Atlantic City

Celebration of Black Writing revisits a segregated Jersey shore

Art Sanctuary’s “Chicken Bone Beach” exhibit gives its 2014 writing fest some historical heft.


New Found Glory in A.C.

‘We would drive up from high school [in 1997] on the weekend and maybe play for a couple hundred kids in South, Central or North Jersey and then drive right back home, maybe play a show in the South and then be back at home and go to school Monday morning,’ drummer Cyrus Bolooki tells Atlantic City Weekly.


5 Questions with Globetrotters’ ‘Moo Moo’ Evans

Those worldly ambassadors of the hard court, the Harlem Globetrotters, will make their annual winter foray into the Wildwoods Convention Center on Saturday, Feb. 20, as part of their 2010 World Tour. The Globetrotters will display the same basketball skill and wizardry they’ve honed for 84 years in a game against their rivals, the Washington Generals (whose notorious owner, Red Klotz, recently extended a tryout to former Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien). The night will also include autographs, a post-game meet-and-greet and more. Atlantic City Weekly recently spoke with Herb “Moo Moo” Evans, a veteran Globetrotter and team spokesman for the “C.H.E.E.R. (Cooperation, Healthy mind/body, Effort, Enthusiasm, Responsibility) For Character” youth program. 

READ MORE Pageant is Friday

‘We believe that body art is a beautiful thing, and we want to try to remove the negative stigma that it sometimes has,’ says Cyprian Jennetta. ‘We don’t think that anyone in general, but in this particular case women with body art, should be shunned or denied any opportunities that those who do not have body art might get.’


Miss’d America Pageant in AC

There’s something magical that happens when Atlantic City businessmen start thinking about pageants — and marketing — at the same time. Beloved and cherished traditions that last for decades can be born.


Lady Gaga Is a Champ

It’s not difficult to see why the pop-music world and beyond is gaga over Lady Gaga. In just over a year the sensual diva has gone from virtual unknown to a superstar, who has sold more than eight million copies of her initial albums.


Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson has settled down — sort of. The veteran comic, who has experienced success on TV with shows such as the animated Life with Louie, penned three bestsellers on dealing with his dysfunctional family and appeared in numerous films, has always been first and foremost a stand-up comedian.


Gregg Allman at Harrah’s

The last time Gregg Allman visited Atlantic City he tried his hand at the gaming tables. As a gambler he’s cautious, conservative, knows his limitations and avoids being reckless.


Dwight Yoakam at Caesars

Singer-songwriter Dwight Yoakam, who headlines at Caesars this Friday, was the original cowpunk crooner, a visionary who never was a Nashville insider. This week, the rebel comes to Atlantic City.


Christmas with Charlie Prose

If you’ve ever seen a performance by local entertainer Charlie Prose, and quickly became a fan, there are a couple of quick assumptions that might be made. You’ve probably traveled extensively on tour buses that have played his best-selling videos and you know what they call the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper (It’s a tu-ta-roo, by the way. Well, if it’s decorated).