10 under $10 | Jan. 17-23

Women's March 2019
Take a stand and march with thousands of others at the 2020 Women’s March in Philadelphia on Jan. 18 | Image: PW File Photo

Fistful of Kisses

Get hit in the face with some queer bops for a good cause. This is a monthly dance party that gives all donations earned to a different charity each month. This month’s charity is the Philadelphia Tenant’s Society. | Friday, Jan. 17, 10 pm. Free. Dahlak Paradise, 4708 Baltimore Ave. facebook.com

Mikey Junior Band

Junior really knows his way around a harmonica. Let him stun you with his self-taught skills. Although, he couldn’t teach himself to have all that damn swagger – that stuff just comes naturally. | Saturday, Jan. 18, 9 pm. Free. The Twisted Tail, 509 S. 2nd St. facebook.com

Women’s March on Philadelphia

Mobilize to take down the patriarchy. Expect the parkway to be packed for part of the day. It’s all for a positive reason, though. Suffer in the traffic or get on your feet and join the cause. | Saturday, Jan. 18, 10 am. Free. Logan Circle, 200 N. 19th St. facebook.com

Journey: Sounding Resistance with Ruth Naomi Floyd

Let Floyd’s beautiful vocals transcend you into a higher state of being. The songs and poetry presented tonight will be inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s bravery in setting forward a path to resist. | Sunday, Jan. 19, 1 pm. $2. The African American Museum in Philadelphia, 701 Arch St. facebook.com

Your Sunday Best

It’s tough to encourage folks to go out on a Sunday night. It would all be worth it, though, to catch some of the most talented  souls in Philly. You don’t have to go to a bunch of places to get your fix – this is a stand-up, concert and play performance all in one. | Sunday, Jan. 19, 8 pm. Free. Quig’s Pub, 1714 Delancey Pl. eventbrite.com

Fire From Flint

This solo singer-songwriter is constantly playing gigs and creating new tunes. He tends to be influenced by blues and folk – no matter, he’s always bringing us performances powered by the fire inside him. | Sunday, Jan. 19, 8 pm. $8. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. Eventbrite.com

The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Annual MLK Concert

This annual tribute to the civil rights legend on MLK Day never disappoints. Inclusivity is an important theme of the night, as the orchestra plays music by African-American composers. It’s all about the powerful way that music unites us all, no matter our backgrounds. | Monday, Jan. 20, 4 pm. Free. Girard College, 2101 S. College Ave. Facebook.com

DocNights: We Exist: Beyond the Binary

Not everybody identifies on the comfortable gender binary of male or female. There are thousands of folks living beyond the norms we’ve all known for years. We’re glad films like this one exist to give representation to these people going through the motions of surgeries, pronouns, societal acceptance and more. | Tuesday, Jan. 21, 7 pm. Free. Philadelphia Film Society, 1412 Chestnut St. Filmadelphia.org

Friggin Sux

This probably isn’t an ideal band name to have if you actually want people to listen to your music. Luckily, we know these guys don’t suck – they just give us all the best psychedelic, fuzzy jams they can come up with. | Tuesday, Jan. 21, 7 pm. $7. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. facebook.com

Live Band Karaoke

Don’t be intimidated – you don’t actually need to know how to sing to do this. If you screw it up, you may bring the whole band down with you, but we wouldn’t worry too much. Everyone coming out to this is just in it for the good times. | Tuesday, Jan. 21, 9 pm. Free. VOIX, 2825 Cottman Ave. facebook.com

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