men and women on this hot one-night stand site as you would a trans model or a non-binary online hottie.

    You’re going to have to forgive Chaturbate’s admittedly dated site design.

    That being said, Chaturbate exclusively caters to live sex cams for a cyber one-night-stand experience.

    Even better, though, is the fact that these models let you do pretty much anything with them as long as you can spend a few tokens on their site.

    You’re going to need that digital currency to make requests, tip models and get access to exclusive content from the performers here, such as X-rated videos and photo sets.

    Go to Chaturbate now

    9. LiveJasmin – Online One Night Stands and Hot Live Cams



    • Provides you with professional partners
    • Efficient search filters
    • Lots of available categories
    • Member-uploaded photos and videos
    • Reasonable premium rates


    • No real-life dates
    • Needs more payment methods


    • LiveJasmin credit packages start at $40 (charged in Euros)

    LiveJasmin, like Chaturbate, is a one-night stand that exclusively caters to that virtual girlfriend or boyfriend experience.

    Or, more appropriately, you’re going to find virtual friends-with-benefits here.

    What sets LiveJasmin apart, though, is that it’s geared more towards providing you with “private” experiences with your chosen partner. That means you can have them all to yourself whenever you try to virtually fondle them.

    There are a lot of available partners on LJ, and each of them is a bonafide professional model. From MILFs to girls next door, these professionals will prioritize your satisfaction above all else.

    Also, you’ll find that there’s a great level of diversity here.

    Although they don’t put a special focus on LGBTQ+ models, there are a lot of them you can find on this platform with the help of the site’s useful and efficient search filters.

    Taking someone out on a virtual one-night stand via LJ is very easy. You just need to set up your credit card (it’s the only payment method they accept) and buy LiveJasmin Credits, their digital currency.

    You get charged by the minute here, so that’s important to note whenever you have an online one-night stand with one of their models. It can get expensive, is what we’re getting at.

    The bottom line is that LiveJasmin, a premium online one-night stand site, delivers all the goods at relatively affordable prices.

    Go to LiveJasmin now

    What Is a One Night Stand? – FAQs

    What’s the Best One-Night Stand Site I Can Use Right Now?

    The best one-night stand site you can use right now is Adult Friend Finder since it’s got the largest casual sex community available. Ashley Madison isn’t too far behind, thanks to the large user base and discreet experience.

    However, each entry that we’ve provided you in this article is a legitimate one-night stand platform you can use.

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    Can I Find Serious Relationships on One-Night Stand Sites?

    Yes, you can find serious relationships on one-night stand sites.

    Albeit it’s highly improbable, the chance is not entirely impossible. You only need to state what you’re looking for and hope that you attract a potential mate.

    Are One-Night Stand Sites Legal?

    Yes, one-night stand sites are legal.

    As far as our top picks are concerned, every one of these online platforms is legal in that they abide by state and federal laws to provide you with hot one-night-stand partners.

    As long as you are not a minor, you are free to find a law-abiding partner on these websites.

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    How Do I Keep Myself Safe When Having a One-Night Stand?

    To keep yourself safe when having a one-night stand, start by always using a legitimate site like Adult Friend Finder, Alt.com or Ashley Madison.

    After that, follow these steps for a safe one-night stand.

    • Get to know your partner beforehand. This way you can determine whether the person you’re meeting is a like-minded person who knows what they’re getting into.
    • Communicate that it’s a one-time encounter and that you are not looking for something long-term, rather than leading them on and leaving them.
    • Don’t get your sugar and bread at the same store. That means don’t have one-night stands at your home, or theirs. After all, you don’t know them well, do you? Stick to a motel or a hotel room, since public places are better for these situations.
    • Keep contact within the site. Nothing’s worse than being hounded by someone you had a one-night stand with, even after they agreed to a casual thing. So keep your basic information simple.
    • Establish consent. Regardless of whether it’s a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, always ask for consent before engaging in a physical relationship.
    • Use protection. There is nothing worse than a pregnancy scare or an STD, so always use a condom and some form of contraceptive.

    What’s The Best One-Night Stand Site for Gay Men?

    The best one-night stand sites for gay men are AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison thanks to their huge and diverse user bases. But if you’re looking for an exclusively gay one-night stand, then we highly recommend that you visit OutPersonals.

    This platform has an exclusively gay user community and even has a live cam chat feature to boot!

    Can I Have Virtual One-Night Stands Online?

    Yes, you can have virtual one-night stands online.

    Sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, or GetItOn, offer live cams and video chatting, where you can have virtual casual sex with other users.

    These are great alternatives to real-life casual sex since you don’t even have to go out of your home to participate in them.

    Which One Night Stand Site Will Be Yours for a Hookup?

    Whether you’re looking for singles, couples, or even groups to have one-night stands with, it’s never been easier. We’ve provided more than enough options to get the gears going on your midnight train.

    With the help of platforms like AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison, it’ll take no time for you to be entangled in passion with a hot stranger.

    So, just remember to always keep yourself safe and use protection whenever you have a casual encounter. And most of all, have fun while doing the nasty!

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