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Animal Cookies Strain: Detailed Weed Strain Information & HONEST Reviews [2023]

animal cookies strain

If you are seeking a strain that combines potent effects with a delightful flavor profile, look no further than the Animal Cookies strain – Indica-dominant powerhouse that promises a blissful experience like no other.

With its unique blend of pungent earthy and sweet notes, this strain offers a truly captivating journey for cannabis enthusiasts.

From the best seed banks that stock Animal Cookies seeds for sale like Crop King Seeds to THC content, effects, and growing tips, keep reading to learn about Animal Cookies also known as Animal Crackers. We’ll also mention ways to save money and get free shipping plus extra seeds.

About Animal Cookies Strain: Quick Overview

Animal Cookies is a cross between two popular strains: Fire OG x Girl Scout Cookies. This Indica dominant hybrid strain was created by a Canadian seed bank called BC Bud Depot.  BC Bud Depot used selective breeding to enhance the yield and potency of the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

The result is a highly potent strain with THC levels that can reach up to 27%. Animal Cookies, Fire OG x Girl Scout, is a clone-only strain, meaning it can only be propagated or bred through cuttings of the parent plant rather than cross the seeds.

However, some seed banks do sell Animal Cookies marijuana seeds for those who want to grow their own plants. 


  • Sweet and earthy aroma
  • Up to 27% THC
  • Potent relaxing and calming effect
  • Mood enhancement
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Flavorful delight
  • Pain management


  • May cause nausea, paranoia, dry mouth, and eyes
  • Strong sedative effects

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Animal Cookies Seeds: Everything You Need to Know

From effects, to flavors, THC content, and growing information, here’s everything you need to know about Animal Cookies seeds.

Potency: 4.9/5

Due to the genetic crossing, Animal Cookies has an impressive level of potency that sets it apart from the average Indica strains of similar genetics.

Fire OG x Girl Scout Cookies strain often shines with high THC content, typically ranging from somewhere between 20% and 27%. This contributes to strong psychoactive effects, delivering a powerful and long-lasting high. If you find it too strong you can go for purple Animal Cookies which induce feelings of physical relaxation and relieve headaches without the powerful high.

The Indica dominant strain often exhibits a rich terpene profile and composition, including caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, among others. The terpene profile contributes to the strain’s distinctive aroma, herbal flavor, and potential calming effects.

Animal Cookies can also exhibit balanced CBD levels, although generally not as high as the THC content. As a result, this hybrid strain is a preferred choice for those seeking a more intense cannabis experience.

Effects: 4.9/5

Since Animal Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid strain, it tends to produce a profound state of relaxation. It helps envelope your body with initial euphoria and relaxing effects to ease your tension. Some describe its effects as having a feeling similar to melting your body.

Consumers often report a wave of euphoria and an uplift in mood after the first hit. This hybrid state can help you enhance creativity and focus – so if you are looking for inspiration for your art, or want to have thought-provoking conversations, trying it might be a good idea.

The potent effect can also potentially assist in calming racing thoughts and promoting a sense of calm necessary for a good night’s sleep. It can also be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

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Taste & Smell: 4.8/5

Animal Cookies buds are typically medium-sized and popcorn-shaped, with a dark green color and hints of purple.

They are covered in thick, frosty trichomes that give them a sticky texture. Animal Cookies taste can be described as a harmonious mix of sweet and earthy notes, cherry, brown sugar, and delicious vanilla taste with a sour aroma, creating a pleasant experience for cannabis users.

You may detect hints of sugary sweetness reminiscent of freshly baked cookies (no surprise, it’s called cookies for a reason), evoking a comforting and nostalgic sensation.

As for the smell, Animal Cookies can release an inviting smell of freshly baked goods. There also may be herbal undertones that add a touch of complexity to the overall aroma.

Growing Procedure: 4.5/5

Animal Cookies can be bred indoors and outdoors, however, it thrives best in a climate-controlled environment. 

It is considered a moderately difficult strain to grow since you have to regularly trim and prune buds from the lower branches. These encourage lateral growth of buds and aid in light and airflow penetration within the plant, flowers, and bud.

Animal Cookies tend to have a flowering period of 9-10 weeks indoors and can yield up to 11 ounces per square foot. If you decide to grow it outdoors, make sure you harvest it in the September weather. In that case, it will yield up to 13 ounces per plant head. The plant leaves appearance have a frosty trichomes coating.

Customer Reviews: 4.6/5

Reviews of Animal Cookies often highlight good qualities and positive experiences. Many users who have consumed it praise its strong effects, describing a deep relaxation that helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

Sleep-related benefits are another aspect that garners positive feedback.

Numerous individuals report that Animal Cookies has helped them combat insomnia and achieve a more restful and relieved night’s sleep.

However, it’s also essential to consider individual tolerances and preferences. Some individuals say that higher doses of prolonged use may lead to a more sedating experience, not ideal for those who are looking for a more energizing strain. 

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Where Can You Buy Animal Cookies Strain

Animal Cookies can be found at many online retailers. However, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality, lab-tested products from reputable sources.

To help you make a reliable decision, here is the list of the best seed banks that stock Animal Cookies.

  1. Crop King Seeds – Best seed bank overall
  2. Rocket Seeds – Fast & discreet shipping
  3. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best customer service
  4. Sunwest Genetics – Free shipping on selected orders
  5. Sonoma Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank

1. Crop King Seeds – Best Seed Bank Overall

Crop King Seeds

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable source of weed seeds, you might want to check out Crop Kings Seeds. They have a large selection of high-quality seeds that can suit any preference or need. They also have a very informative blog that offers helpful tips and tricks on how to grow your own weed successfully.

Crop Kings Seeds reviews note that it is not the cheapest option out there, but they make up for it with their excellent quality and service. You can pay with credit or debit cards, Bitcoin, or Interac if you are in Canada, and they will ship your order to anywhere in North America. You can expect to receive your package within 2 to 5 days.

Crop Kings Seeds guarantees that all your seeds will germinate, as long as you follow their recommended germination method. For more information, read this how to germinate weed seeds guide.

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2. Rocket Seeds – Fast & Discreet Shipping

Rocket Seeds

If you are looking for a huge variety of weed seeds from different growers around the world, you should check out Rocket Seeds. They have over 650 strains to choose from, and they are all high-quality and reliable.

They also have a great customer service team that can help you with any questions or issues you have about growing your own weed. They are available 24 hours a day, so you can always reach them.

Rocket Seeds is known for their fast and discreet shipping worldwide. You can get your order in just 5 days if you are in the US, no matter where you live. They also have some amazing deals, such as free shipping on orders over $200 and 10 free seeds on orders over $420.

Rocket Seeds has a strict no-refund policy for customers outside of North America. If you are in North America, you can only get a full refund if you return the package unopened and untouched. However, they also have an 80% germination guarantee, so if you have less than 80% success rate with your seeds, they might consider giving you a refund.

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3. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Customer Service

Mary Jane_s Garden

If you want to learn more about different strains and how to grow them, you should visit Mary Jane’s Garden. They have a lot of useful information and detailed descriptions for each strain on their site. You can also contact their 24-hour customer support service if you need more advice on growing your own weed.

Mary Jane’s Garden has a diverse collection of strains from various parts of the world, and they only work with reputable seed producers. They can ship your order to any country in the world, as long as you meet their minimum order of $200.

You can get your order within a week if you are in North America or Europe, or within 3 weeks for other places. They sometimes offer 10% discounts, but you have to check their website for the latest deals.

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4. Sunwest Genetics – Free Shipping on Selected Orders


Another seed bank where you can purchase Animal Cookies is Sunwest Genetics. This is a reputable provider that offers around 500 strains for its customers.

If your order exceeds $200, you will receive free shipping. Additionally, reshipping is also free, so you don’t have to pay extra if something goes wrong.

Sunwest Genetics has excellent customer service. Feel free to contact them in case you need advice or help. This seed bank also has a great blog page for growers, so make sure to check it out.

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5. Sonoma Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank


Sonoma Seeds is a famous cannabis seed supplier that has a huge range of strains from different parts of the world. They only work with high-quality seed cultivars, and they guarantee the quality and germination of their seeds, except for international orders.

They have a minimum order of $200 and 20 seeds per order, so they are more suitable for large orders or wholesale buyers. They have very competitive prices, especially for bulk orders. They offer free shipping for orders over $200, and they deliver worldwide.

Sonoma Seeds often have discounts and specials, so you should check their website regularly. They accept various payment methods, such as money orders, credit and debit cards, Interac, Cash via registered mail, and Bitcoin. They also have a 100% germination guarantee.

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Sonoma Seeds Reviews from Actual Customers

To make sure the Animal Crackers strain is safe to use and people feel good about the product, we have decided to scour the internet and find reviews by verified users.

One reviewer praised the strain’s effects to induce calmness and reduce anxiety.

Another reviewer claimed that the strain does wonders for improving sleep, but it can be a tad too powerful.


One customer loved the sweet and spicy flavors of Animal Cookies, which is reminiscent of baked cookies.

review 3

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Animal Cookies Strain: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about Animal Cookies or Animal Crackers strain.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Strong?

Yes, Animal Cookies weed can be strong when you consume it in high doses compared to other strains. Beginners, especially those with light tolerance levels, should be careful since THC levels are high and can go up to 27%. Purple Animal Cookies is ideal for beginners.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Exotic Indica or Sativa?

Animal Cookies or Animal Crackers strain is classified as an indica-dominant hybrid, which can reach as high as 75% Indica and 25% sativa in its genetic makeup to provide a cerebral and spacey head-high with little sativa content.

Is Animal Cookies Hard to Grow?

Animal Cookies strain is moderately hard to grow since it requires a controlled environment. We recommend you grow the strain indoors since regulating things is much easier and you will have all the necessary equipment to help it grow better.

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Is Animal Cookies Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the Animal Cookies strain can work well for a relaxed slow experience, pain relief, and depression. However, individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to start with a low dosage and be mindful of personal tolerance and preferences.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Right for Me?

Animal Cookies is a highly potent and flavorful strain that is popular among both recreational and medicinal users.

Its origins and genetics make it a unique and desirable strain, while its effects and benefits make it an ideal choice for those who want to feel relaxed from everyday stress. Its enriching tastes of cherry, vanilla flower, and pungent earthy smell is something to behold.

If you decide to give it a try, make sure that you purchase high-quality, lab-tested products from a reputable seed bank like Crop King Seeds to get the best possible experience on your couch. Happy growing!

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