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    10 Best Amsterdam Escort Services to Find Hot Professional Escorts When You’re in the Netherlands!

    For the uninitiated, Amsterdam might seem like a modern-day Sodom and Gomora full of nothing but sex, drugs, and — well — more sex.

    But it’s so much more than that!

    Where other people see a cesspool of inebriation and depravity, we see a safe space for alternative lifestyles and sexual liberation.

    And speaking of sexual liberation, you’re going to find that the sex industry has become one of Amsterdam’s bread and butter.

    The problem is: with so many escort services that claim to provide their clients with hot models that will do anything and everything with you – it’s easy to get duped and pay premium rates for subpar services.

    Well, don’t worry, adventurer!

    Because in this article we’re going to provide you with a list of the best Amsterdam escort services that make good with the promise of serving you with the hottest professional models—regardless of what gender you’re into—that make sure you have a good time!

    Let’s get to it!

    A First Look at the Best Amsterdam Escort Services


    Escort Service Editor’s Note Ratings
    Society Service 2022’s best escort service in Amsterdam 98%
    Desire Escorts Provides great outcall escort services 96%
    Euro Girls Escorts A great platform for independent elite escorts 96%
    Seeking Perfect option for girlfriend dates 95%
    Ashley Madison Has a large escort community 95%
    Kingley Agency Features popular porn stars doing escort work 94%
    21 Love Club A nice option for quick rub and tugs 94%
    Golden Key Has great amenities and call girls 92%
    Downtown Amsterdam A fabled and timeless escort option 91%
    Ubergirls Provides you with escorts of all nationalities 90%


    The Top Amsterdam Escort Services Reviewed

    1. Society Service — Best Amsterdam Escorts


    • Large selection of escort girls
    • Great model profiles
    • Premium service


    • Higher rates than other escort agencies
    • No discounts

    It’s true that Amsterdam pretty much has everything when it comes to the sex industry, regardless of how much you’re willing to spend.

    However, if you want nothing but only the most premium kind of models, call girls, and escorts – then look no further than the Society Service escort agency to quench those fiery loins of yours with one of the many professional companions on their roster.

    And when we say “many”, we totally stand by that statement. Society Service has one of the largest stables of professional Amsterdam escorts that you can find among its peers.

    And the best thing?

    They don’t limit themselves to girls; their selection of call boys and male escorts are just as robust as their fairer counterparts.

    One of the things we love about SS is how transparent the models are when it comes to their services.

    Each of the professional companions on this site has a detailed profile that contains a treasure trove of information and uploaded content that will delightfully tickle your pickle and help you decide if they’re the right fit for your tastes.

    Not only do they have photos and short bios of the models, but the Amsterdam escort girls and boys on SS also make it clear what their specialties are.

    So, if you’re looking for something specific—whether it’s vanilla or something more daring—chances are high that you’re going to find them on this top escort service in Amsterdam right now!

    2. Desire Escorts— Best Cheap Outcall Service


    • Highly affordable rates
    • 100% professional escorts
    • Provides quick & easy service


    • Some models look better in their pics
    • Limited operating hours

    Contrary to popular belief, The City of Love is not reserved for walking moneybags who have cash coming out of their orifices continuously; it’s actually a place that’s open to a wide variety of price points.

    And no other escort agency in Amsterdam proves this statement better than Desire Escorts.

    This is a company that makes sure their professional companions, call girls, and models are as accessible as possible.

    What does that mean?

    Well, not only are you getting Amsterdam escorts at highly affordable rates, but the company makes sure that each and every performer they have on-call has been vetted to guarantee their clients a romping good time with these hotties!

    Especially if you want your professional companions to be on outcall, you’re going to find that DE specializes in sending you your chosen call girl as quickly and as easily as possible.

    Hell, they even offer escort drivers to make sure that everything goes as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

    Make no mistake, though: outcall escorts aren’t the only thing that this company offers. They also have in-call models as well as online booking services.

    The only downside is that DE’s operating hours aren’t 24/7; they’re only available from 8 pm-5 am.

    But come on: that’s more than enough time to book one of their lovely ladies; get them to your doorstep, and proceed with having some of the best times you can have in Amsterdam!

    3. Euro Girl Escorts— Best for Independent Amsterdam Escorts


    • Best escorts from all over Europe
    • Price points for all budget tiers
    • Plenty of independent escort girls & boys


    • Lots of fake accounts floating around
    • Some call girls use fake pics

    Euro Girl Escorts is less of a company and more of a directory for call girls and professional companions all over Europe – with Amsterdam being no exception to that.

    If you’re specifically hankering for a hot date while you’re in Holland, though, you’re going to find that there are more than enough choices for you to pick from on this site.

    However, keep in mind that most—if not all—of these call girls are working independently, so you won’t be getting any guarantees with the quality of service that they provide their clients.

    That’s not to mention, too, that there are a lot of fake profiles here, which range from bots made to scam you from your money to actual call girls who look nothing like their pics.

    But don’t worry!

    That’s something that a little proper research can fix: a full profile with great reviews from other users is a good indication that you’re dealing with a legit call girl on EGE.

    Plus, you’ll be glad to find out that this site is open to all budget tiers, as they have models and Amsterdam escorts in a wide range of price points.

    As such, looking for the perfect companion to snuggle up with on a cold Dutch night (perhaps while even being given a Dutch Oven) is easy with EGE.

    4. Seeking — Best Escort Agency Alternative for Girlfriend Experience


    • Lots of young single women
    • Female members get to sign up for free
    • Available as a mobile app


    • Pricey rates for male members
    • No free option whatsoever

    So, you want a professional companion but you’re also kind of a hopeless romantic.

    Well, Seeking Arrangement — or more commonly known simply as Seeking — is the perfect site and app for you!

    This is one online adult dating platform that works as a great substitute for your regular escort agencies in Amsterdam.

    For one, it’s widely available, meaning you can find a hot professional companion for that girlfriend experience you’re aching for wherever in the world you might be.

    For another, Seeking does not limit itself to being just a website; they have a dedicated app to make all your arrangements as streamlined as can be.

    And if you’re an aspiring professional escort who doesn’t know where to start in the biz, then listen to us when we say that Seeking is way better than most companies out there!

    For one, –

    You can sign up with their site and become a legit member without paying any premiums or fees.

    And once you find out that there are a lot of hot daddies here to fulfill your dreams – then you might not even think of switching to another platform.

    If you’re a man, on the other hand, then we have to say that Seeking is your best bet if you’re looking for a pretty young thing to date for a night or two. And since you’re dealing with 100% legit professional companions here, satisfaction is guaranteed!

    5. Ashley Madison — Best for Sex Dating


    • Available globally
    • Huge community
    • Free basic membership
    • Mobile app
    • Available for all genders


    • Not specifically made for escort dating
    • There are some fake accounts floating around

    Ashley Madison is one of the most popular adult dating sites out there right now, but what you probably haven’t heard about it is how it’s alternatively one of the top platforms to procure escort agencies in Amsterdam today.

    Hear us out: yes, AM is made for a more general audience, which is casual encounters (particularly for people who have a thing for extramarital affairs).

    However, it’s grown to become an all-around amazing hookup site and app that you can use.

    Having said that, you’re going to discover that there is a bevy of sensual escorts in Amsterdam who offer their services through Ashely Madison. All it takes to find them on the site is a quick search using their efficient filters or search engine.

    And since AM is more of a dating site – it’s more likely that you get to directly chat with your chosen professional companion than have an agency or some other intermediary work as a go-between you two.

    Lastly, AM is available for FREE!

    They work using a freemium scheme where basic memberships — which are enough to help you search for the right call girl, call boy, or trans companion — don’t come with any fees.

    If you want full access, though, then upgrading your account is as easy as pressing one of their buttons.

    6. Kingley Agency — Best Porn Star Escort Service


    • Features legit adult film stars
    • Available worldwide
    • Escort travel bookings


    • Small overall escort roster
    • Rates are expensive
    • Profiles not too detailed

    Sometimes you have to leave it to a professional if you want the best type of service or product available, and sex work is no exemption to that rule.

    Kingley escort agency doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to what they offer: premium service from high-class Amsterdam escorts.

    How high-class are these escort girls and guys, you ask?

    Well, you’re going to find that Kingley Agency not only has some of the hottest escort girls and professional companions around.

    Plus, they also manage 100% legitimate porn stars in their roster who take time off from on-camera action to provide you some “behind the scenes” fun – if you know what we mean.

    From Aletta Ocean to Jennifer Lex, you’re going to discover that KA only offers top-tier sex workers in their roster.

    In fact, some of their models don’t accept “new clients”; you have to be referred by another agency first in order to verify your identity.

    And it’s all understandable.

    After all, you can’t expect the sex industry’s equivalent of Lionel Messi to play in some piss-poor pitch, right?

    Exclusivity aside, KA is a great option if you want to take your arm candy with you anywhere in the world. Not only do they offer outcall services, but they also provide you with the opportunity to book their models for long-distance travel.

    7. 21 Love Club — Best for Thai Erotic Massage


    • Happy endings guaranteed
    • Affordable
    • Courteous & friendly masseuses
    • Great for fans of Asian women


    • Not exactly an escort agency provider

    Ah, the infamous 21 Love Club.

    Many sex tourists have raved about this place, and it goes by many names: 21 Love Club, Love Club 21, or simply Love Club.

    Granted, this place is not exclusively made to provide you with escort companies, but it’s so good at what it does that it might as well be.

    The thing is, 21LC is an erotic massage parlor that offers all kinds of relief — and we mean ALL.

    Happy endings are the norm in this place, so if you’re looking for a quick rub and tug on your way to a night of hardcore partying in The City of Love, then you should definitely check this place out.

    That’s not to mention, too, that most of their masseuses are hot Thai girls, which makes it an absolute haven for people who have a thing for Asian women.

    Best of all?

    The rates with which 21LC offers their services are some of the most affordable around! And the soft dexterous happy ending-giving hands of their professionals won’t gouge you by demanding tips and any additional fees.

    As they say: come for the erotic massage, stay for the happy ending… and then come again!

    8. Golden Key — Best Sex Club in Amsterdam


    • Years of experience
    • Top-notch escorts & amenities
    • Great for in-call escort hunters


    • Escort availability varies

    Golden Key, or more formally known as Club Golden Key, is one of Amsterdam’s most respected sex clubs.

    In here, you can expect an atmosphere that’s all about having fun and getting intimate with one of their professional companions.

    In fact, we’ll even go so far as to say that this is the fine-dining equivalent of sex work!

    Patrons can expect a nicely regimented service the moment you step inside CGK’s premises. First, you have a few drinks while their staff helps you determine which escort suits your preferences best.

    Then, you have the option of getting more intimate with them by taking them into one of their private rooms.

    And in cases where you’re just cruising for companionship, don’t worry!

    A quick stay at their bar will show you just how friendly and willing CGK’s roster of call girls and models are, as they make you feel welcome all the way.

    Their private room amenities are great, which include a hot tub, a great sound system, and a king-size bed to make sure you and your professional companion have more than enough space to explore each other’s bodies the whole night.

    Set right within Amsterdam’s red-light district – you’re going to find that CGK’s operating hours have been specifically optimized for people who like to party all night and sleep all day.

    9. Downtown Amsterdam — Best Value Amsterdam Escorts


    • Easy access to escorts
    • Transparent escort agency
    • Suits ALL budget tiers


    • Slightly embarrassing

    One of the things that make Amsterdam such an infamous city – is their downtown section where you can find call girls, models, and Amsterdam escorts presented to you behind a glass window like a gaggle of hot mannequins who are ready to service any paying customer.

    In fact, this is one of the best places where you can find that much-needed Amsterdam escort service you’ve been looking for in Amsterdam.

    The downtown section isn’t just eye candy; they actually provide you with some of the quickest, easiest ways to get your rocks off.

    As is the tradition in the city, the various professional companions brandish their wares from various establishments while they stand or sit in front of a showcase, with the only thing separating you from them a panel of glass.

    This makes it convenient for potential clients to check out what they’re getting, so the risk of getting something not as described—like how other escort sites do— is non-existent here.

    And once you’ve chosen the right sex worker, you simply enter whichever building they’re working in; make the necessary arrangements, and of you go into pound town!

    10. Ubergirls — Best Alternative to Desire Escorts


    • Available in all major cities
    • Great search filters
    • Variety of payment methods
    • Features different nationalities


    • Some of the models don’t offer services

    Ubergirls, which is a sub-company of LoveHub, is one of the best Amsterdam escort companies that you can find today – if you’re looking for professional companions who offer their services at relatively affordable prices.

    Apart from that, you’re also going to love how Ubergirls isn’t just available in Amsterdam; it’s basically available in nearly all major cities all over the world, from Tokyo to LA.

    It’s also probably one of the reasons why UG features a wide selection of escort girls based on their nationality.

    So, whether you’re in Asia or Europe, finding a specific type of woman to accompany you in a sexy little adventure is no problem here.

    We also love how detailed UG’s search filters are: it lets you narrow down your search based on categories like age; their hourly rates; and the price range they charge their clients.

    The only gripe we have here, honestly, is that there are some models who don’t offer any escort services here (they focus on live sex cams instead), but they’re too few and far between to become any real issue.

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    Best Amsterdam Escort Service: FAQ

    What’s the Best Amsterdam Escort Agency?

    Each and every pick that you’re going to see in this article is a legitimate contender for “best escort service in Amsterdam”.

    However, we have a couple of favorites that just stand out even among some of the most reputable and popular places that we’ve mentioned in our list.

    First, there’s Society Service, which is just an amazing escort company all in all.

    Yes, it’s true that they charge higher than your regular purveyor of professional companions, but you get service that’s second to none with them.

    They have a wide selection of call girls and call boys, with each of them providing their own flavor and specialty that’s perfect for the discerning client.

    Desire Escorts, on the other hand, is the kind of top escort agency in Amsterdam that’s been made with everyone in mind.

    This is the best option for people who want to have fun in The City of Love on a budget, but make no mistake: the services and call girls that they provide are worth way more than what you’re paying for!

    How Much Does an Escort in Amsterdam Cost?

    The cost really depends on which company or escort service you’re dealing with.

    As we said before, Amsterdam is a place that can provide you with nice sexual escapades regardless of your budget.

    But to give you an idea, places like 21 Love Club — which provides you with services that go anywhere between 30 mins. to about an hour— charge as low as 50 Euros for their services.

    On the other hand,

    There are more premium options like Society Service and Kingley Agency, which provide you with some of the most experienced and popular call girls around.

    These companies charge anywhere between 150 Euros to 500 Euros depending on a variety of factors like the escort’s popularity; how long you’re renting them; and what kind of services they provide, to name a few.

    Can I Take an Escort in Amsterdam Out on a Date?

    Some companies like Kingley Agency and Desire Escorts offer long-distance travel escort bookings and outcall services, respectively, which means that you can take their professional companions out of their respective establishments for a date.

    However, you should also know that there are some escorts and escort companies that strictly abide by an in-call format where you are only allowed to rent these performers within their workplace.

    A great example of this would be Club Gold Key: it’s a place where everything happens in-house.

    Are Escorts the Same as Prostitutes?

    That’s actually a common misconception.

    Prostitutes are sex workers exclusively. That means you’re paying directly for sexual favors.

    On the other hand, escorts are more akin to professional companions: you’re paying for them to spend time with you, and anything beyond that (such as sexual activities) is done outside the initial terms of your agreement with them.

    In either case, both professions tend to intertwine in Amsterdam.

    Are Escorts Legal in Amsterdam?

    Yes, they are.

    Amsterdam is a progressive city where prostitution and escort agencies are legalized.

    As such, you’re going to find that it’s also one of the safest and most legitimate places where people can conduct dealings in the sex industry.

    Get Ready to Check Out the Best Amsterdam Escort Services!

    With companies like Society Service, Ubergirls, and Desire Escorts — just to name a few — finding the perfect professional companion to accompany you for a hot date or an intimate stay at a Dutch hotel has become easier than ever!

    Not only do these places provide you with some of the most attractive models that are more than willing to fulfill your fantasies – but they ensure that the whole process goes as smoothly as humanly possible, from browsing to checkout.

    So, go out there and have fun in Amsterdam!

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