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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

What are the best CBD oils for anxiety? Consider the following...

CBD smoothie
From shakes to smoothies, parfait and more, add a little CBD to whatever excites you and get some much needed relief. | Image provided


When faced with a stressful situation, people often get a feeling of anxiety.

This is a normal body reaction to stress and can be an emotion caused by a certain event. However, if this feeling lasts longer or has a tendency to get extreme then it is considered to be a disorder. Today’s busy lifestyles and excessive workload put pressure on everyone and it is no wonder that more and more people suffer from anxiety or even depression.

Anyone who is dealing with this condition knows that it can be frustrating, scary and it might even cause a loss of appetite, sleeping disorder and it’s simply unpleasant and at times unbearable. Looking for relief, people struggling with anxiety use various medications or even try alternative medicine. It is familiar that plants and herbs offer some relaxation, but lately, more and more research shows that CBD oil is widely used to treat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and similar conditions. In 2018, the cannabidiol or CBD, one of the most popular extracts of the hemp plant has been legalized in the USA. Ever since then, there has been a great demand for CBD oil on the market by individuals who have heard about its beneficial properties.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety Available for Sale

Naturally, numerous CBD oil brands are now trying to find their way to meet this demand, therefore consumers might feel overwhelmed when choosing the best product to treat anxiety. For that reason, we have done extensive research on various brands and made a list of the best CBD oil for anxiety available on the market. Not only that we have found the top brands, but we have also determined the pros and cons of their products.

Try The CBD

At the top of our list is a premium brand that originates from Colorado, the land of the best CBD extracted from organic non-GMO hemp. Try The CBD is a company that offers a high-quality product worth every penny. At their online store, you can choose from full-spectrum CBD oil or pure CBD oil. Moreover, they offer a wide spectrum of CBD products, such as CBD gummies, creams, softgels, capsules, and various vaping products. Unlike many competitive brands, Try The CBD use only natural ingredients in the production and use third-party labs to test their products for purity, safety, and clarity. These results are available on their website, so any user has instant access to them.

Pros: Try The CBD offer CBD oil with a wide range of potencies and this makes it suitable for regular users and for those who are trying it for the first time. Here you can get a great value at an affordable price and on top of that, this company gives a special discount for certain categories including veterans, students, low-income individuals, soldiers, firemen, and people with disabilities.

Cons: The only disadvantage of this brand is that it doesn’t ship products internationally. At the moment, only citizens of the USA can order CBD oil from Try The CBD, however, we hope that they can change this in the future.


The second-best on the list of CBD oil for anxiety is HealthworxCBD. They have been on the market for quite a long time and found their place with the quality CBD oil they offer and the customer care. Based in Colorado, HealthworxCBD uses only organically grown hemp and extracts the CBD through strict CO2 extraction methods. All CBD products available in their store are tested by an independent lab to ensure the safety, quality, and purity of all ingredients. You can get different types of productsCBD oil, gummies, capsules, creams, vapes in many flavors

Pros: One of the best things about HealthworxCBD is that you can make your pick from CBD oil tinctures for sleep, energy, focus, or relaxation. Furthermore, they sell strong and mild CBD oil, the potency varies from 200mg CBD in a bottle to 5000mg. You can also choose from full-spectrum, THC-free, or terpene-enhanced CBD oil.

Cons: Other than CBD gummies, there are no other edibles by this brand. However, when it comes to CBD oil, we couldn’t determine any cons. If you buy a HealthworxCBD oil you get a top-shelf product.

Hemp oil extracts come in various flavors, but they have the same effect when it comes to stress relief. | Image provided

Verma Farms

In the search for the best CBD oil for anxiety, we have come across this new brand. Verma Farms is a recently-bloomed brand that is slowly finding its way on the market with a particular focus on helping you get better sleep and relax. They are inspired by the islands of Hawaii and use organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free hemp to extract CBD and produce one of the finest CBD oils. Verma Farms offer only pure CBD oil without any THC in very interesting flavors such as mint, strawberry, watermelon, lemon-lime, and other mostly fruity flavors.

Pros: Verma Farms offer free shipping on all their products and orders.

Cons: There is no full-spectrum CBD oil available, so this is a disadvantage for those who would like to get all the benefits from CBD. Also, the THC-free CBD oil from Verma Farms has only one strength – it contains 500mg of CBD.


CBDistillery is a brand that offers full-spectrum and pure CBD oil at affordable prices. They are known by their “CBDmovement” that they have started in order to encourage people to consider this alternative product. As a result, many people suffering from anxiety, depression, or similar conditions have included CBD oil in their wellness routine.

Pros: The price is one of their best features. CBDistillery has a great reputation in the CBD world and prides itself on offering a quality product at an affordable price.

Cons: The CBD oil by CBDistillery is not made from organic hemp.


PureKana is a well-known brand where you can get CBD oil made of Kentucky-grown hemp. They are based in Arizona and produce high-quality CBD products. Other than CBD oil tinctures, you can get all sorts of edibles, creams, capsules, bath-bombs all in various flavors.

Pros: PureKana offers free shipping on all products and their CBD oil tinctures are available in five different potencies from 300mg to 5000mg.

Hemp Bombs

If you decide to try CBD oil made by Hemp Bombs you would get exactly that – “a bomb of hemp”. Their CBD oil is very potent and contains 60 mg of CBD per serving. As opposed to the rest of the brands this potency is ten times higher, most of them contain 5mg to 7mg of CBD per serving.

Pros: Hemp Bombs use organic hemp grown in Kentucky which points out to the fact that you can get a high-quality CBD oil with this brand.

Cons: The main disadvantage is the high potency of their CBD oil, which makes this product not suitable for all users.

The beauty of CBD oil is it being all-natural and doesn’t cause any extreme side effects. | Image provided

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is a company that uses California-grown organic hemp to produce CBD oil with great quality. There are four strengths available – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2500mg. Royal CBD uses independent labs to test their products to ensure they are safe for consumption and uses CO2 extraction method.

Pros: Not only that they offer a great quality of CBD oil they give the option of free shipping in the USA and full refunds.

Cons: Royal CBD sells only full-spectrum CBD oil, there is no CBD isolate or THC-free CBD oil.

How to Determine the Quality of CBD Oil

To compile this list of the best CBD oil for anxiety we took into consideration the main factors that are important to determine the quality of the product. There are so many brands out there claiming to provide a high-quality CBD oil, but who could be trusted?

First and foremost, the source of hemp is crucial. If the company uses organic and non-GMO hemp to extract CBD especially if it’s grown on a farm in Colorado or Kentucky, then you can rest assured that you are getting a great product. Organic hemp will yield pure CBD rich in cannabinoids. However, that’s not enough. Pay attention to the extraction method that a brand uses. There are some extraction methods that include using toxic solvents, and the safest and most efficient method is CO2 extraction.

Ultimately, it’s of prime importance that the CBD brand tests the content of the products. Most reputable companies use third-party labs to do the product testing and prove that it contains exactly what it says on the label. Each brand needs to be transparent, so the lab results should be public or available upon request to the customers.

Can CBD Oil Help With Anxiety?

Most people who are suffering from anxiety try CBD oil because they are not happy with the numerous contraindications or side effects they get from prescription drugs and medication. Moreover, some people have only mild or occasional anxiety attacks or they are just going through a difficult time. Both types use the alternative to relax and choose it mainly because it’s natural and doesn’t cause any extreme side effects.

With the increased use of CBD oil, the main question comes up – Can CBD oil help with anxiety?

Even though CBD doesn’t cure anxiety or depression, there is a lot of research showing that it helps greatly in treating this condition. CBD oil, in reality, gives fast relief, reduces the stress level and it improves the individual’s ability to deal with stress.

Suggested Use of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Unlike most prescribed medication, CBD oil doesn’t come with a specific dosage that is required or mandatory. It all depends on several factors, but have in mind that the dosing of CBD oil takes time and trials. First of all, consider the severity of your condition, your weight, and height and have patience. Every individual reacts in a different way to this treatment, so if you are a first-time user start slow. This means that it’s advised to take one dropper per day and examine the effects it gives to your body. Once you notice that you’ve reached your comfort zone, it’s time to increase the dosage.

Whatever dose of CBD oil you get, don’t worry about taking too much because you can’t overdose on it. Another important thing to consider is the potency of the CBD oil you use. One dropper of a 200mg bottle of CBD oil is not the same as a dropper of a 2000mg CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

The number of people battling with anxiety is increasing by the day. It is an unpleasant condition and even though it might not be life-threatening it can be difficult to live with it. CBD oil as a safe and natural remedy is a great option for many, also it’s been proved to be effective.

If you consider trying CBD oil for the first time, read this article carefully and do some more research before you choose your brand. Finally, we suggest that it’s best to consult with your doctor and get their opinion depending on your condition. Lastly, go through the brand’s reviews and read what other users of CBD oil have to say and make your pick.

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